1 Day Work Week Review – Pyramid Or Legit Affiliate Program?

1 Day Work Week reviewWelcome to my honest 1 Day Work Week review.

You’ve probably been invited to join the program through an email or even through a link on social media. If you haven’t joined yet, then I want to congratulate you on doing your research because there are so many scams on the internet.

I’ve myself been scammed a lot of times unfortunately and I’m not too pleased about that. But now, after reviewing almost 400 make-money-online programs, I can tell which ones work and which do not.

There are a lot of programs out there that will promise you the moon and never deliver. Is 1 Day Work Week also one of them? Let’s dig deep to find out what the program offers. From what I can see, it’s not as good as it seems.

So let me be clear here; I’m not associated with 1 Day Work Week.

1 Day Work Week At A Glance

Website: 1DayWorkWeek.biz

Creator: J. Joshua Beistle

Purpose: “Affiliate marketing”

Price: $19.99 – $149 per month and $1000s in one time fees

Do I Recommend It?: No. It operates like a pyramid.

What Is 1 Day Work Week?

Joshua, the creator of the 1 Day Work Week program, says that it’s an all-in-one system. You’ll be able to automate your online business, because it has funnels that actually convert people, as well as training on getting targeted traffic.

Whether you have experience or not, it does not matter because newbie or experienced marketer can make this work. It’s automated after all, right? You just follow the system and off you’ll go, making thousands of dollars.

It’s great that the home page tells you about the products but what really bugs me is that he does not tell you at all how to join the business, how much it will cost you to do so or even how it all works.

The titles of the products are all there too, but what’s included in them?

Just like you wouldn’t spend money on a blender without getting the details of what it can do, you shouldn’t be spending money on products online that you know nothing about.

The other thing that really got alarm bells going off in my head, is the title of the program it self: 1 Day Work Week. This makes it sound like you won’t have to put in a lot of effort to make it big online.

This makes it sound like a get-rich-quick scheme and promising that if you only work for a few hours 1 day a week, that you’ll be making the big bucks, when that’s not how it works.

How many programs have you invested in that really worked like that? I mean, most of the programs claim to make you hundreds of dollars on your first day, right?

In my experience, none of them worked as advertised and I’ve got a feeling that by looking further into this program, that the ugly truth is gonna come out.

J. Joshua Beistle: Who Is He?

J. Joshua Beistle

Well, I’ve got to say that I’m happy that Joshua is actually a real person behind the program. I’ve written reviews on a lot of other programs where the creator does not disclose who he is, and that’s a major red flag.

However, I dug deeper into Joshua’s past in marketing and unfortunately, found some disturbing things.

You see, Joshua was once the founder of a company called JubiMax/JubiRex/JubiRewards that was found to be a ponzi scheme. Obviously, the business came crashing down and those that joined were left out of their money.

Additionally, the FTC was also poking its nose in his business, which didn’t help the matter. The fact that the company was closed shows that he was probably doing something that wasn’t by the FTC’s guidelines.

Hey, everybody makes mistakes, right? But did Joshua actually prove that he was capable of actually creating a legit business, for himself and the rest of us?

Well, he did create another one called Brand Online 365. However, this seems to also have gone under.

This really puts a lot of doubts in my head. Does Joshua actually stick with anything at all? It does not look like the programs he starts up actually have any longevity. Will 1 Day Work Week also prove to be the same?


How 1 Day Work Week Works

After doing some digging, I now finally understand how 1 Day Work Week works.

You can’t just buy the products from the main page, which again, is a big red flag. With 1 Day Work Week, you HAVE to find an affiliate of the program, from whom to buy.

But let me ask you this: if you need to buy anything from Amazon, do you just go and buy it or do you go looking for an affiliate? My point is that if Joshua promotes the products as being “online business learning” programs, then anybody should be able to outright just buy them from the main page.

They’re products after all, right?

That’s not what he wants though. What he wants is for you to buy the product from an affiliate so that you become PART of the business too.

Because in the case of 1 Day Work Week, you’re not only buying the product as a customer, you’re also becoming an affiliate by buying the product. So as you can see, there really isn’t a retail side to the business.

When you finally are able to find an affiliate and buy the product from them, they make a commission. Fair enough, right? However, the program itself will now show you how to “resell” the product you just bought.

And whenever you’re reselling, you’re actually recruiting, aren’t you? Don’t you see that the only way to make money here is to recruit others? Does this not make 1 Day Work Week almost like a pyramid scheme?

Let me tell you something: 1 Day Work Week isn’t the first program to have found this “loophole” in the FTC’s guidelines. Other programs in the past, like MOBE and DA also have operated like this.

And guess what happened to them? They were shut down by the FTC. So what kind of longevity do you think that 1 Day Work Week is gonna have? In my opinion, NONE!

How Much It Costs + Compensation Plan

Something else that required a LOT of research, is to find out how much you actually need to pay to get into the program and how much you get paid when you “resell” the products you buy. It costs an arm and a leg!

1) Affiliate Package – $19.99/month

Allows you to earn limited commissions from the 1 Day Work Week funnel

2) Starter Level Kit – $99.99 the first month, $49.99/month afterwards

You receive support, a sales funnel, access to what’s called the VIP traffic store where you’ll be able to buy traffic packages, and you also get access to a manager who will supposedly be there to answer your questions.

Beware of these managers as their role is most often to get you to upgrade for their own personal financial gain.

Each time you sell this package, you make $50 the first month, then $20 for each month afterwards, as long as the recruit remains a member.

3) Inner Circle – $199.99 the first month, $149.99/month afterwards

You’ll receive the same access as the previous two levels plus mindset training. Each sale you make here will earn you $100 per month.

4) Funnel Lifestyle – $699.99 the first month, $49.99/month afterwards

This package will show you how to create funnels from scratch. You’ll receive $500 commissions for each sale you make on their first month and then $20/month for as long as they remain a paying member,

5) Traffic King – $1,399.99 the first month, $49.99/month afterwards

Within this package, you’ll receive training on different ways to drive traffic to your funnel and how to most effectively collect leads. Each sale you generate will pay you $1,000 then, $20/month there after.


6) All In Package – $1,999 the first month, $149.99/month thereafter

This is the package you’ll need to get if you want all of the packages together. Each time you resell this package, you make $1,400 the first month, then $100 per month thereafter.

Now that we got the packages, costs and compensation out of the way, let me tell you something very important. What Joshua wants here is to get you to buy the ALL IN PACKAGE. That’s because it will make him more money.

And the way he uses to pressure you into buying the more expensive packages, is to NOT pay you if your referrals buy them before you do.

So if you’ve only bought the Inner Circle package and your referral buys the Traffic King, you’ll miss out on the commissions because you haven’t yourself bought that package. He’ll ask you to upgrade if you don’t want to miss out on your commissions, thus making money from you.

It reminds me of a few other programs that I’ve reviewed before called Earn Easy Commissions and Desktop Commission System.

That was the same way that MOBE and DA worked; pressuring people to get into debt, spending money they couldn’t afford to be spending, all on false promises that they were gonna make their money back.

Now that those companies were shut down by the FTC, most people at the bottom of the “pyramid” lost the money they invested. Don’t let that be you with 1 Day Work Week.

Is 1 Day Work Week A Scam?

From my point of view, 1 Day Work Week looks like a scam. That’s because of the fact that the business model looks like a pyramid scheme. The only way to make money is to recruit people into the system. There’s no retail business.

It also looks like Joshua didn’t do his homework yet again on how to make his businesses sustainable, because two of his previous businesses have failed. With the 1 Day Work Week looking so much like a pyramid, it does not look like it will be sustainable either.

Not to mention that it works exactly the same as MOBE and DA, which were both shut down by the FTC and with good reason. Why would you want to join a company that has a similar structure?

It’s proof enough that this type of business model is AGAINST the guidelines set by the FTC and if the FTC were to look into 1 Day Work Week, then I have no doubt that the program would also go down.

The products are also incredibly expensive and not because you’re getting more value for your money. It’s just to be able to pay the “affiliates” more. The packages themselves are not worth as much.

The only way to get up there with this business model is to buy the highest priced product, but with it at this price point, I’ll have to wish you good luck with being able to resell it, since not everybody can afford it.

It will be hard to make sales, believe me!

I therefore would not recommend that you sign up with 1 Day Work Week. You don’t need that kind of hassle.

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I’m also an affiliate marketer but the way that I do business is completely different than how Joshua does it. You see, I don’t push products on people and I don’t charge an arm and a leg for it.

The way that I do affiliate marketing is through solving people problems. When I offer a solution that works, people will have no problem buying the solution, thereby making me a commission.

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Thanks for reading my 1 Day Work Week review. I would love it if you could also share your experience with 1 Day Work Week. Would you say that sales have died down?

Lots of Love,



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