10 Minute Paydays Review – BEWARE! Red Flags Detected!

10 Minute Paydays review

If you’re looking for an honest 10 Minute Paydays review, then you’ve just found it. I’m not an affiliate of 10 Minute Paydays, thus you can rest assured that all the information that I’ll be giving you will be unbiased and factual.

It’s great that you’re doing your homework on this program because there are just too many scams online, as we know too well. In this review, I’ll be exposing all I’ve found about the system and by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

So, let’s get into the itty bitty, shall we?

10 Minute Paydays At A Glance

Website: 10MinutePaydays.co

Owner: Gregg Price

Purpose: Make money online freelancing

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is 10 Minute Paydays?

Right off the bat, I had a bad feeling about 10 Minute Paydays, because of the bold claim that the tagline made above the video; it said that you would be able to make $5000 working only 10 minutes per day.

And to be honest with you, anyone that tells you that you can make that kind of money without any hard work is just lying to you. I’ve worked online for the past 19 months so I know what it takes to become successful online. It requires WORK and TIME!

To make matters worse, the lady in the testimonial said that she made $157K just 10 minutes of work just by clicking a few buttons. This program can allegedly make you a millionaire. There are no qualifications or experience needed.

It’s because of videos like this that people are so misled into thinking that making money online should be easy and instantaneous. What these videos fail to tell you is that making money online is just like a business and legit businesses take time and work and effort to become profitable.

Just think about it: if things really worked that way, then why aren’t more people quitting their jobs and working 10 minutes online to make $5K every single month? Why are they still trading their time for money?

That’s because making money online is not as easy as Gregg claims. I’ve reviewed a ton of these programs and they almost NEVER work as described in the sales video.

The sales videos are meant to manipulate your thinking and making you WANT the kind of lifestyle they talk about. They don’t care whether the inside matches what they promise. They get their money from you and take off!

BEWARE! Red Flags Detected!

Before even jumping inside the program, I already came across some red flags within the video that tell me the program will either be a scam or a low-quality program that just won’t work as advertised. I’ve seen the same red flags over and over again!

1) Paid testimonial

Oh yes! The testimonial of that blond lady is actually a PAID one. She never used the program and never made any money from it. Gregg just hired her and asked her to read and act out a script that he probably wrote himself, in exchange for $5.

Don’t believe me? Here’s her profile on Fiverr.com, from where she was hired.

Unfortunately, this is quite common. She even acted out in other sales videos, with a bunch of other people that do the same. Check out my review of Digital Payday. You’ll see her there.

And to show you how common this is, these are reviews of other programs using paid actors:

1) Your Income Profits

2) Secret Online Goldmine

3) Home Income Millionaire

So do you believe me now?

2) Who is Gregg?

Do you have any idea, because I have no clue who he is and that’s a bad thing! When you’re purchasing a program, especially one that is supposed to help you make money online, you want to be purchasing from somebody who knows what he is doing.

Not knowing who Gregg is makes it difficult for you to know whether he really can help you. Don’t you think that sharing his social media buttons, or sharing pictures of himself and so on, would add more credibility?

At this point, we don’t even know if Gregg is his real name. We don’t know his real identity so my advice is to take what he says with a grain of salt.

That’s because there are so many scammers on the internet that hide their identities, release program after program and change their names with each new program so as not to be caught! That’s how scammers get away with fooling people.

So now you know not to trust an anonymous person that says he can make you tons of money. It’s like “stranger danger” when we were kids.

3) Gregg’s been using this system for 5 years? Really?

Actually, that’s a big fat lie that Gregg is telling to your face! He couldn’t have been using the system for that long because the website has only been up for a few months!

Take a look at this screenshot. This website was only registered in April 2019.

Maybe the METHOD has been around for longer but definitely NOT the system itself. And the fact that he takes the 10 Minute Paydays system by name here, I just know he wants to give the impression that the program has been around for longer than it actually has.

How 10 Minute Paydays Works

Now, I’m going to reveal exactly what you get when you sign up for 10 Minute Paydays and unfortunately, it’s nothing special. Most of the information within can be accessed for FREE online with just a little digging and research.

The first thing you get access to, is to sign up for John Crestani’s webinar promoting The Super Affiliate System, a clickbank product/webinar that you can sign up for FREE. Yes, you’ll need to pay eventually to get the whole system, but my point is that you didn’t have ti pay the $9 to get access to that.

I’m sure that the creator of 10 Minute Paydays has his affiliate link embedded so that if you sign up and start paying, he would make money off of that.

The rest of the system are, not surprisingly, short ebooks 18 – 28 pages long. These are more informational giving you tips on getting started. However, these aren’t step-by-step instructions. So you’ll have a hard time getting started on anything!

Method 1 is to help you make money online doing voiceovers. The ebook is supposed to tell you about the equipments that you need to get started and where you can audition to get voiceover jobs.

Method 2  is about selling stock photos. Again, you get a list of equipments to use for taking good pictures, some tips on how to take pictures, websites where you can sell your stock photos and so on. No step-by-step instructions.

Method 3 is about freelancing, doing things like writing or completing other small tasks. This ebook shares a few websites where you can find small tasks to complete.

Method 4 is all about how to make money doing online gaming. This might be interesting to a lot of people but yet again, you need proper equipment to make that happen and they’re not cheap. Again, this is going to be informational but nothing that will show you how to it step-by-step.

Another ebook called The Secret Method will show you how to make money online doing content marketing. It will give you tops on finding clients on social media. It tells you that you need a website but does not show you how to create one.

Last but not least, the Paydays Plus ebook will give you information on how to find freelancers and having them do all the work, instead of you. You’ll be outsourcing the work to them when you get orders from your social media clients. You collect a fee on top of what the freelancers charge you.

So as you can see, there isn’t much there that will help you. None of the work there requires clicking a few buttons and most of them require more investment into equipment, courses and tools in order to earn from them.

That being said, you absolutely won’t be making $5k your first month doing this. You need to be an intermediate freelancer to an expert to start making that kind of money. You’re mostly to fail as a newbie because the information is vague. There are no step-by-step instructions.

Is 10 Minute Paydays A Scam?

Well, it really depends on how you define a scam.

10 Minute Paydays might not be a scam to some people because you’re getting something for your money. It’s not like you’re not getting anything in return. Additionally, there’s also a money-back guarantee.

So there’s really no financial loss if you can get your money back, right?

But other people might call it a scam because the sales video is so misleading! They give you unrealistic expectations of the workings of an online business, telling you that you will be able to make $5K with only 10 minutes of work daily.

They even show you testimonials that are completely fake! These people have never used the system and never made any money with it. There basically NO PROOF the system actually works.

Gregg does not even show himself and there’s no way to connect with him or to make sure that he is a real person at all.

And then, we find out inside the system that the red flags are an indication of a low-quality program after all. You get basic informational ebooks that don’t teach you how to do anything at all. They may be okay as an introduction, but you’re absolutely NOT going to be making $5k using the information from these ebooks.

But whether you think 10 Minute Paydays is a scam or not, you already know by now that it’s not a program that I recommend AT ALL! Avoid it because there are much better programs out there!

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