100K Online Secret Review – Haven’t We Seen This Before?

100K Online Secret review

If you came across the program and were looking for an honest 100K Online Secret review, then you’ve just found it! Congrats on doing your research, because let’s face it! There are too many scams online and your hard-earned money could easily fall into the wrong hands.

Is 100K Online Secret a scam or will you really make money with it? Will you be able to become financially-free , pay off your debt, quit your job and travel the world? Or will you just waste time and money by signing up for the program? What IS the program about?

If these are the questions that you have, then I’ll be answering them for you and much more in this review. I am not associated with this program and nor am I selling you anything here. Just enjoy the pure facts and the truth!

Let’s get started!

100K Online Secret At A Glance

Website: 100KOnlineSecret.com

Owner: “Teo Vee”

Purpose: Learn Dropshipping

Price: $97+

Do I Recommend It?: NO!

What is 100K Online Secret?

The first page is a squeeze page that requires you put your email address and since there is a Privacy Policy page that seems okay, I entered my information. Then, I was brought to the sales page where Teo, the alleged creator of the program talks about LeiLei Secor.

She is a 16-year-old making $100,000K online and her news article was in the Washington post. There was a bit of a sob story but that’s just a lot of fluff in my opinion. Yes it is important to learn about the creator of the program but there isn’t much we learned, right?

I mean, other than the fact that he says he got the hang of the program within a few minutes and made $140 his first day, he doesn’t say much about himself.

He says that all you need to do to make this system work and earn lots of money too, you just need a page under your name. Most of the work is taken care of for you. People will arrive on it, they’ll click “BUY” and you’re gonna make money. The system is designed to run on its own after that.

If I didn’t know a think about making money online, I would have absolutely signed up for this program. I mean, I only need to invest $97 to make $140 my first day, right? That’s a no-brainer.

But I have reviewed enough programs like these to assure you that things won’t work our this way, not as easily as that. There is always more work to do and there is always more money to invest than the creators/speakers of these programs are willing to disclose.

If it was that easy to make money online, then people would have already been quitting their jobs, right? I mean some people don’t even make $140 per day working a full time job, so why wouldn’t they jump at this opportunity?

Nope! I’m pretty sure that there are some shady goings-on with this program and I will find them and expose them!

How 100K Online Secret Works?

Doing some research, I found out that the sales funnel leads you to sign up with My Ecom Club, that was created by Teo Vee himself. Thankfully, it is a legit program that teaches you how to do dropshipping effectively with Shopify.

Dropshipping is a method of making money online where you are in charge of advertising products commonly through an online store. Once somebody buys the product, you put the order through to your supplier who takes charge of storing, packing and shipping it to the customer.

The profit you make is the margin between what you charge the customer and what you’re paying your supplier for the product. This is a pretty lucrative business that, if done properly, can bring you a ton of money.

However, I don’t like how Teo advertises this way of making money online on his sales page. He tells you that you only need a page under name and people will automatically come to it and buy the product on there and you’ll make money. The truth is that it does not work that way.

With dropshipping, because your website is full of products and not enough content, your website will NOT get ranked, which makes it hard for customers to get to your products through a Google search, for example. It means that the most sure way of getting the sales that you want is through ads.

So there is MORE investment. You can’t expect to just create a one-page website and expect people to just flock to it. If you are getting people to see your website, then it will just float in the online space with nobody seeing it and nobody buying.

And with ads, there is never a guarantee on any return on your investment. There could be no return too, which would mean your money gone!

It is also misleading when Teo says in the video that you have a full 30 days to try the program before committing. But that’s not true! You will only get a refund on the amount you paid for the TRAINING and not the amount of money you put in ads.

So be very careful!

What I also find weird though is that Teo is not advertising the FREE TRIAL that comes with My Ecom Club when you sign up directly. This just looks like a money-grabber to me. And that’s not all! There are also other expensive upsells.

The courses are there to show you how to create a good enough store but as soon as the courses are done, you will be upsold to let the My Ecom Club team take control of your store, so that you can get more “freedom” and won’t have to manage your store yourself.

Well, guess what? You won’t be the boss of your store anymore once you give them the leeway to manage your site. That does not sit well with me!

The Red Flags – Oh Boy! These Are Enough For Me To Stay Away

Although My Ecom Club is legit, I do find some things that are questionnable and that really make me want to steer clear of both 100K Online Secret and My Ecom Club. Just take a look at these red flags and tell me whether or not you think they are justified.

1) Why Use Sale Funnels To Promote My Ecom Club?

A sale funnel is like the sales page for 100K Online Secret: you have what you think will be a completely new and unrelated program to anything else but it actually leads you to an older program. And I have seen it been done before for My Ecom Club.

There are other sales funnels promoting it called Discover the Plan and Money Miracle, which I find really weird. Why not promote My Ecom Club directly?

Well, I know why! That’s because My Ecom Club probably does not have great reviews and thus people are most likely not going to sign up, given the price tag of the program too. So they use different names to promote the program because there wouldn’t be a lot of reviews under those new names, right?

But what are they trying to hide? I’ll be getting to that soon.

2) Sales Figures

The sales figures seem pretty impressive, right? People making $10K a week. That’s a total life-changer right there. But have you noticed that these are SALES figures and not PROFIT figures?

The thing is that it all ties into the investment/ads that you will need in order to make those sales figures.

For example, if you want to make $3000 in sales and your conversion rate is at 10%, then you want to invest at least $100 for 1000 clicks, which will get you 100 sales at $30 each.

But let’s say that your profit margin is 50% and you need to pay that amount to your supplier. That is only a net profit of $1400 that you’ve made, out of the $3000 sales you brought in.

Doesn’t look as impressive now right?

So those people that brought in $10K in sales probably only brought it $3000-$4000, which is still a big amount but less impressive. The more they made, the more they had to invest in ads, maybe even $1000 for that week to bring in $4000. That’s the kind of money that most of us don’t have.

3) The speaker does not show himself 

Yes, I do agree that Teo Vee is a real person but he does not really show himself in the video, does he? So how can we really be sure that it’s really him talking and explaining his story? Teo actually shows himself on the My Ecom Club website so why not in this one?

Wouldn’t it create more credibilty and trust? Wouldn’t that bring more sales in? It would, right? So why does he not show himself or present the video himself, as in, showing himself on camera?

What I believe this to be is just an affiliate-created video promoting My Ecom Club. Teo Vee probably doesn’t even have anything to do with it. I could be wrong but this is the feeling that I’m getting from it.

It’s affiliate-made to promote Teo Vee’s program in an un-ethical way! Why else would they not use the real name of the program they are promoting?

4) Personal 1-on-1 coaching

This actually seems like a good thing, right? So why do I have it as a red flag?

That’s because the personal coaches within other programs have misused this status in the past. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have 1-on-1 coaching because you can get your answers faster and more customized to you.

But this could also mean that they have a financial incentive to get you upgrading within the program. Meaning, that if they succeed in making you pay for more or different packages and memberships within My Ecom Club, then they’ll earn commissions on what you pay.

If you’re new to the online world, then you might not know but that’s how another program that was recently shut down by the FTC, called MOBE, used to operate. It was an ugly mess! The coaches would manipulate people’s minds to upgrade, telling them that they will get their returns on their investment.

In some cases, members were even encouraged to get into debt and were promised to make that money within a certain time period, like a week or two, which obviously never happened.

So if you do decide to sign up for My Ecom Club, beware of this!

5) Income Claims

When you’re trying to sell something, you will talk only about the best things about the product, right? Well, that’s what Teo is doing in this video. He is only talking about the success of some people and actually hiding the failure of MOST people that joined My Ecom Club.

I visited the Earning Disclaimer page and this is what it had to say:

So as you can see, most people never make a part-time, let alone a fulltime income from this program. Then again, most people don’t spend enough time on their online business, thinking that the system is done for them, when that’s not the case. Another misleading comment made by Teo.

So only join the program is you want to go all out. Don’t join it if you think you will make $10K with $97. This is not going to happen.

Is 100K Online Secret A Scam?

No, I don’t think that 100K Online Secret a.k.a My Ecom Club is a scam. On the other hand, it is legit and shows you how to set up a profitable dropshipping business.

However, it does not mean that I will recommend it. First of all, we cannot be sure whether it is Teo himself or one of his affiliates that is promoting My Ecom Club through 100K Online Secret. The sales video is so misleading and there are a few lies about how it works.

Would you really want to pay for this program, only to find out that there were even more hidden lies? Would you want to pay and have the creator of the sales page benefit from the commissions that he could make from your payment? I personally wouldn’t want this kind of person to benefit from my money.

It would just promote more lies and encouragement for this person to keep doing this to others.

Additionally, I know that there is a free trial with My Ecom Club, so why not advertise that? It just shows that the creator of the sales video does not care about your success but more about the money that he will be able to make, so they skipped over the free trial.

There is also a lot of money that can be burnt really easily when it comes to using Ads and that’s why I don’t recommend that newbies start with them, not unless you have a ton of money to burn.

That disclaimer also does not really comfort me! Most people barely make $1000 in their first year. That’s probably them just making back their ad money. I don’t think there would be any profit there.

Based on all these reasons, I would not sign up for My Ecom Club. There are just too many shady things going on.

Want To Make An Honest And Legit Income Online?

I started making money online doing dropshipping too and lost a lot of money to ads. Nobody showed me how to do it properly and thus, I gave up. I never made back my investment.

But then, I learned of another way called Affiliate Marketing. It is almost like dropshipping, only, it is much easier to promote the products since you can market for free. People find you on Google and it’s easier to sell since you could potentially partner up with Amazon and eBay.

Affiliate marketing is where you just promote the products and make a percentage of a sale you get the vendor. The vendor knows it’s you sending the buyer through a hard-coded link that’s identifiable to you.

I find this a much better way of making money online since I don’t have to worry about customer service, complaints, inquiries, returns, refunds and exchanges, for which I would still be liable doing dropshipping. It’s also possible to earn recurring income like this with affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more then I’ve created a FREE guide that will take you through the steps. I will also attach a FREE 6-Day Course and give you all the free tools that I use in my business everyday, so that you can start making money online too.


I’m going to reveal what other gurus are not willing to tell you. This is the secret sauce to your success. I just know it because it was mine! And it’s FREE! You have nothing to lose!

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW and I’ll see you on the other side. Let me help you succeed!

Thanks for reading my 100K Online Secret review. Please share with us your experience with the program if any, or with dropshipping or affiliate marketing in general. Which method do you prefer?

Your Friend,


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