10X Profit Sites Review – Can You REALLY Profit From This?

I want to start by saying congratulations for wanting to do some research on 10X Profit Sites and welcome to my honest 10X Profit Sites review.

I say honest here because I see a lot of affiliates promoting this as if it’s the best program out there when it probably won’t be all that great. I say this because I have seen the same thing happening over and over again.

There are a lot of affiliates who are just promoting this program and will never tell you what’s wrong with it because they want to make commissions off the sale. So obviously, they’ll make it sound good even if there are problems with it.

That’s why I decided to write this review because I want to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly so that you can really make an informed buying decision, based on whether you think it’s right for you or not.

10X Profit Sites At A Glance

Website: 10xProfitSites.com/exclusive

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Purpose: Create an affiliate website and make sales doing affiliate marketing

Price: $17+

Do I Recommend It?: No, because the websites are low-quality. They won’t get ranked for you to get free traffic from Google and the built-in traffic sources are spammy and don’t work. No traffic = no money!

What is 10X Profit Sites?

Glynn, the creator of 10X Profit Sites, claims that this program is a 100% done-for-you program that has everything built-in for you; you have a review site ready to go, products to promote, pre-written reviews and even built-in free traffic.

All you have to do is grab a copy of the system, insert your affiliate links and to use the included free traffic sources to bank it big! And if I had never heard of Glynn before, you bet I would have signed up already.

However, I know his name and he is one of the vendors that are pretty well-known on WarriorPlus, the platform where 10X Profit Sites is being sold from. And I can tell you that it’s not a very good reputation, in my opinion.

You see, Glynn creates products and he is a vendor. He probably releases 1 – 3 products every single month. My question is, if any of his products REALLY worked, then why isn’t he himself using them?

Why does he need to keep creating products, when he could have created just a few and used those to make more and more money? There has to be a catch and the catch that I always come across is that the system doesn’t work as advertised.

Think about it for a second; the product only costs $17 and it’s not that expensive, no matter where you are in the world. Most people can afford it.

So why isn’t the world benefitting more from it? Why isn’t more people making money online? Why are people still struggling financially? Why are people still working their 9 – 5?

The answer is that it’s not as easy to make money online as Glynn claims. No matter what, you need to put in effort and work for any kind of online success. And I’ll prove to you that 10X Profit Sites won’t work, especially if you’re a newbie.

Inside 10X Profit Sites – How It Works

If you really insist on buying 10X Profit Sites, well, be warned! You won’t get to the dashboard right away. That’s becuse Glynn will try to sell you upsells. Don’t get them!

The first reason is the fact that you won’t get your money back on those. They are not covered under the money-back guarantee. And the second reason is because you don’t even know whether the front end is any good or not.

So why spend more money, unless you are sure, right?

But anyway, the software will have a ready-made website for you that you’ll be able to customize. You can add and delete pages, make your own About Us page, put in your own contact information and layout.

The products have already been picked out for you and they’re mostly best-selling products from Clickbank. However, they’re only from the make money online niche, so if you were hoping to be in any other niche, this program is not for you.

The products all have done-for-you reviews that I think are low-quality. Sure, they are okay, but those aren’t what I would use for myself. They’re not too attractive.

On those reviews, you’ll be able to add your affiliate link, which means that every sale that happens through that link is gonna make you commissions. You’ll also be able to connect your autoresponder and collect emails to grow your email list.

For added revenue, you can also have banners up with other affiliate links as well as input your Google Adsense code to make money from Google’s ads.

This may seem okay overall, but let me show you why a newbie is bound to fail with this program.

The Flaws In The System – Newbie Roadblocks

Well, first of all, they claim that you will be getting an authority site, when that’s not the case! You will not own the website and you won’t have your own domain. The pages are hosted on their own domain and hosting.

This means that if they choose not to renew their domain or update their system, your own business is jeopardy. You can’t be reliant on a program such as this.

Moreover, because you’re not really getting an authority website of your own, you’re NOT gonna get any organic traffic, meaning traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

The domain is not your own and the reviews are all carbon copies of each other, something that the search engines really hate and penalize heavily!

Adding to the traffic dilemma, Glynn suggests that you use Affiliate Traffic Lab, Viral News Jacker and Tube Traffic Machine  to try and get traffic to your offers, but the truth is that those are very bad traffic sources.

For one, Affiliate Traffic Lab is probably one of the lowest qualities training for training that you can have. Well, it’s not actually training. It is a software that will supposedly help you get traffic from Youtube to your offers.

But the software just copies and pastes content from the sales page into the video and simply plays some background music while it displays snippets of the text content on the video. That’s not gonna get you sales!

And we don’t even need to talk about Viral News Jacker and Tube Traffic Machine because those are  just spammy ways of getting traffic and  that won’t convert into sales. You’ll get more into trouble for spamming than reap any benefits.

So there you go! No traffic training and not really buil-in traffic. There’s no traffic strategy here that is shown to you. They’re not usable. And if you’re a newbie who has no idea how to bring in traffic, you won’t make a dime with 10X Profit Sites.


1) Could possible to make some money if you know how to drive traffic or have an existing source of traffic (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube audience, maybe even if you have a little email list)

2) Money back guarantee


1) Super-hyped up sales page

2) Low-quality product for what they are claiming to provide you on the sales page

3) Newbies cannot make money with this program

4) Make-money-online niche is preselected – no way to choose done-for-you products that are in other niches

5) No traffic training – traffic software does not work as advertised

6) No organic traffic

7) You’re not in control of your own business – Glynn decides to stop supporting this, you lose everything

8) Support is probably not going to be good because Glynn is a product creator. He does not maintain his products because he is too busy creating new ones to make himself money, in my HONEST opinion.

Is 10X Profit Sites A Scam?

I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a scam because I feel like a low-quality program befits it more. But I also wouldn’t go as far as recommending it because it does not work as advertised.

There are a lot of affiliates promoting it and also offering bonuses as part of the package but the truth is that many of those bonuses are probably going to be low-quality as well. Some really want your success with the program, but most don’t really care.

At least, that has been my experience with buying from thsoe affiliates. I lost a ton of money when I believed their reviews but they skip a lot of the important things that a newbie would need to know about to make an informed decision.

The rest is up to you at this point, but because the list of cons is so long with 10X Profit Sites, I don’t recommend it.

It stinks to be told that there is a reliable traffic source inside when there really isn’t because this is the hardest part of an online business and it sucks to spend money on those programs only to find out they don’t work.

Here’s How To REALLY Crush It With Affiliate Marketing – With Proof!

You want to do affiliate marketing if you’re looking at this 10X Profit Sites review and I have to say that affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways of starting an online business, especially for beginners.

But there are methods that work and those that don’t. You need a method that has stood the test of time and one that will keep doing so. You want an affiliate marketing business that wuill prosper and really bring you that passive income.

And that’s what I can show you how to do! Here’s proof that my method works!

And another one!

This method consists of actually attracting people towards you instead of pursuing them and begging them to buy your products. Isn’t that much better?


And not only will you receive the guide, but also my free 6-day email course that will help you, as a newbie, get started the right way and to have the right mindset when you first start. That’s important!

It’s time for you to say not to those fake gurus that claim to be able to help you and do nothing at all and say YES to finally getting some success and some profits.

Thanks for reading my 10X Profit Sites review and as usualy, don’t be shy to leave a comment below if you’ve tried the program. Tell us about whether you were successful, as a newbie, to make anything with 10X Profit Sites.

Lots of Love,


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