22 Minutes To Profits Review – Easily Make $100s Per Day?

You probably hear about people making money online a lot nowadays, and you know it’s possible for you too, yet you seem to be meeting road block after road block. This 22 Minutes To Profits review is going to tell you whether this is another program that is going to be a road block.

If you’re wondering if it’s a scam, then you’re like me. I have actually been scammed numerous times until I finally learned what to look for in a program to see whether it is legitimate or not. You’re not like that, which makes me happy… 🙂

So let me congratulate you on being one of the very few who actually think before buying and not one of those who would buy on impulse because it just “sounds” good. There are many more scams that legt programs on the internet, and this review will tell you whether in my opinion, it’s one to sign up for.

Let’s dive right in!

22 Minutes To Profits At A Glance

Website: TwentyMinProf.pw/mtpsd/step2.html

Owner: Frank Stafford

Purpose: Make money online doing e-commerce/affiliate marketing

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend It?: NO!

What is 22 Minutes To Profits?

When I encountered the sales page, I felt like I had seen it before. It’s not surprising because scammers usually rehash their programs or use the same tools and layout for their sales pages, so I didn’t have a very good impression of 22 Minutes To Profits from the start.

But, I still stuck around and watched both videos. Frank promised to give you an e-commerce website for completely free, that will enable you to make hundreds of dollars per day, translating to $10,000 per month. He says his team has done all the work and all you have to do, is pay $47 to claim your website.

The website will have best-selling products from Amazon and when a sale is made, it’s really Amazon that will take care of all the rest of the work for you, like packing, shipping, returns and customer service. All you have to do, is set up the website, which is going to take a few minutes of your time.

If you want my opinion on this, somebody who has been making money online for over a year with affiliate marketing, I would tell you that this is all just utter CRAP! Frank pretends that the other so-called gurus give you crap, when he is actually also doing the same thing.

Running an e-commerce store or an affiliate website is NOT easy and I say that from experience. Neither is it going to make you hundreds of dollars INSTANTLY or as soon as TODAY, at least not if you think that all it’s going to cost you to run this business is the $47 he is asking from you.

About that, didn’t he say that it was going to be completely free? Frank is already turning out to be a liar, isn’t he?

But anyways, what I want to say is that there is a ton of money to be made on the internet, but only if you do things right. And when you do things right, it does not only take a few minutes to set up, like Frank pretends. There are probably more details that he is withholding, to con you into buying the program so he can make money.

Serious Red Flags To Consider

Unfortunately, there are a few red flags that I noticed within the sales video, that is similar to many of the other red flags that I have uncovered with other scams or low-quality programs that I have reviewed. Most of the time, if there is only ONE of them, the program might be okay.

But if it’s like 22 Minutes To Profits, with multiple red flags, then I would absolutely run the other way!

1) Who is Frank Stafford?

If I asked you this, what would you answer? Probably that he is the creator or owner of the program called 22 Minutes To profits. Am I right? And what I ask you to prove it? Will you be able to?

That’s the exact problem that I run into A LOT of those online programs and that’s the fact that their creators or owners are completely anonymous. Perform a Google search and you will probably not find any affiliate marketing guru that goes by that name.

And the reason for this is simply because Frank is a fictitious character. He does not go on to even prove he is a real person behind the video. No videos of him on vacation, no information to actually contact him before taking the plunge.

More often than not, the programs created by these guys are SCAMS and should be avoided at all costs. That’s because they are simply serial scammers that will create multiple products using different names for different programs, so as not to be recognized or caught.

Hiding behind the video does not instil much trust, does it? Because how can you be so sure that Frank isn’t hiding anything else? It makes it hard for me to trust anything he says at this point.

2) Make TONS of money for almost no work

Can you really believe that you’ll be able to quit your job within the next few days because you’ll be making hundreds and hundreds of dollars per day with your online store with this program? If it were that easy, then why are your co-workers still whinging about their bosses and their work?

Why have they not left their jobs yet, to make working from home on their online business their full-time job? Isn’t it easy, to just spend $47 and get EVERYTHING done for you?

That’s because making money on the internet, in whatever way, using whatever method, is not as easy as Frank makes it sound. No, you’re not going to make hundreds a day just investing $47 one-time. Don’t believe what Frank wants to push down your throat because that’s NOT possible.

Making money online takes either a lot of time or a lot of money and if you’re one without even ONE of these requirements, then you’re going to fail! It’s simple! Take it from me! I have been working in the online space for over 3 years and doing affiliate marketing for about 14 months now. I know what it takes!

3) Testimonials

Those testimonials are really convincing, right? You might ask me, so what if the owner is a fake? All that’s important is that people are getting some degree of success using the program and I don’t care as long as I make some money.

Fair enough. That’s one good point…

Expect that ALL the testimonials used for this program are PAID testimonials. These people were never USERS of the actual program and were hired and paid actors from a freelance website called Fiverr.

You get the point!

I know, I was also shocked when I first found out that something as dirty as this was going on in the online marketing industry, but though this may be the ugly truth, it’s nonetheless, the truth. It’s also a tactic that sadly, is mainstream for program promotions as you will see within some of my other reviews:

1) YT Crusher

2) Click Click Cash

3) EZ Bay Payday

4) Easy Retired Millionaire

Take a look! You might actually recognize a few people on there, because that’s how these actors work; they get paid to provide testimonials to a multitude of different “scammy” programs.

Using paid testimonials is a red flag to me, because it means that nobody has actually found success with the problem and the scammer wants you to think that their program is the best there is, when that’s not true.

4) Greatly similar to other VERY misleading programs

You’ll also be shocked by this revelation, but I actually remember now where I have seen the sales page before; it’s similar to ones promoting My Ecom Club, under different program names, such as Ecom Cash Code, Money Miracle and Discover The Plan.

It’s now confusing WHAT 22 Minutes To Profits is actually going to teach you, because all the other programs revolve around training you to making money with Shopify, not with Amazon. And also know that you would need to disburse upto $2000 in a one-time fee to be able to make life-changing amounts of money.

Now, it is possible to make money BOTH ways and both are legit ways, but when the others have been known to be misleading, you can’t really trust that this one is going to be any different, right?

How Does 22 Minutes To Profits Expected To Work?

In my opinion, this program is NOT going to be any different than leading you once again to My Ecom Club. My Ecom Club is a legitimate program that helps you make money using e-commerce on Shopify (not on Amazon) but one downfall, is that they charge you A LOT for it.

It is reported that they have training for you to set up your own store at either $37 or $47 per month, but that the training abruptly stops at some point, promoting their upsell to you. I really think that the reason for this, is so that they can make more money off of you.

And at the end of the day, this makes you dependent on them because you know NOTHING of what to do AFTER the last training you’ve had and the experts at My Ecom Club won’t tell you anything about that either. They’re getting paid to manage your store after all, so they wouldn’t want to lose their positions and roles, right?

The package in the upsell is said to cost you just a little under $2000 one-time and your monthly fee jumps from $47 per month to $97. That’s the price to pay if you want your store to be completely handled by the My Ecom Club team.

If for any reason, 22 Minutes To Profits does not lead you to My Ecom Club and really gives you a website set up with products on it, then that’s also the start of your problems, even if they promise to find traffic for you.

The problem is that traffic CANNOT reach your store through Google and the only way to get people attracted to your products and make them BUY through your website, is to ADVERTIZE the products. You either have to do a lot of work doing Youtube videos or you have to spend A LOT in ads to make any money.

Is 22 Minutes To Profits A Scam?

Well, a lot of people will say that it’s a scam and others will say it’s not.

Some people will say that it isn’t because you’re getting something for your money. It’s not like you paid for a bag of potato chips and got stale air in return right? And they could argue that you could make some money with the program too and that you should take into consideration that there is a money-back guarantee.

But others, like me, will think that it’s a scam because of the various misleading and hyped statements made, just to get your heart racing and WANTING that money badly enough to pay the $47. To me, even if a program had potential to make money, I would not still invest in it if everything wasn’t transparent.

Knowing that the same sales page layout has been used in other misleading “programs” leading to My Ecom Club, I have to conclude that this is where this program is also going to lead you. There’s nothing wrong with My Ecom Club, but that’s only if you have enough money to invest in the program and ads.

Being in the online space for enough time, I just know that what Frank is doing here is telling you what you want to hear and showing you what you want to see, just to make a sale from you. There’s nothing TRUE or TYPICAL about what he claims or promises.

Therefore, I DO NOT recommend 22 Minutes To Profits and I think that it’s a total scam!

Here’s How I Make Passive Money Online, Scam-free And BS-FREE

Yes, making money online does exist so let me tell you that you don’t have to go looking for a legit opportunity anymore. I will be upfront and transparent with you about the program that I personally from part of and will tell you exactly what I do to make a living from home.

What I do, is literally type up short, helpful articles everyday and Google sends FREE traffic and buyers to my website FOR FREE! If you want proof, then you’re the proof! You got to my website through a simple search today and I didn’t pay ONE dime. Every time somebody BUYS through my links, I make money.

This is called affiliate marketing is actually, the RIGHT way to go about making money online with this method, not the way that Frank claims. People like to be HELPED and GIVEN LOTS OF VALUE before they take the plunge and just having a bunch of products on website is NOT going to help anybody make an informed decision, is it?

That’s why you really need to check out the platform that I recommend to you, and you can do that for ABSOLUTELY FREE! If you walk away afterwards, then I will have no hard feelings. At least, you can try it out to see if it’s a program that will suit you. You won’t lose ANY money if you decide to walk away.


It has all the training, the tools and the support that you will need as a newbie and I personally will be there to help you along the way. I will also share my tips and tricks to fast-track success for you, and to prove this to you, let me tell you that I’m a TOP 50 MEMBER on the platform. So I know what I’m talking about!

if you decide to pursue this method of making money online, it will cost you as little as only $98 per day, to go full-time. I don’t know if any other program that would have such a low maintenance cost. So try it for free now to see if this is something that will suit you.

In the meantime, should you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comments below. IF you’ve had any experience with 22 Minutes To Profits or My Ecom Club, also be sure to share. I would love to hear from you!

Your Friend,


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