24 Hour Profits Review – Don’t Let This Program Fool You!

24 Hour Profits review

Welcome to my honest 24 Hour Profits review. You want an honest review because you want somebody who can give you unbiased information about the program, without wanting to make money off of you.

And that’s me!

When I was doing my research on this program, I found out that many people were promoting it and I decided to find out how good 24 Hour Profits really is to be able to share it with you, because chances are, you’ll be looking for more info.

Well, congrats for doing your research because there are too many programs on the internet that claim to make you rich but actually won’t work as advertised. Is 24 Hour Profits one of them?

The best that I can say at this point is that the program looks shady! Read more to find out whether my feelings are ill-founded or not.

24 Hour Profits At A Glance

Website: FergalsCoaching.com/24-hour-profits

Owner: Fergal Downes

Purpose: Promoting the same program you joined

Price: $2 for 7 days, then $17/month

Do I Recommend it?: Nope! Looks like a pyramid scheme!

What Is 24 Hour Profits?

Fergal starts the video by saying that you’ll be able to make $286+ with just 30 minutes of work, starting today. It apparently took him 8 years of trial and error to put this program into existence, so that people can start making money from Day 1.

Really? I don’t believe this crap! The thing is that Fergal is a product creator. That’s how he makes his money. He creates different products and makes money from these programs and it takes only a few months.

But anyway, the claim that he also makes about being able to make your first sale within 24 hours with minimal work is ludicrous! It might be a newbie-friendly method but the truth is that if there aren’t any PAID method involved, you’re not going to see results as fast as that.

And he claims that this method is really a NEW method. Come on! How many times have I seen programs make this claim and I am able to prove them wrong?

The truth is that they always claim it is a new method so that you fall for it because they KNOW that you probably tried their previous methods before and failed. That’s why you have to look for an evergreen method of making money online.

Another thing that I want to touch on is that Fergal gives you a lot of details about the program but fails to mention one thing; what IS this method? What are you going to be learning? Now we see that he really doesn’t say much at all!

How can you expect to buy a product you know NOTHING about? You’re going to buy something based on the promise of how much you can make BACK?

That’s unreasonable! How about if I told you to buy a car you’ve never seen before? You wouldn’t buy it, right? Then what I recommend is NOT to buy any product where the seller isn’t explicit because you’re gonna end up buying something that you never wanted to buy in the first place!


How 24 Hour Profits Works

Fergal is VERY clever!

When you get to the inside of the members area, you’re showed 10 lessons. But again, don’t be fooled because there aren’t really 10 Lessons; they are really a total of 5 – 6 videos.

That’s because the welcome videos are not considered training at all and the last 2 videos are about a cheat sheet and promoting a monthly Live Coaching call.

Even though there’s video training, don’t expect the videos to be very informational. They are only between 2 – 5 minutes long.

What you’re gonna be expected to do within the program is what Fergal will call “Affiliate marketing”. This is a method of making money online promoting other people’s products in return for commissions on sales you generate.

This is a legit way of making money online. I know because I am an affiliate marketer too but I do not approve of the way that Fergal makes use of affiliate marketing in this program.

By getting 24 Hour Profits, you’re buying the right to promote the program and its training and materials. In other words, without paying the $2 or recurring $17/month, you’ll lose the rights of promoting the program and making money from it.

So basically, you won’t really be getting anything valuable every month for paying the $17. It’s just there to maintain your active affiliate status.

You’ll receive an affiliate link to promote and there will be some free traffic training involving social media, as well as paid traffic training involving Solo Ads.

WAIT! Didn’t he say that 24 Hour Profits won’t have anything to do with Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Bing Ads? You get the impression that there won’t be ANY ads at all, right?

Well, you’re wrong! And that’s how Fergal cons you! He says that you won’t need to pay for expensive traffic to make money within 24 hours and that’s a big fat lie!

There is a possibility of making money within 24 hours, just like any other program, but the truth is that you’ll be expected to PAY for solo ads in order to make sales within the 24 hours.

Else it doesn’t work!

The Reality Of The Program

Well, now you can see that the only way of making money with 24 Hour Profits is to recruit others and have others promote the same program they purchased, right?

Well, doesn’t that resemble a pyramid scheme? I know that the upline don’t get paid like in a pyramid, but the truth is STILL that the only way to make money is recruiting. It just reminds me of other similar products I reviewed called Easy 1 Up, Desktop Commission System and Prosperity Income Network.

So, this method is NOTHING new!

I’ve actually heard of the FTC shutting down similar programs so you investing in 24 Hour Profits might not be a good investment. Sure, you can make some money, but you will eventually have to look for something else.

It’s like a Walmart that opens up its doors and asks people for a fee to come in, for people to find that the Walmart isn’t selling legitimate products at all, but courses on how to open up other Walmarts.

Is that a sustainable business model to you? This is bound to CRASH! It will stop working. That’s why product creators keep on creating new products; their methods stop working after a while and stops bringing in the money.

Additionally, have you noticed in the video how the results show “SELLER” snapshot earnings and not “AFFILIATE” earnings? Some of them on the actual website does show affiliate earnings, but why mix in seller earnings with it?

This brings me to the conclusion that Fergal really is lying to you and he makes the bulk of his money from SELLING products. And that’s what he is doing now, with you! He wants you to become an affiliate of his product so that he can make more money, effortlessly.

You’re not really getting any value from the training. Solo Ads is something that you can even learn for free online. No need to pay $2 or 17/month.

Additionally, I see that Art Flair and Marc Gray are his testimonials but guess what? They are already well-known affiliate marketers and they’re friends with Fergal.

What these people do, they come together and support each other with testimonials, when they might have not even gone through the program or tried it out.

I ask, where are the members of the public that have actually made a ton of money with this method? Why use well-known affiliate marketers when you are pitching this program to newbies?

It would make sense to show NEWBIES making money with this program to show it really works, right? But I see none of that.


Actual Costs Of Running the 24 Hour Profits Business

Don’t you just hate it when these people don’t disclose the cost of running the business? You will only find out about this AFTER joining, because chances are that if you knew about it beforehand, you wouldn’t buy the program.

And that’s exactly what Fergal wants! He wants to make money regardless, so he hides that information from you.

But you’re lucky I’m here. I’ll show you the kind of money you’ll need to run the business that Fergal will show you.

1) 17/month for the 24 Hour Profits membership

2) Solo Ads investment money – This can be anywhere from a few hundreds to a few thousands every month, depending on how much money you want to make

3) $10 – $30 per month for an autoresponder and this is to be able to use Solo Ads

So as you can see, this is will not only cost you $17/month to make the alleged $286+ per month. You’ll need to invest at least $100 – $200 per month to make $286 in profits.

Is 24 Hour Profits A Scam?

It really depends on what you define as a scam.

A scam to some people, might be that they paid for something but never received anything in return. That would also definitely a scam in my book.

But some others might consider 24 Hour Profits a scam because of the various lies and misleading information on the sales page. The name implies that you’ll make money within 24 hours and you’re even told you’ll be going to bed tonight with money in your pocket.

This really builds and unrealistic expectation of what online business is about.

Additionally, you’re not told of the method before purchasing it. Now that you know what the program is about, are you more likely or less likely to purchase it?

That’s my point! Most creators don’t tell you what you’re gonna buy or get within the program because if you knew, you would most probably NOT buy it. And this is exactly what Fergal does here.

There’s also the fact that he shows you some SELLER snapshots, while you’re really only gonna be an affiliate of the program. These results are misleading because he says he will show you the exact method he uses to make that kind of money.

In the end, he doesn’t really show you how to become a seller, right? You’re a mere affiliate who will be used as a tool to make HIM more money.

There’s also no mention of the costs of running such a business, which I think was intentionally left out. This is an important factor in starting an online business, because you have to know whether you’ll be able to maintain such expenses long term.

And the business model is just unsustainable. Sure, you could learn a few things as a newbie but you can’t expect this kind of business to keep making you money for the long term. It will eventually crash and you won’t make as much money.

You already know what I’m going to say about 24 Hour Profits. I do NOT recommend it and now you can understand the various reasons as to why.

You Want Something That Is Evergreen? Here’s My Method Of Making $1000s Online!

If you’re looking to make money online long term, you need a method that is going to be evergreen. Affiliate marketing definitely is evergreen, but not in the way that Fergal teaches it to you.

I can show you how I have been growing my business for the last 2 years for completely free! And the method that I use to make money is simple; help others find solution to their problems. When they buy the solution, I make commissions!

I make recurring commissions every single month!


Isn’t that a much better way of doing business? Isn’t this better, to create long term relationships with your customers so they keep buying over and over again? Isn’t this better than LYING and misleading, like Fergal does?

Helping people works BETTER for the long term because you help build your reputation and when you have a positive reputation, people flock to you and trust you.

So get my free guide now to learn about how you can make money doing affiliate marketing for the long-haul. Let me help you make your first honest and legitimate dollar online.

Thanks for reading my 24 Hour Profits review. Have you had any experience with the program and the website? What has been your results thus far? I would love to hear all about it!

Lots of Love,



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