24/7 Wealth Club Review – Scam? Oh Dear! Look What I Found OUT!

Are you looking for an honest 24/7 Wealth Club review?

Well, you’ve just found it! You’ll agree with me that there are way too many scams on the internet nowadays and that it is hard to trust who’s telling the truth and who’s really going to teach you the ropes to make money online. So congratulations on doing your due dilligence before jumping in with both feet.

If you’re seriously considering this program, read this review until the end to find out the HIDDEN TRUTH about the program because I can absolutely guarantee that it is going to shock you. You MUST know about this and it’s something that NONE of the other reviews are going to tell you.

So without further ado, let’s get the party started!

24/7 Wealth Club At A Glance

Website: 247WealthClub.com/live

Owner: “Richard”

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37+

Do I Recommend It? NOPE!

What Is 24/7 Wealth Club?

The creator of the program, Richard, tells us that this program is a “brand new and incredibly powerful, revolutionary, done-for-you money making system. It’s perfect for you if you’re a newbie because apparently, people with no special skills and no experience have been able to make over $10K every single week.

In fact, you’re supposedly able to make $13K in your first 7 days! Isn’t that just exciting?

He says the reason that he is sharing this program with you is so that both you and him can make money. It’s a win-win situation. Space is limited and he can only take on 200 people, he says. 191 spots have been filled and there are now only 9 spots left.

But to tell you the truth, I have seen this kind of sales page and video before. It’s there to play on your emotions and to get you excited enough to purchase the program. Richard makes it sound so easy to make money online when in reality, it takes effort and time.

Ask any ETHICAL online marketer and they’ll give you the same answer.

Just think about it: if it was so easy to make $13K by the end of the first 7 days of starting this program, then don’t you think everybody would have been doing it? This income adds up to $52K in a month and that’s not even what the average person makes in a year!

If such a program existed where you could make a year’s income within a month, I would have found it by now! I reviewed over 250 programs on this website before this review and if such claims were true, then I wouldn’t be here writing this review right now.

I will prove to you by diving deep into the program and showing you that things just won’t work as advertised!

The Red Flags – BEWARE!

Before getting into the program, let me just tell you that there are a few red flags that I have noticed within the sales page that suggest things won’t work as advertised. That’s because these are the same red flags that I have seen before in other scams and low-quality programs.

1) Richard – Who is he?

It’s important to know the creators of such programs because it helps you gage whether the inside of the program is going to give you quality information. But to me honest with you, I’ve never heard of Richard. Isn’t it also weird that we’re not given a last name?

We’re not even showed what Richard looks like. We don’t see any income proof. We don’t see any pictures of him on vacation or enjoying his money. It’s as if Richard is a completely made up character, despite his back story.

And it’s the same thing with many other products that I have reviewed. Most of them come with a fake name and a fake story. That’s because these guys create program after program and change their names with each and every program they release.

They do this so as not to be recognized, either because the program is a complete scam and they don’t want to get sued, or because the program is so low-quality that it won’t work as advertised. They do this so as not to be caught!

Knowing this, is there any way you can believe what he tells you now? If he’s lying about his identity, he can lie about everything else!

2) Testimonials – Real or Fake?

If you have doubts on the creator, the only other relief that you can get, is from the testimonials. That’s because testimonials are supposed to be from people who have used the program, who have gotten results from it and who want to report in on their experiences.

However, the way that the testimonials are presented really don’t prove a lot to me. I mean, we’re not even shown WHO made WHAT. There aren’t any VIDEO testimonials, there aren’t any WRITTEN ones either. And the worst part is that we cannot verify any of the testimonials.

It’s too easy to just say this person made THAT amount. It could even have been made up and without proof, there’s really no way of knowing whether those testimonials are true or not.

With the creator of the program possibly lying to us about his identity, do you think he will even bother to give us REAL testimonials, specially if there’s no way for you to verify them?

3) The Training – What Is The Program About?

Have you noticed how there’s a lot in the video and yet, there’s nothing? There’s no information about how the program works, what kind of work you’ll be doing, how the money will be made, what services or products you have to promote or sell. There’s nothing!

How can you know that this program will then be the right one for you?

It’s like showing up at a car showroom with all the cars covered and the salesman telling you that THIS is the car that you need. How will you be able to tell right away, without seeing the car, without being told of its features and specifications, that this is the car for you?

Would you buy the car right away? You wouldn’t, right? Then why would you buy this program?

4) Scarcity – Are There Really Only 9 Spots Left?

There is a possibility of limiting the number of spots available within a program but I have seen scarcity being used way too many times with the other programs that I have reviewed. I have learned that using scarcity will scare your visitors into thinking that the spots are limited and that it is essential they get the program now.

In a way, if somebody REALLY is closing up their programs after the 9 spots are filled, then yes, you have to take it seriously. But with such programs, using scarcity is a method of getting you to buy the program thinking that you’ll miss the big opportunity, when there aren’t really only 9 spots left.

You see, go back tomorrow and you’ll find that the 9 spots will still be open. That’s because a generic number was chosen and will disaply each and everyday.

Limiting the number of spots being accepted also means limiting the amount of money the creator of this program can make. Do you really think that he is going to REFUSE money being given to him if you are his 201st student? Of course not!

Is The Training Worth it? – The REAL Shocker

To be honest with you, I really didn’t expect for the program to bring a lot to the table and unfortunately, it really didn’t bring a lot.

What you’re going to be learning with 24/7 Wealth Club is affiliate marketing on Clickbank. Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online where you need to promote other people’s products and facilitate sales. For each sale you make, you get a commission. Pretty straightforward, right?

Most of the training is in PDF form, something that did not impress me. It’s just so easy to buy PLR (Private Label Rights) material for cheap and to be compiling them here to pose as step-by-step training when it’s not. Those are just general information and more of an introduction than anything.

There are SOME videos and they are a little informational. However, don’t expect to start making $13K within your first week with it. Actually, you won’t ever make $13K with this training because it is so basic and general.

Additionally, they say in the sales video that you would be able to use just a phone to be able to make money online with this method, which is not possible. You will need a laptop to make affiliate marketing work if you’re serious about it.

What I also noticed as I moved along the training, was how familiar the training material looked and when I reached the videos, I was sure! It said CB WEALTH, a program that I have reviewed before. So, 24/7 Wealth Club is a rehashed program after all, posing as a new program!

If you already bought CB Wealth, which I didn’t recommend anyways, then you’ll find yourself with the same training if you get 24/7 Wealth Club.

Don’t you find it weird that the program creator here is Richard while the program creator for CB Wealth is James Robertson? If the INSIDE of the programs are the SAME, then the creators of both the programs should be the same person. Yet, that’s not what we’re told here.

What’s the truth here? Well, the truth is that we now know that we are being lied to by the creator of the program and if a working relationship starts with a lie, then it can only get worse from here on.

24/7 Wealth Club – Scam?

Is 24/7 Wealth Club a scam? Well, it depends on your perspective.

If you think that because you’re getting SOME training for your money and because there’s a money back guarantee, that the program isn’t a scam, then that’s your opinion.

If you think that lies, deception and misleading information makes for a scam, then it is one.

Whatever you may think about the program though, you must agree with me that there is somethin shady going on here, especially with the identity of the creator of the program. Additionally, there are some other red flags to consider, as well as the fact that this program is completely rehashed.

The creator, whether his name is Richard or James, has just slapped a new name on an old program. And the training isn’t even that good!

Based on all of this information, 24/7 Wealth Club is definitely a program that I won’t be recommending.

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