3 Step Method Review – Is The Training Any Good? You Don’t Bet!

3 Step Method review

Welcome to my honest 3 Step Method review.

Congratulations on being one of the very few people who actually do their homework before jumping in on a program that only LOOKS good, because chances are, that the program is not going to work as advertised.

I’m not saying that this is the case with all programs, but it is the case with MOST programs. I’ve been in the online space for 20 months and I can tell you that I’ve seen way more scams than actual legit programs.

So is 3 Step Method a scam? My review is going to expose this program for what it really is so that you can make an informed decision. So be sure to read until the end!

3 Step Method At A Glance

Website: 3StepMethod.com

Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Teach you affiliate marketing

Price: $37+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! It’s garbage!

What Is 3 Step Method?

The presenter, whom we aren’t told the name, says that 3 Step Method is a system that is going to pay you every single week like clockwork and on automation. It’s normal for members to be making $10K with the system.

That’s impressive, isn’t it?

It’s also great that you don’t need any experience or special skills to become successful with the system and there are so many testimonials on the sales page to prove it. Most members haven’t made any money online before.

Just follow the 3 simple steps then sit back, relax and watch the money roll in as the system does its thing. You’re gonna basically be doing next to nothing to earn money. That’s why he says that it’s the quickest and easiest business online.

But do you believe anything that is said? I certainly don’t.

That’s because I’ve been in the online arena for close to 2 years now and I’ve never seen a system work like that. To be completely honest, I’ve seen other programs say they work similarly but almost never do.

Don’t get me wrong; it is absolutely possible to make $10K online. I myself make money online so I know that it’s not impossible. But it’s far from being as easy as the presenter claims.

If it were as easy as that, then don’t you think that more people would have been quitting their jobs? Don’t you think that there would have been less debt for the general household? Don’t you think the economy would have been different?

So there definitely is a catch here, right? And the catch is that the video is meant to show you a dream and manipulate you into buying a program that you know absolutely nothing about and that won’t really help you as much as they claim.

How 3 Step Method Works

What are you going to be taught within the system? Well, the presenter doesn’t say, right? That’s one of the red flags because a legit program wouldn’t be so secretive.

They would normally flaunt the good stuff they want to teach you and why you need it. But not this one. Anyways, that’s why you’re here on this review and why you’re reading this, right?

The training is all about teaching you affiliate marketing and I can assure you that is a completely legit way of making money online. I’m an affiliate marketer and that’s how I make money online. That’s how I know.

But it is something that needs to be taught step by step and there is a ton to learn in order to make this a long-term business. So let me tell you that I was not disappointed when I found that it’s nothing like what was promised.

There isn’t a guide, no PDFs, no actual step by step instructions, no cheat sheets at all. You’re only taught three things and that’s:

1) Choosing a niche

2) Building a digital asset

3) Earn commissions

Yes, these are part of affiliate marketing but they do a terrible job of teaching even those three.

You don’t really get a clear idea of a niche after you’re done with that section. I know because I had a hard time understanding that when I first got started and the training here does not explain it all properly.

They talk about the 3 digital assets being a single webpage, a blog and social media.

And then, they talk about affiliate links.

I’m not saying that this is bad information because it really isn’t. It is good information for somebody just starting out but if you thought that you were gonna get the whole blueprint for $37 then you’re mistaken.

There’s an upsell for $97. So much for getting access to the whole system for one low investment of $37, like the presenter puts it, right?

The Training is LARGELY Lacking!

The thing with affiliate marketing is that there needs to be a step by step guide, instructions on how to do things one step at a time. A business is complex and if you have no willingness to learn it, then being an entrepreneur is not for you, period!

They do a lot of telling but not a lot of SHOWING. Not only is there information that is lacking on how to create a blog or how to set up a website correctly, there’s no training on how to get traffic to your affiliate offers.

Believe it or not, making money online involves SALES and if you don’t have an audience to promote products to, then where the heck is the money gonna come from? They don’t teach you how to find buyers or how to attract them to your offers.

You could have the most beautiful website in existence and you could have the best products to promote, but without BUYERS looking at the website or your offers, everything is meaningless, right? You won’t make any money.

And that’s the big thing that the training lacks.

They talk about social media and posting links on there and creating a following there, which works mind you, but that’s just a way of RUNNING AFTER your customers instead of having them come to you because they’re interested in your product.

You can make a few sales here and there but not the $10K that the presenter claims you can make. You’ll have to go way beyond social media to earn that kind of money. You need way more instructions and learning to make that kind of money.

The course is not worth the $37. I mean, you’re not even given any video tutorials! And I doubt the upsell will give much of the missing information. At least, I wouldn’t trust it to. You’re gonna end up having to buy more courses to fill in the blanks.

Is 3 Step Method A Scam?

Well, that really depends on your perspective and how you personally define a scam.

I personally wouldn’t say that 3 Step Method is a scam simply because you DO get something for your money. A scam to me is something that you pay for and where you get nothing in return.

But would I say that 3 Step Method is a program that you should buy to get you to financial freedom? No, I wouldn’t go as far as that. I actually do not even recommend it because the sales page and video are so misleading.

With the terrible job that is done to teach you affiliate marketing from A-Z and the lack of information to getting traffic to your website and offers, I do believe that 3 Step Method is overpriced. With $37, you could get so much more.

I’m not saying that you won’t make any money by following this program, but you certainly won’t be making $10K per month with this and maybe not even $1K. There is more to online business than the limited info this system will give you.

Not only will you NOT get answers to everything in this course, but you also will need to BUY other courses, most of the time, expensive, in order to fill up the gaps. That’s why I do not believe that 3 Step method is going to be worth your while and your money.

Once again, 3 Step Method is not recommended. You can do what you like with your money of course, but being in the online space for so long, I urge you to take some of what I say into consideration.

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