30 Day Success Club Review – Scam or Make $1000 Per Day?

Welcome to my 30 Day Success Club Review.

As you can tell, this is another program on the internet that promises to teach you how to make full-time income online. However, because this is a new program, I wanted to check it out to see what it was about and to find out whether you could really make $1000 per day, as they claim.

Read this review to the end, as I will be revealing some ugly facts that this program is hiding from you!

At A Glance

Name: 30 Day Success Club Review

Website: 30DaySuccess.online

Owner: “Debbie Jovan”

Purpose: Build your free sample site to make money via free offers

Price: $37

Recommended?: NOPE!

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The Sales Page – Things to Watch Out for!

As soon as I saw the Sales Page, I rolled my eyes; I had really seen it all with those make-money-online programs. However, not all of them are the same. Some are scams, some are low-quality products and some really do offer some value. That’s why I decided to see it through to the end.

At the top of the video, they show you a message, telling you “Positions Available in Canada”. This is an old trick in the book, because in fact, the website is able to know where you are located due to your IP Address. It will change to UK, France, USA Australia and all other countries based on where you are located, to make you believe that the program is only available there.

The “Limited Number of Free Bonuses Left” is also another luring tactic that most scammers use; this is used to trick you into thinking that you have to act NOW to get the bonuses else you will not be getting them. The truth is that these bonuses are NOT limited at all. Everybody who signs up to the program will get them,

I also saw success stories at the bottom and while they seem legit, I remember seeing some of these guys from a website called Fiverr. They usually appear in other make-money-online testimonials, proving that these programs don’t actually work. These scammers need to use the services of ACTORS to simulate fake success stories to lure you into buying.

Another problem I encountered, is that the Privacy Policy page all the way at the bottom, does not work. It leads to an error page. Not having a proper Privacy Policy page in place, tells me that this program may sell your information to other companies for financial gain! Watch out for that!

The Sales Video

Within this video, we come to learn about how Debbie, a millitary man’s wife with a child, goes through so much hardship when her husband dies in combat and how she got herself and her daughter out of the slums by creating a free sample website, with the help of her computer-savvy brother.

She explains that her method of making money online is so good that she is being asked to sell her rights on the product, to a production team that will be reselling it for $1997! She says she will no longer hold the rights to her program after October 27th of this year and that’s when the prices will go up.

Further witin the video, she explained how free sample websites work; there are big brand-name retailers wanting to advertise their own products and one way of advertising, is to offer free samples to get consumers to try their products. These retailers will pay free sample websites big money to help them advertise the free products online to consumers, so when the consumers try the products out, they can become loyal paying customers to the brand if they like it.

She shows you the inside of the program, explains that you will not need to buy a website yourself and that you will not even need to design the website either, as it’s a done-for-you system. You supposedly get all the tools for FREE and all you have to pay for is hosting at $37, which she claims usually costs around $20 – $40 per month.

With this system, all you have to do is sign in, choose a website name, choose a keyword and a description, link your website to the big-brand retailer’s website to capture the free samples and hit “Create” and voila! You’re done! All you have to do afterwards, is have people come to your website and claim their free samples and you can make money.

Even if she used some actors for her testimonials and some luring tactics here and there, the video just makes this all sound legit and easy work, right?


There is so much that’s just plain WRONG with this system and I will be outlining them below. My inner-voice was right from the beginning on this program; all the scammer behind this program wants to do, is to stir emotions into your heart so you can feel bad for her and relate to her. The ultimate goal is to get to your hard-earned money!

The Hidden Red Flags – Why The System Won’t Work

1) “Debbie Jovan”

First of all, let’s talk about Debbie. To be honest with you, I think that Debbie is just a fictional character created by the scammer. Her story was also probably concocted. The reasons I believe these are all fake is because, there is no picture of her and her daughter.

Even a quick Google Search has brought up nothing about her. If she really was a legit person, then I believe that I would have found at least SOMETHING about her but nothing came up. If there was really a production buying out her method of making money online, it would have definitely made headlines.

There is NO way to prove or confirm that she is a real person at all, and whether her earnings are legit. Believe me, even earnings proof on these videos can be edited and manupilated!

2) Groupon

The next thing that caught my attention was the mention of Groupon. This got me a little confused because if you’ve ever used Groupon, you would know that it is a COUPONS website and not a FREE SAMPLE website.

Debbie started her story by telling us how she made use of newspaper clippings to be able to redeem free samples in order to save money. And I’m sure that free sample websites do exist on the internet, but Groupon is NOT one of them.

The difference between a coupons website and a free sample website, is that a coupons website will give you special discount codes based on where you want to shop (that is, you spend LESS money). But a free sample website is one where you are able to claim FREE samples for specific products that you want to try out (does not involve ANY spending).

She takes advantage of people’s lack of knowledge to lead them to believe that they’re the same!

3) Inside the System

Remember she mentioned the process of how you were going to make money? Let me refresh your mind; you need to advertise free samples on your website and get paid each time someone downloads / uses the free offer.

What lies! I get so frustrated and upset when these scammers outrightly LIE to people to steal their money!

When you’re finished setting up the system, the resulted website looks like an EXACT replica of ClickBank, an online marketplace very much like Amazon. The only difference is that ClickBank only sells DIGITAL products whereas Amazon can also sell physical ones. So as you can imagine, there is absolutely NOTHING free!

Taking a closer look revealed make-money-online programs that I myself recently reviewed, namely 60 Minute Money Plan, 30 Minute Money Methods, Viral Cash App and Tube Profit Sniper. And I rated them as SCAMS!

What’s really happening here, is that you’re linking your website to ClickBank, where your website will pull in all your affiliate links for each product from ClickBank, and thus when a sale is made, you’re making commissions. This is what’s called Affiliate Marketing, NOT free sampling!

Affiliate Marketing is a LEGIT way of making money online. I know that because I am an affiliate marketer. But the way this program is teaching you to do it, is NOT the right way to make money with this method.

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4) Expiry Date – October 27 of THIS YEAR

If you went through the whole video, you would have noticed that “Debbie” mentioned the expiry date a few times. But why is there not a specific date? Why did she not mention 27 October 2018?

That’s because it’s all lies! This scammer wants to make as much money as possible from the time of creation of the program to October 27 2018. However, keep in mind that domains remain active for 1 whole year. As I was able to dig out, the domain for this website was registered on June 26, 2018 and thus will expire on June 26th, 2019.

I bet that if you go to the website after the supposed EXPIRY date, that the video will still say october 27th of THIS YEAR, when that date would have passed. It would be funny to see if the scammer changes the date within the few days that follow October 27th. If I am able to verify, I will update this review.

Not to mention that as the domain will be active until June 26th 2019, that the scammer will be able to keep scamming people from January 2019 onwards too! So I think if the scammer finds the program profitable, that they will renew the domain in June 2019 to scam people until October 2019.

Here are EVEN MORE Lies!

1) Site Keywords

When I was a newbie, I didn’t know what a keyword was and how it worked so if you’re in that same position, it is easy to get fooled by the video when they explain keywords.

Keywords are phrases that visitors input into the search bar for Google, Bing or Yahoo, when they are looking for information. Examples of keywords are: how to make money online fast, what are the best toys for cats, how to treat psoriasis.

As a person who wants to make money online, you have to make use of those same keywords within your website so people who are typing those keywords in, are brought to your website. This is called Search Engine Optimization, where you are telling the Search Engines (for example, Google) to show your website to people who are looking for THIS specific information.

Now, if you want to be successful, you can’t just choose a keyword in the dark, as was shown in the video. You have to analize the keyword using a keyword research tool. You want a keyword that A LOT of people are typing in but that does not have a lot of competition for your website to appear on Page 1 of Google (because let’s face it; how often do you click on the results on Page 2, 3 or 4 and so on?)

As you can see, using their method, your website will NEVER be found on Google.

2) Webhosting that cost $20 – $40 per month

Pardon my language, but that’s more BS coming from this scammer. It sure does look appealing that they will charge a one-time hosting fee of $37, when others seem to charge that amount on a monthly basis. If you went on that information alone, it does seem like it’s a no-brainer.

However, there are TONS of website hosting platforms that will offer you between $2 to $5 per month to host your website. Here are a few examples;

1) BlueHost – $2.95 / month

2) iPage – $2.50

3) GoDaddy – 3.99

4) HostGator – $2.64

There are many more, so if you are looking for other alternatives, please let me know! I will gladly send the list to you.

Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam?

You bet it is! We can clearly see that the scammer is lying and made use of the heart-renching story to soften you before molding you into a puppet who will reach for their credit cards and pay for the product.

There are too many lies and too many reasons when put together, will NOT yield a profitable online business. And as you can see, the way that money is made here is through affiliate marketing and NOT free sampling. The missing Privacy Policy page is also cause for concern because when you sign up for the program, the scammer could potentially use your information illegally and/or even sell your information to others who will do the same.

I do NOT recommend this program and highly advise you stay away from it!

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In the meantime, I really hope that I was able to answer all your questions about 30 Day Success Club. If you have any more questions, please feel free to drop a comment below. I always answer! 🙂

Cheers to your success!

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