5 Figure Day Review [Honest Review] – Can You Make Money Giving Away Free Websites?

Well, there’s an opportunity I came across that states you can make money online by giving away free websites to people, and it is called 5 Figure Day. How would you make money with it? Is 5 Figure Day a scam, or will it be useless to invest in it? Can you become financially free by using the program and does it work?

If you have all these questions, then I’m glad that you are doing your due diligence and found my 5 Figure Day Review, before investing into it. Because believe it or not, there are more scams out there than there are legit products, so research is very important.

In this review, I will discuss the promises Bryan makes, how the program works and whether you will make money with it. I highly recommend that you read until the end of this review to see whether this is the program for you.

At A Glance

Name: 5 Figure Day

Website: 5FigureDay.com/go

Owner: Bryan Winters

Purpose: Make Money doing Affiliate Marketing

Price: $97/month ($7 for a 7-day trial)

Do I Recommend?: Let’s find out…

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What is 5 Figure Day?

First of all, I would like to say that Bryan is a very real person. He is a very successful affiliate marketer and thus, he sounds like one of the best persons to learn affiliate marketing from. He has created a lot of different products, namely, Dual Squeeze, Dumb Little System, 4 Stream Income, My Funnel Empire and Cash Blurbs.

Additionally, he created 5 Figure Day. It’s a program where email marketing and affiliate marketing are married together, to help you make money online.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen both email marketing and affiliate marketing in action. If you went to any website with valuable information, you probably would have signed up with your email address to get something in return for free. Then, you would continue receiving some free information, with the occasional offer to buy a product.

So, the emails being sent in sequencial order, is email marketing and the products that are offered within them, are OTHER COMPANIES’ products, that are being promoted for compensation, by the affiliate mareketer.

Bryan says that he will teach you how to make use of free websites and giving them away to collect those email addresses and receive commissions by promoting products within emails. Not only will you benefit from it, but your leads who sign up to get the free websites, will also benefit and grow their own lists.

The Tools

Inside the member’s area, you are told that you will get access to over 26 websites that are live and ready for you to send traffic to.  Each of these websites consists of 3 pages;

1) Capture page – This is the initial page where you need to send traffic to. This page will offer free information in exchange for your traffic’s email address.

When they input their email address, you will have their email address in your list and say they don’t make a purchase now, you could send them promotional emails later on, to tempt them to make a purchase.

2) Free bonus offer page –  This is where your visitors will land after inputting their email addresses. Here, they will have the option of opting into receiving free high converting “websites” where they’ll be able to grow their own email lists.

These free “websites” will look pretty much the same as your own capture page, but they’ll receive the free version. They work differently in the background and I’ll explain further below.

3) Product information page – This is the last page your visitors will land on. This will be the “free” information that you promised to give them in exchange for their email address on the capture page. Depending on which capture page you used, it will lead them to the respective product, mostly make-money-online promotions from ClickBank.

That’s where your special link will be embedded and where if your visitors make a purchase, you’ll receive a commission.

Extra Paid Tools

When you sign up and go through the short training, you will be asked to link your autoresponder to the 5 Figure Day system and usually, AWeber or GetResponse is what they would recommend. I also recommend them as part of my Top 10 Tools to use for a successful online business. They’re very legit.

However, this is an extra cost of $15 – $20 per month, that Bryan does not disclose. This is a cost IN ADDITION to the $97/month that you pay for 5 Figure Day. An autoresponder is essential for you to be able to send promotions on an ongoing basis.

Your emails will still be saved on the 5 Figure Day platform, but they don’t have an autoresponder of their own for automating emails.If you can’t automate those emails, then your promotions will not get to your leads and thus, you won’t make any money.

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How Does It Work? – The Ugly Truths

1) Getting FREE Traffic – Bryan sure makes getting traffic sound easy, but unfortunately, that is the hardest part of making money online. He teaches you to promote your websites through free first and says that you don’t have to spend a dime to have people visit your website.

The free traffic methods he teaches you are social media marketing, banner ads and forum marketing, most of which are not very effective. They can definitely drive traffic but these methods are not enough for you to get the kind of commissions that Bryan claims.

The MOST effective FREE traffic method would be SEO, meaning trying to get traffic through Google, Bing and Yahoo. Unfortunately, this is impossible here because the search engines only rank unique and helpful content. I want you to know that the websites that you will be receiving are NOT unique and NOT helpful, as per the search engines. Thus, you will not rank when people perform a Google search for example.

If you wanted to know of the best TOOL to get to the first page of Google and the other search engines, then know that I use JAAXY. It has helped me rank for many, many keywords. Most of my visitors are FREE, coming in from Google, so I can vouch that it works.

Which brings us to his paid traffic methods within the next point. That’s the ONLY worthwhile way of getting traffic to your capture page, but you still need to be careful.

2) Solo Ads – The paid traffic method taught within 5 Figure Day, is solo ads. Now, these ads can be very effective if done properly. Let me explain how it works.

Solo ads work by you purchasing the rights to send promotional emails to another marketer’s email list. Usually, the bigger the list, or the more well-known the list, the more it will cost for you to receive the rights to promote your own material to them.

So, if everything works fine, then you can have a very big return on your investment on this ad. But things don’t always go right and here’s why things could go wrong.

You see, when it comes to emails, there are some email providers that would automatically send your promotional email to the spam or junk folder, or blocked completely from reaching people, making it less likely for your targeted list to open the emails, although you’re still paying to get the email to them.

At that point, you would just become a spammer.

3) The leads – Although collecting passive leads from people you refer sounds nice because you don’t have to work as hard to get them and make more money,  you have to realize that not only are these visitors part of your referral’s email list but yours as well.

The problem with that is they will be in both your email lists and you both will be promoting the same make-money-online programs, thus the subscriber will be getting the same emails, with the same promotions.

Not only will these emails EACH be a promotion but if you both send up sending the same promotions over and over again, without valuable information, then guess what that subscriber is going to do; they’ll unsubscribe. In email marketing, you have to be providing MORE free valuable information than sales pitches for it to work.

4) Fake websites – The “websites” that Bryan will supposedly be giving you, are NOT fully hosted websites at all. They are actually landing pages. And these landing pages will NEVER be yours. You will only gain access to them as tools.

There’s nothing wrong with that but this only makes you dependent on the system. With this system, you are NEVER going to be the real boss of your own business.

As I mentioned above, this is not the ONLY product that Bryan created and thus, if he decides that this program is not making him enough money, he could close up shop one day and he won’t care about you having paid to gain access to the tools, the training and the program.

If he does do that, then your tools are gone, and so is your income.

5) Overpriced and overrated – In my opinion, yes, you do get a lot to work with, but most of the information here, you can receive for free online. Landing pages are not that expensive to create either and that’s something that you can do on your own for only around $15 a year plus your monthly membership fee for an autoresponder.

You could register a website with WordPress, install a free landing page plug-in with which you can create unlimited landing pages, and design them to your liking. You can even promote ClickBank products for FREE on these landing pages and learn how to embed your own affiliate link yourself, which is pretty easy to do.

You serious do NOT have to pay $97 a month for this garbage. This system is NOT worth it.

Do I Recommend 5 Figure Day?

You must have already gotten the feeling that although this system could work, that there are a lot of flaws, specially if implemented by a newbie.

You will NOT make much money only promoting offers without offering valuable information first. You have to create trust with your subscriber.

There are many tools that could potentially be useful but remember that they will make you COMPLETELY dependent on the system, a fact that I’m not a fan of. As a business person, you have to KNOW how everything works in the background so if something goes wrong, you are able to fix it. You’re not able to do ANY customization in this case.

Much information about email and affiliate marketing can be found online for free and thus, I find that 5 Figure Day is overpriced. As I mentioned above, you can create the same system yourself for around $15/month for your autoresponder and $15 a year for your domain name registration. There is NO need to become dependent on 5 Figure Day.

Want To Know of The Most Effective Way To Make Money Doing Affiliate Marketing?

Well, that would be to create your own, full-fledged website. That’s the best way to gain the trust of your visitors and your subscribers. That’s because if you have your own website (not just a landing page), you will become an authority within your niche / category, and you’ll be able to provide valuable and unique information, that not only your visitors will appreciate, but the search engines too.

That’s exactly what I’ve done and I explain everything in detail within my FREE GUIDE to making money online for beginners. You need a step-by-step approach to learning, all the tools that are necessary, as well as support to be able to succeed online and I am explicit about all that, within my Guide.

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So as long as you are willing to fight for your own financial future, I will be right there beside you to help you along the way.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions at all if you have them, about 5 Figure Day or my #1 Recommendation. I always answer ALL questions and comments. 🙂



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