5 Minute Money Machines Review – Copy and Paste To Passive Income?

Welcome to this 5 Minute Money Machines Review.

Too many programs on the Internet are claiming that they can show us how to make money online fast and 5 Minute Money Machines is also one of them. But how true are the claims? In my opinion, there are just too many scams nowadays and it is important to identify the legit ones.

Is it a scam? Is it going to help you make money online fast? Is it going to just grab your money and leave you stranded? Or is it really going to show you a method of making money that works?

All these are good questions that I’m going to be answering within this review. I do not promote this program so know that I am not somebody who wants to make money from you. I genuinely want you to know enough about this program to make an informed decision that is going to be right for YOU!

So let’s begin!

5 Minute Money Machines At A Glance

Website: 5MinuteMoneyMachines.com/main/

Owner: Mark Barrett

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $0 (but there are upsells)

Do I Recommend it?: Yes and No. Read the full review to find out why this answer is complicated!

What is 5 Minute Money Machines?

I’m impressed a little bit and that’s the fact that Mark is the one who is presenting in all of the sales videos. Unlike many other sales videos and sales pages that promote make-money-online programs, at least he is proving to you that he is a real person behind the video.

But on the other hand, I didn’t like that he was making some promises that were not really true when it comes to making money online. He said that you will be able to make recurring income from only doing 5 minutes of work, which is VERY unlikely, especially if you’re a newbie.

Either you need to dedicate more time to learning, applying what you learn and giving your business time to grow, or you’re gonna have to invest money SOMEWHERE within the system that he is presenting, in order to make money online. So there definitely is something that’s not adding up here.

You can’t make money WITHOUT investing anything and WITHOUT knowing what you’re doing. Things just don’t work that way. If it did, there would be a shortage of workers everywhere in the country, because people would be quitting left, right and center, claiming to be working from home.

Going further down the sales page, I saw something familiar and that’s the income proof that he was showing. I recognized them right away as being payment proof from a program that I knew very well and that’s because I am part of it too! It’s actually my #1 Recommendation when it comes to making money online.

5 Minute Money Machines is promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t know what to think of this. It was mixed emotions and that’s not because I am jealous that somebody else is promoting the program, but because of the fact that I was afraid that the program would be advertised as being a get-rich-quick scheme when it’s not.

I didn’t have a very good feeling, to be honest. But let’s take a look at what’s inside.

How 5 Minute Money Machines Works

It’s great that it’s free to sign up to 5 Minute Money Machines to get to the main member’s area but that kind of reinforced my previous thoughts; that something is just not right here. It’s not FREE to make serious money online and you’re not going to make money with only 5 minutes of work.

When I got into the member’s area, I was greeted with 7 videos, the first being the introduction and the last being the conclusion. So really, you’re only getting 5 core training videos that are less 5 minutes long each

And guess what? My suspicions were founded because Mark is promoting Wealthy Affiliate here. He does not claim for it to be a get-rich-quick program, but you get that kind of “feeling” from the training; as if you’re going to make money really fast just by following his steps when WA is NOT like that.

He shows you how to sign up for a free Wealthy Account and to promote the program using Solo Ads. Wealthy Affiliate does have a free account and a paid account. The paid account allows you to make twice as much commission as the free account.

Solo Ads is a form of advertising where you will have to pay other marketers to have them send your email along with your WA affiliate link in it, in order for you to get sign ups to WA. So there you have it! Wasn’t I right in telling you that you can’t make serious money online for free?

The Downside To Solo Ads

Although a lot of people have found success with Solo Ads, it’s actually risky business. Mark shows you to get these Solo Ads from a reputable source, called Udimi and to be honest with you if you’re looking to make a part-time income/profit with the method that he shows you, there isn’t much of a risk and it is doable.

The risk comes when you want to make MORE money because that means having to INVEST more too. There is never a guarantee on ROI (return on investment) with Solo Ads.

The payment you have to give those marketers would be based on the number of clicks that you require. The more the clicks, the more you pay. So it’s not a guarantee of how many BUYERS they’ll get you, but only on the number of people that are going to be clicking on your link.

If you pay for 50 clicks, you might get 50 or more clicks, but you also run the risk of nobody actually buying what you recommend. That way, you would be making a loss.

If you want to make $3000 in commissions for example, where each sale within WA is going to bring you $20, you would need to get 150 PREMIUM signups to WA and where the average conversion is 12%, you’ll need at least 1250 clicks, which is going to cost you $800 – $1000.

$3000 is your gross, so you will need to subtract $800 – $1000 (whatever you invested in Solo Ads) in order to get your profits. At the end of the day, you would be making $2000 – $2200, assuming you have no other expenses, which is NOT likely.

I have actually tracked down Mark’s account on WA to show you something; it is one of his sign-ups that actually also went premium with WA, did Solo Ads just like Mark taught in his training and who has not been getting any results.

So as you can see, this does require some big budget and investment, unlike what Mark is claiming and you won’t be able to make as much money as fast as he says.

The Upsells

Additionally, there are upsells that Mark tries to sell you, before even getting to the member’s area. You are faced with 2 of them at the beginning and here they are;

Upgrade 1 – 8 Traffic Sources – $14.95 (Down sold to $4.95)

This upgrade will show you 5 other paid traffic sources, as well as 3 free traffic sources that you’re going to be able to use if ever you think you can’t use the Solo Ads. Of course, you still have to pay for those though.

Upgrade 2 – Done-For-You Campaigns – $16.95 (Down sold to $6.95)

These are done-for-you email swipes that you will be able to use in your Solo Ads. They are supposedly the same that Mark has himself used to produce results.

There is another upsell for access to Live Masterclasses (for $4.95) with Mark himself that is going to show you other traffic sources that he uses himself (Ummm does he not use the ones in Upgrade 1, I wonder?) as well as some other tips and tricks.

To be honest with you, I don’t know how good the upsells are but if he can bring down the price to $4.95 and $6.95, you must NOT be getting a lot of value. Again, I might be wrong, but what kind of information can you expect to be given for so cheap?

CHEAP info, that’s what.

Is 5 Minute Money Machines A Scam?

Although I didn’t like the way that Mark advertised Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t think that it is a scam. It is FREE to sign up to the program anyway, so what’s there for Mark to scam you out of?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme in the method that it teaches you how to make money and even with Solo Ads, don’t expect to make tons of money right off the bat with just a little bit of investment. It’s not going to work as easily as Mark claims.

There’s a big risk with Solo Ads and that’s the fact that there is no guaranteed return on investments. And I know that you have to invest in order to make money in any kind of business, but you only invest when you’re aware of the risk and as a newbie, you just WON’T be aware of them.

That’s why I do recommend that you sign up with WA, but I do not recommend that you use Solo Ads as a way of driving traffic to your affiliate links.

The BEST Way of Doing Things…

That’s what I recommend because this is what’s been working for me; I recommend that you DO sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and that you follow the training as it is taught there. Wealthy Affiliate is a sustainable platform that has all the training, the tools as well as the support that you need to build an online business.

You won’t need anything from OUTSIDE of the platform, which makes this program a one-stop-shop for everything in relation to your business.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you a 4-step process to creating a successful online business and all you have to do is;

1) Choose a niche

2) Build a website (done with 4 clicks and 30 seconds)

3) Attract Visitors (training within WA will show you a FREE method for this, unlike Mark)

4) Earn Revenue.

And that’s it! You won’t have to chase people to come and sign up to your offer. People who are already interested are going to come to YOU and sign up to your offer. That’s why what WA shows you is so powerful!


And make sure to sign up using MY link above and not Mark’s link because he is NOT active within the WA platform. Therefore, he is not going to help you if you have any questions or are stuck anywhere. He is ranked at 21000 whereas I am ranked as Top 50 member, so rest assured that I will be there to help you out when you need it.

(I don’t mean to bash another WA member. It’s just that I genuinely want to help you and you’re not going to get that help from him.)

Go ahead and try Wealthy Affiliate because it is free to try. So even if you find that this program is not your cup of tea, you can leave without losing any money.

I’m looking forward to helping you on the inside.

Your Friend,


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