5 Minute Profit Sites Review – Don’t Get Sucked into This Program!

In this 5 Minute Profit Sites Review, I will be revealing the great lies of this company and will also be discussing why the methods that this program has hatched up, will not work.

They definitely know a thing or two about making money online (I admit) and it is possible to make $500+ a day with affiliate marketing. But there comes a time within the video where the spokesperson, Sam Smith, starts lying to you.

It sure feels good to expose this scam below and helping people avoid it altogether.

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At A Glance

Name: Five Minute Profit Sites

Website: fiveminuteprofitsites.net

Owner: “Sam Smith”

Purpose: To help you make money online through affiliate marketing

Price: $37 + upsells galore!

Recommended?: Resounding NO!

The Hype

Where do I even begin?!

The loophole that Sam says she has uncovered is completely fake! If there was one, I would have already found it by now through my 2 years of researching making-money-online programs.

The sales video claims that you can create a done-for-you website using their free software and that it will only take 5 minutes. Sam claims that you will be making a 5-figure income every single week with affiliate marketing, that could add up to $396K every single month! She shows you income proof dated from 2014 to 2016.

She even creates a new ClickBank account and uses it to show you thow she started making over $500 within a few days of setting up her new website and working on it 23 minutes a day.

By looking at the flag right underneath the video, you are given the impression that this program may only be available in your country. In my case, it was the Canadian flag.

What about the countdown? Well, it starts over when I refresh the page. This is a tactic used by scammers and low-quality products to make you think that the offer will expire within X amount of time.

The Inside Workings of this Program

I must admit that they are real experts – experts at conning people! Back when I was still looking for a legit way of making money online, I was falling for scams right, left and centre. If I were not as experienced as I am now, I would have fallen for this one too. This is one of those times where I feel grateful for Wealthy Affiliate, the program that saved me!

1) The Done-For-You Websites – First of all, as honest as I always am, I have to say that it is possible to make money with done-for-you websites. However, I am not a fan of them because the only way to get people to see your website, is through paid traffic, which Sam completely “forgets” to tell you.

The reason for this is that search engines are looking for unique and helpful content to rank within their results. Done-for-you websites however, mostly have duplicate and limited content, which the search engines completely ignore. Without traffic, there is no money to be made.

Therefore, if you are unable to get FREE traffic to your website, you have to resort to paid traffic.

One more fact that I would like to mention, is that these done-for-you websites do not belong to you; they belong to Five Minute Profit Sites. These website names need to be renewed annually and are often renewed at a much higher rate; thus if this program decides to stop renewing your website, it is GONE!

2) Paid traffic (Solo Ads) – Not only does Sam not tell you that you will need to use Solo Ads to attract visitors to your website, but she also does not tell you that you will need to find hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to pay for them.

Here’s a brief explanation of what Solo Ads are; Solo Ads is a form of email marketing, where you ask a successful newsletter provider to promote your website or your business to their subscribers, and hope that their subscribers will click-through and purchase items or sign up for your services.

The more successful the provider, the more you will need to pay for this service.

When she shows you the income proof with her new ClickBank account, I bet you that she advertized very aggressively, spending in the tens of thousands of dollars, to be able to get those results. She may even have accepted a financial loss just to make this video.

3) The Income Proof – That was my AHA! moment. If you look closely at the account, it shows money was made as a ClickBank vendor, not as an affiliate. WHAT!

This TOTALLY changes the game now!

As a ClickBank vendor, you need to have a product of your own to sell, unlike being a Clickbank affiliate, where you only have to promote the product and make a commission off the sale.

The video DOES show you how to make money as an affiliate (because there is a product within the program that you can promote to make commissions – more on this later), but the income she shows you is as a vendor AND the amount of money shown is the TOTAL amount she made off all her sales, not from Five Minute Profit Sites only!

Lies, lies and more lies!

And it does not stop here; this program is a scam and no doubt that inexperienced and innocent people are falling for it. I wonder how many people she conned in the past to be able to make THAT AMOUNT of money. Remember, she shows you income starting as early as 2014, making over $10,000 a week in some cases.

This really infuriated me, because it means that the scammer behind this program, has created many other similar programs and has been stealing the money of so many hard-working people.

4) The Product Promotion – What’s interesting, is that the done-for-you websites that they give you, promote a program that I wrote about before, called The AZ Code, that I exposed as a S-C-A-M! So not only will you be falling for a scam, but you will help the program scam EVEN MORE unsuspecting and innocent people.

As you will see in The AZ Code Review that I wrote, the scammer hides behind a spokesperson that he hired to make the sales video. Why do I have the feeling that the scammer behind this program is also behind Five Minute Profit Sites?

If he is the creator of both of them, then he is smart; he is using one program to promote the other so that he can make even more money!

5) AWeber Autoresponder – AWeber is actually a great tool to use in the affiliate marketing field; it helps you collect, manage and respond to emails in a very efficient manner and it is listed in my Top 10 MUST HAVE Tools for a website article.

However, Sam fails to mention that there is a monthly fee associated with using this autoresponder service; AWeber charges $19.99 every month, and that’s only the starting price! Since you are provided with a button to sign up with AWeber from within the platform, I am 100% sure that it is an affiliate link.

An affiliate link is one where the retailer (in this case, AWeber) is able to identify who (which is Sam) referred the sign-up to be able to pay them their commissions; Sam is making money off every single monthly payment that you pay to AWeber and getting richer.

Now, what does not make sense to me, is to be paying for Solo Ads and having an autoresponder at the same time. When you’re using Solo Ads as a way of traffic, you are using the subscribers of the newsletter provider, not YOURS! If you’re not collecting emails, then there is no use for an autoresponder.

This is how Sam is making money over your head!

6) $37 hosting fee – If there is a fee to pay, then it is NOT free!

In my experience, these scam websites appear, stay for a year, and then they’re gone! So if something happens to Five Minute Profit Sites or they decide to shift focus on another website or new scam, then you will lose your website.

You can’t even transfer the website to another host because as Imentioned earlier, even the domain names of these websites belong to them. You don’t have any control over ANYTHING!

The Best Scam Award goes to Five Minute Profit Sites!

I have mentioned it countless times within my review; this program is definitely a scam! I HIGHLY recommend you stay away from it and not buy into their lies, unless you love to lose money.

It still boggles my mind how the scammer made so much money as a ClickBank vendor. This is definitely as a result of SELLING his scammy programs and not as an affiliate at all. There are too many fake claims, lies and drama within this program for me.

If you were a victim of this scam and actually ended up buying it, then I recommend that you turn to ClickBank and ask for a refund. They are usually pretty good with giving you your money back, especially within the first 60 days of purchase.

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If you were considering paying the $37 for Five Minute Profit Sites, then let me tell you that $19 is a way better – AND CHEAPER – investment to really take Wealthy Affiliate for a ride and see what it can do for you.

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