$500 Per Day System Review – Red Flags Revealed!

$500 Per Day System review

Welcome to my honest $500 Per Day System review.

I say honest because I will you everything that I found out about this program and will hide nothing from you. You’ll know everything from the good, the bad and the ugly of the system.

And most importantly, you’ll come to know whether the system will work for you or not. There are some pretty big and bold claims made here and you need to know the truth before you invest anything,

Let’s just say that the truth isn’t exactly what you think it is. It isn’t even the same as what Kent promises. So coupled with my online experiences of over 2 years, I’ll give you all the info so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Let’s get this party on the road!

$500 Per Day Website System At A Glance

Website: soapn.info/succcn/step2.html

Creator: “Kent Peters” and “Vladimir Karpovsky”

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $47

Do I Recommend It?: No! You’ll get some generic websites that you won’t ever be the owner of, and you won’t be able to make money without spending on traffic methods. You’ll also receive generic training and guide that won’t make you $500 per day. This does not work as advertised!

What Is $500 Per Day Website System?

First, let me tell you that there are two videos; the first one talks about making $500 per day just by pressing a button with Kent’s automated money-making system. He says he’ll even show you proof it works.

You’ll get everything that you need FOR FREE, to make huge money online 24/7/365.

I find that hard to believe because push-button systems don’t exist! If they really worked, then I would have become a multi-millionaire by now because I would have started making use of those systems myself a long time ago.

But what I found out was that you need to learn the proper skills to make that kind of money online. It’s not gonna happen without you putting in hard work.

Continuing on, Kent says that here’s no special knowledge, skills or experiences needed to make that kind of money and he will need you to put in your name and email address so that he can show you some proof in the second video.

That’s what I did and that brought me to the second video, where there was really not much information, to be honest.

He just explains that the system directs people ready to make a purchases directly into the system. All you have to do is watch 4 videos and push a button. The money will start flooding in, within 1 hour!

He goes into a little bit of a back story where he explains how much he hated his job and how his wife got sick and how he met an elderly man names Vladimir while waiting for his wife at the doctor’s office.

That Vladimir guy ended up sharing his system with Kent, where he made $200 within the first 20 minutes of setting up his website. Setting up a website is what’s most difficult, says Kent.

But that all will be done for you with this system. Then, you’ll just need to “flip a switch” to get instant traffic. With this system, maintenance of the websites is not required and neither is any kind of work.

If I could count on my fingers and even my toes how many times I’ve heard these claims, then I would be rich by now. The truth is that these systems don’t work as advertised and the videos are used to manipulate your mind and make you want the system so much that you pay for it.

The sales videos of the following programs said almost the same thing too:

1) Your Dream Websites

2) Website ATM

3) Fast Home Sites

Unfortunately, most people will pay for it without even knowing how it works. But I’m glad you’re doing your research because you’ll soon find out the realities of the $500 Per Day System.


Red Flags That Indicate A Scam or Low Quality Program

I have to say that like the so many other websites that I’ve reviewed that made the same claims and that never delivered what they promised. And most of them had the same red flags.

That’s why I recommend that you pay attention to these red flags so that you don’t keep making the same mistakes.

1) Testimonials are not real 

From the get-go, we’re told that the testimonials are not from real people, but that they are actors who have been hired to portray testimonials.

Okay, fine. But where are the real testimonials then? If there are really people who have made money using the $500 Per Day System, then there should be at least SOME of them who would be willing to give a testimonial for the system, right?

But that’s not what we find.

In my honest opinion and from experience, programs that have NO real testimonials are a red flag because it might mean that there are really nobody who made money with the system.

Why would you want to take the risk and buy a system that probably does not even work?

Moreover, the testimonials could have been for another system since nobody mentions the name of the creators OR the program at all!

2) Fake scarcity 

Have you noticed how many times Kent tells us that the system will only be for the first 300 people that sign up? That’s BS! Because guess what? If he limits the number of people that can get the system, he limits the money he can make.

Do you think that Kent was able to make thousands of dollars per week selling to a limited number of people? Of course not! Selling something means that he wants to get as many buyers as possible to make him even more money.

So don’t believe him when he says that the doors will be closing soon or that he can only allow a few people in. That’s a big lie and to prove it, just come back to the same website tomorrow. You’ll see that there will still be spots available.

3) Vladimir and his enterprise do not exist

Now starts the real investigation.

I actually tried my hardest to find a “Vladimir Karpovsky” and if he really was as good of an internet marketer as he claimed to be, don’t you think that he would be… well.. on the INTERNET?

Guess what? He was nowhere to be found!

I tried Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even just tried Googling him, but there was no information about him. I even tried looking for his enterprise, called “Vladimir Enterprise, LLC” and nothing came up.

How can a person who MAKES money online, NOT be online?

The only conclusion to draw is that this persona is completely made up, which means that Kent lied to us about that, at least. Now that you know there’s a lie, what stops Kent from lying to us from the very beginning?

How can you believe anything that he says?

4) Who is Kent Peters?

Sure, he might be the creator of this program. Or just like Vladimir, he might just be a made-up character, because again, I found nothing about him.

All I was able to find on the internet is Kent Peters, the Jiu Jitsu teacher and photos of other “Kent Peters” don’t match what he looks like in the sales videos.

So the conclusion here again, is that Kent is a made-up person. Even his photos look photoshopped. Look at how the light hits his face differently than the rest of the members of his “family”.

To tell you the truth, I’ve seen so many other programs with creators that hide their real identities because of the fact that they are not providing a system that works as advertised. What they really want is not to be recognized so that they can easily scam people.

What they do is create scam after scam and then create new names for themselves each time so that they are not sued and fined. This is exactly what’s happening here, in my honest opinion.


How Does It Work? – Not As Advertised, That’s For Sure!

Well, there really isn’t a lot of information on how the $500 Per Day System works, right? Even after two long and boring videos.

But I caught what one of the guys in the testimonials said; he mentioned affiliate marketing.

The good news is that affiliate marketing is a real way of making money online and it is totally legit. I know that because I’m an affiliate marketer myself. However, what you need to know is that it does not work the way that Kent explains in his video.

You see, affiliate marketing is a method of making money online where you make commissions for each sale that you bring a vendor. You need to drive traffic to an offer or a product and encourage people to buy.

From what I understand, you’ll be receiving “great” websites. That’s great and all if you just want your website to hang in space though!

What Kent is hiding from you here, is that for most vendors, you need to your own website to get approved to promote their products, like Amazon and Ebay. So in other words, you won’t get approved by using Kent’s websites.

Additionally, the problem does not lie in the difficulty of building websites, like Kent claims. The problem is NOT knowing how to get eyeballs on your website.

And unfortunately, from my experiences with other similar programs, you won’t be taught good traffic strategies and most of the time, they’ll encourage paid traffic methods and that can get expensive.

For example, if you want to make $500 per day in profit, you might need to spend $250 per day in ads and driving traffic. That’s the kind of money that most people don’t have!

So then, most people will need to rely free traffic, which is slower and requires much more work than paid traffic. Not as advertised, right? This is not money at the push of a button.

So as you can see, this program is not for beginners and especially not for somebody who doesn’t have thousands of dollars to invest per month in paid traffic. You’ll most probably be getting generic guides and no step by step training either.

Moreover, you own nothing! Not the business, not the website, not the traffic, not the training. NOTHING! If Kent decides to give up on this system, then your business is over as well.

Is $500 Per Day System A Scam?

Well, the answer really depends on how you personally define a scam. Some people will not call this a scam, because to them, a scam is where you pay and get nothing in return. But no matter how low-quality, you’re still getting something with this system.

Others might not call this a scam because there is still a possibility of making money with this system, no matter how slim the chanced.

However, many others might call the $500 Per Day System a scam because of the misleading sales videos and the intentional inaccurate information within them. Needless to mention the number of lies that are told too!

In my honest opinion, I have serious doubts about Kent and Vladimir being real people because no matter how much research I did, I couldn’t find anything about these guys.

Then you have the paid actor testimonials. I don’t trust anybody that uses paid testimonials because whatever they say, they are not saying that because that was their real experience. They are being PAID to say what they’re saying.

So to me, if there isn’t even one real testimonial, it most probably means that the system does not work. That’s one red flag that I would take very seriously. If the system really worked, why would there be a need for PAID testimonials?

The truth is that push-button system don’t exist and you definitely need money to make money. There is no such thing as making money without money and without hard work.

Therefore, I do not recommend that you join the $500 Per Day System. I’m not saying that making $500 per day is impossible. All I’m saying is that you won’t reach there with this system.

Stop Wasting Your Time And Learn Affiliate Marketing The RIGHT Way!

I mentioned some time ago that I’m an affiliate marketer, right? Yes, I also promote products and make commissions for each sale that I make.

But contrary to Kent, I make money by helping others solve their problems and by being honest with them. I solve a problem and people buy the solution. Each time, I make commissions. And it works!

I’ve been in your shoes before, falling for scams and trying to find a platform that will teach me everything that I need to know to start making serious money online. And that’s why I created a free guide to show you what I did and how you can do the same for free!


Not only will you get my free guide, but you’ll also receive my free 6-day course along with it, so that you can hit the ground running with a strong business foundation. Just like a house, your foundation needs to be strong so your business doesn’t collapse.

So get my free guide now to get all those goodies and more! Don’t delay because sooner you get started, the sooner I can help you and the sooner you’ll start making money.

Let me help you now!

Thanks for reading my $500 Per Day System review. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences using this program with us. It will help a lot of our readers here make an informed decision from REAL testimonials like yours.

Lots of Love,



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