6FigZ Review – Legit Or Worthless Piece of Software?

6FigZ review

I know why you’re here. You’ve probably been spending money on some software that never worked and came across 6FigZ. Now, you’re considering it but you have questions and some doubts.

Well, that’s why you need my honest 6FigZ review, because the truth is that most people reviewing this product out there are affiliates of the program. If they can make money by selling this, they won’t be telling you the truth, right?

I’m not an affiliate and so, you can trust my review to be 100% unbiased and honest. I don’t want to sell you anything. All I want to do is help you really make an informed decision.

Believe me, spent years and years spending money on similar products and got nowhere. Now that I know what works and what doesn’t, I want to share it with you. And I have to say that 6Figz is a NASTY piece of software.

6FigZ At A Glance

Website: 6Figz.Convertri.com

Creator: Mosh bari

Purpose: Software to rank your Youtube videos and create sales pages

Price: $17+

Do I Recommend It?: No! It isn’t even a new product. Yupp, it is completely rehashed and is worse than the original. There’s no money to be made here. Training is awful and there is no support.

What Is 6FigZ?

Mosh describes 6Figz as a “business-in-a-box” that has the ability to make you a 6-figure income. It’s beginner-friendly and no experience nor tech knowledge is required to make this work.

It will supposedly use your Youtube Channel and give you a software that will help you manage other people’s channels for them, from which you could get paid any amount of money, since you would be setting the price.

Sure, I have to admit that there are many people doing this kind of work, but most people looking for somebody else to manage their Youtube Channels already know what it takes and just wants somebody else to take care of it.

If you don’t know a thing, do you think that they’ll actually give you the job? I don’t think so! They’d soon figure out that you know nothing at all.

And that’s why I believe that Mosh is trying to manipulate your mind here, by making you think that making money online managing other people’s accounts is easy. He already did that with so many of his other products, including ReZolved.

Which reminds me to tell you that there is an income proof that is placed on 6FigZ that looks exactly the same as one in ReZolved.

So as you can see, even the income proof is not real, then what makes you think the rest of the claims and information on the sales page are real?

Most of the time, these people make more money selling their products than actually making money doing affiliate marketing.

That’s why you should wake up and understand that these get-rich-quick schemes, as much as we all want them to be real, are all fakes! They only make the creator and his affiliates more money, not you, the user/buyer.

And if it was as easy as that to really make a 6 figure monthly income online, do you think they’d be selling it for $17? No way! Use your head! You’re smarter than this.

Inside The Member’s Area – How It Works

Before I get to the inside of the member’s area, there is something you should know. Once you buy 6FigZ, you won’t get directed to the member’s area, but rather, they’ll take you through a series of upsells first.

My advice: don’t buy them! I mean, what’s the point of buying an extension of a product when you don’t know if it’s gonna be any good, right? Moreover, the upsells are not covered under the money back guarantee.

So buy those upsells and you say adieu to your money because it ain’t gonna make its way back to you ever.

But anyways, the first thing that I noticed when I looked inside the member’s area is that it is the same layout as another product by Billy Darr, called Zing.

It’s a product that supposedly helps you manage your Youtube channel and that ranks your videos , place automated comments, places automated replies to comments others put on your videos and so on. So basically, 6FigZ is not even a new product. It’s completely rehashed.

And in my opinion, it’s a BAD rehash. Instead of making the product better, it’s worse!

There are some training on how to use the software somewhere in there if you do some digging, but in the training area of 6FigZ, I saw a lot of videos that are just promoting some of Mosh’s other products.

That’s not my idea of a good training section.

From what I can see, the main purpose of 6FigZ is to help you maintain your Youtube Channel, but there is no info on how you start a channel in the first place. Like I said, very little information.

There used to be a video creation tool within Zing, but even that has been removed from 6FigZ. That’s what is making it worse than Zing.

Otherwise, you also have an agency license that will allow you to be a freelancer and supposedly use the software to help others manage their Youtube channels for a fee.

But who wants a bot? Not me! You can’t really connect on a personal level if you want that part of your business to be automated.

People can sense that and thus, will not actually feel inclined to watch your video or purchase your recommendations.


Upsells – Not Cheap!

Now do you understand why I advised you against getting the upsells? I actually would say that it’s NEVER good to buy any upsells before you figure out what the quality of the main product is.

If the front end does not do a good job of showing you how to make money with the method and there are training that are missing and there are loopholes, then I wouldn’t think the upsells would provide much more value.

That’s why they are priced more; to make you think that you’ll get more value but that’s very rarely the case. These sellers are always looking to make more money from you because if you purchased something from them, then the psychology is that you’ll buy more.

And that’s the same thing that is happening with 6FigZ. There are actually 7 upsells, which says a lot about the main product itself. A lot of upsells, to me, suggests that the main product will not be enough to work as advertised.

They charge upto $600 for an upsell! What kind of value that provides for that kind fo money, I don’t know and I don’t want to know to be honest. All of Mosh’s products have been like this, where the sales page is misleading and where you never make the kind of money they claim.

Most people actually DON’T make their small investment back!

It’s really laughable that they say you’ll make 6 figures with this program alone. It isn’t newbie-friendly and you already need to know how to start a Youtube Channel, how to make and edit videos and how to optimize your videos before making use of this software.

Moreover, most of what this software claims it can do, you can also do inside of Youtube and with simple, free Google Chrome extensions. So I don’t really see a need for you to really get this product.


1) ??



1) Misleading sales page

2) Mosh’s income is NOT from using 6FigZ

3) Rehashed product that is worse than the original

4) Shallow training

5) Not beginner-friendly

6) Replies/comments will be robotic and repetitive, which will be picked up by your audience

7) Expensive upsells that are never mentioned on the sales page

8) Even if there is a money back guarantee, be prepared to either NOT get your money back or opening a HUGE dispute to get your $17 back. WarriorPlus does not take responsibility most of the time and tells you to go through the vendor

Is 6FigZ A Scam?

Whether you believe it’s a scam or not, it’s up to you. But what I know is that 6FigZ is definitely not worth the money and it does NOT work as advertised. You won’t ever get results from this software.

Most of what this software will do is what Youtube can do for you anyways. Add a free Google Chrome extension like TubeBuddy and you’ve got the keyword research portion under your belt. There is no need for 6FigZ.

Why would you want to buy a product from somebody who you can’t trust? He has lied to you, misled you, and even showed you income proofs that are not from using this product.

How can you even consider supporting this person, to only make him more money?

Trust me, you won’t even make your investment back if you’re a newbie and wanted to ONLY follow what’s in the front-end. These products never work this way.

And even the upsells are expensive. That’s unfair because they were never mentioned on the sales page as a requirement to really make the 6 figures, right?

There is no training to help you create your Youtube channel. There’s some training on how to use the software and the rest of the “training” is actually composed of other sales videos to make you purchase even more products from his affiliate links.

That right there tells me that Mosh is in this to extract more money from you, and not to actually help you make money.

This sums up why I don’t think 6FigZ is a product that you should invest in and why I think it’s so low-quality that it doesn’t deserve a second glance.

What’s Next? A REAL Way Of Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing That Works! (WITH PROOF!)

Yes, it is really possible to make money online with affiliate marketing, but what you gotta understand is that it does NOT work like those get-rich-quick product creators claim. You DO need to learn what it takes and you DO need to do the work.

Else you’re never gonna be able to make money online.

Do you think that these product creators don’t work hard? How the heck did they then come up with their sales pages, their product designs, their upsells, their bonuses and so on? These are all THEIR creations. It still takes time to put them together even if they don’t work as advertised.

That’s why you need to understand it takes work. Now that you understand that, let me show you some of the results of my hard work. You TOO could be getting paychecks like these.

And these too!


You need the training, the support and the tools in once place to get things done. You don’t want to have to go look for the tools or buy even more products and training materials. I get that!

Even I was looking for a very cost-effective way of making money online that would take a reasonable amount of my time, and not the whole day. I make more money online with this online part-time business than I do at my part-time work on a monthly basis!

So if you want to really start making things happen in the online world for you, then grab my free guide now to break free of the cycle of falling into scams and traps. It needs to stop, don’t you think so?

Thanks for reading my 6FigZ review and don’t forget to share your thoughts and your experiences on this product if you purchased it. What was it like for you? Did you make any money as a newbie? Did you get the upsells? Were they good?

Lots of Love,


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