7 Minutes Daily Profits Review – Scam Or Revolutionary Software?

If you’ve landed on this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review, you’re probably wanting to know the whole truth about the program; if it’s a scam or legit, if it’s a software that will work, if it’s a program that will really make you a ton of money and if it’s going to allow you to really live the life of your dreams.

Well, by reading this review until the end, you’ll know the truth about the whole program! I’ll be revealing what I found out about the program and how it works, and will let you know, based on my experience, whether this is a software that is worth looking into or not.

My goal is to help you make an informed decision so I want you to know that my review is going to be completely honest and unbiased. I’m not an affiliate of the program and I do not promote it.

Without any more delay, let’s get into things!

7 Minutes Daily Profits At A Glance

Website: Launch.7MinsDailyProfits.Online/Home/

Owner: “Vince Howard”

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend It?: NO!

What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits?

I was curious to find out more about this program because it sounded like another “get-rich-quick” scheme to me, judging from
its name. But then, it’s not good to come to conclusions before doing research so I decided to look into it to really find out if I was right to be skeptical.

The sales page, with one lonely sales video was all too familiar to me (and not in a good way) but I still gave it a chance. With this software, you’re supposed to be able to generate $500 per day just like clockwork. Whether you have experience or not, you will be able to spend only around 7 minutes a day and still make it work on autopilot.

Some of the testimonials were really convincing too, like the lady that said she made $85K within a month. And the fact that the software is free makes the offer even more attractive, does it not? Oh and what’s really good is that you “must” have seen Vince in magazines and interviews.

And to be honest with you, if I didn’t know anything about making money online, I would have been the first one to sign up for the program. Unfortunately for Vince, I know what it takes to make money online and it’s definitely NOT made the same way that he claims.

Everything about this program screams “get-rich-quick” scheme and although even I would have loved these types of programs to work and make us all money, they just don’t exist. They are just advertised to exist because they are designed to make the creator and his affiliates money.

They are not designed to make you money as the consumer.

It takes learning, applying, effort and time to start and grow an online business. If such a software really existed, then everybody would have been using it and people would have been quitting their jobs left, right and centre. Is that happening? Nope…

I have been reviewing make-money-online programs for a while now and if something like that existed, I would have found it already.

What You Can Expect

Vince tells you that the software is going to create profit pages and that you’ll be able to benefit under 7 minutes. But unfortunately, if it was easy to make a ton of money just creating pages and posting them around on the internet, then everybody would have been able to make money online.

But it’s not as easy as that.

You see, you do need high-converting pages, but without sending traffic to them, they’re useless. Nobody will get to see them and you won’t make any sales. In my experience, these types of software will create generic sales pages that everybody that purchase the software, will receive.

And to send traffic to these generic pages, you’re most likely gonna have to go through paid traffic because these pages won’t rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo so free traffic is close to impossible unless you use social media (which you’re probably not gonna get any training for).

The search engines want unique content, such as a blog and writing reviews and doing your keyword research, not like these pages that are full of duplicate content.

On these pages, you will be able to either make money doing affiliate marketing or ecommerce/dropshipping. Affiliate marketing is sending traffic to a link for a product (on the sales page) and earning commissions from those sales.

Ecommerce/dropshipping would be just earning the difference between the product’s wholesale price and the price you choose to sell the product at.

But again, no matter how good the sales page is, without any traffic/visitors to these sales pages, you won’t make any money.

Red Flags That Indicate A Scam

After reviewing the program, I have noticed a few red flags. Some of them I have encountered in other programs and some of them are new to me, but nonetheless, don’t really make any sense. When a program has this many red flags, then you know something is wrong!

1. Vince Howard – Who Is He?

Do you know? Because I have no idea. Yea, he may be the creator of this program and the husband of Lisa, but can you confirm this? Can you bring me any proof that this is his real name and that he is a real person? What about his income proof? How can you prove to me that they are real?

You see, the answer to all of these questions is a big fat NO. There is no proof or verification that can be done to prove that anything about Vince is real, no matter how convincing his story might seem. I googled him and for the life of me, I could not find anything about this guy.

If he was really featured in magazines or in an interview, don’t you think that he would have been proud to show us snippets? That would add more credibility, wouldn’t it? It would make us trust him more.

But I think I know the reason why he does not show himself and that’s because he may be a fake character. This is something that a lot of scammers do on the internet; they release product after product and with each new product, they attach a new name. That’s why they are never caught.

So if he can lie about his identity, what else can he lie to you about, really? (Hints: his story, his income proof, his system etc…)

2. The Software – Is It Really Free?

All throughout the video, you are told that the software is free but when we come to the end of the video, you find out that you need to pay $9 server fee for it. So that does not make it free, does it?

Additionally, it is a Clickbank product, so when I go to take a look at how much affiliates of the program are actually making from it, it shows an average of $29.51. If it only costed $9, then do you think Vince would pay his affiliates $30 out of his own pocket?

He would never be okay with losing money, which means, that there are upsells within the program that you will be bombarded with. I have tried these kinds of programs before and believe me when I tell you that the software is going to be very limiting and you won’t end up making the kind of money that you are shown.

Assuing the software does work, which I highly doubt, you’ll need to dash out more money and will probably end up being hundreds of dollars. The initial $9 is just to get you through the door.

3. Testimonials – Real or Fake?

As if Vince hiding his identity and the software probably requiring even more investment, were not enough, you’re going to be shocked to know that the testimonials are completely fake. These are not actual users of the software and are actually paid actors that have been hired from a website called Fiverr.

Here are a few profiles.

So don’t go thinking that by purchasing this program, you’ll become rich like those people, because they’re just reading a script provided to them by Vince, if we can even call him by that name.

In my opinion, if Vince has not disclosed that these are actor portrayals of success stories, then it is his intention to make you believe that these are the actual beta testers when that’s not true. He probably wrote the testimonials himself and gave them to the actors, such that there aren’t really actual beta testers.

I have seen a few of them in other similar sales videos and to show you that this is something that’s very common, take a look at some other reviews that I have written. I seriously have no idea how these people sleep at night knowing that they have taken part in such deceit.

1) YT Crusher

2) Easy Retired Millionaire

3) AZ Millionaire Method

4) EZ Bay Payday

5) Secret Millionaire Bot 

4. Scarcity – Are you gonna miss out?

Scarcity is used by ethical marketers to let their customers know that there will be a deadline or a certain number of copies or items that will be sold/given away but in this case, misleading/fake scarcity is being used.

You see, they are telling you that the last day to sign up and to get the software for such price is 2nd of April, which is today, the day that I’m publishing this review. That’s because I’m visiting the website today. But you’re probably going to read this review after some time and the date at the top is going to read a different date.

What this is showing you is that there really isn’t any scarcity. They will allow just about anybody to sign up because they are after the money. They don’t really have your best interest at heart and to help you succeed. They just want to make you think that the doors will be closing just so as to limit your time to think.

Come back to the sales page tomorrow or the day after, you’ll see that the date will change.

Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits A Scam?

Well, you are the only one who can answer this question because it all depends on your perception.

Some people will say that this is a scam because the sales video is so misleading. You also have the creator of the program possibly hiding his real identity. There is no way to verify that Vince is really who he says he is. There are many things that we can say but that we need to prove to gain trust.

There are also paid testimonials that we have NO way to verify are from real people. In my opinion, if there were really beta testers that were making money from the program, then I’m thinking that SOME of them would have stepped forward to give their good experiences, which is NOT what’s happening here.

Then, you also have the cost of the program that is not disclosed on the sales page, such that you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. If they were disclosed form beforehand, then that’s no issue. But when they tell you that you’ll get full access for $9, then you expect NO other costs. That’s how they lie to you.

But then, there are other people that might not take all these into consideration and say that this is not a scam, because you are getting SOMETHING for your money. Additionally, you also have the money-back guarantee assured through Clickbank, so you can exercise your right for a refund if you want to.

Whether you think it’s a scam or not, I cannot feel comfortable enough to recommend this program to you because I like being real and ethical with my readers. I feel strongly that this program is NOT going to help you make money online and that’s from experience.

Wouldn’t You Rather Follow Training That Works?

There are no shortcuts to making money online when you’re a newbie and I found that out the hard way after I had lost a ton of money to programs similar to 7 Minutes Daily Profits. I thought that making money online was easy and that all I needed was to have pages up and that I would get sales pouring in.

But it does NOT work that way.

If you are not willing to learn the ropes and want everything done for you, then you’re not going to be successful online. You’re just going to waste time and money chasing those program and making the creators of those programs rich.

The only way is to follow step-by-step training that has been proven to work! I have followed the same training and I am now making passive online income. Here are success stories from REAL members of the program. Click on “READ MORE” to be taken to their profiles.

And the best part is that it is FREE to try the training and to see whether you like it or not. You’ll get training, the tools needed and 24/7 support from not only the tech support but also from other experts that have been affiliate marketers for years! If I’m a college drop-out and I’m able to make money doing this, so can YOU!


This program has been around for 14 years and if it has been around for that long, you can be sure that it works! I’m not promising that it’s going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it, just like those success stories I have just shown you.

So sign up for free now and take a look. It does not hurt and you won’t lose anything if you wish to walk away.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Your Friend,


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