8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review – Is It A Dream After All?

Welcome to my 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review.

There are too many scams on the internet with crazy promises and when I saw the name of this program, promising to help you become an 8-figure earner, I just couldn’t resist to look further into it to reveal what’s inside the program and how it works.

You’re smart to look into this program. There’s no way to know what you’re getting into until you buy into it, right? WRONG! That’s where my review comes in. I will be telling you everything that I found out about the program and at the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

FYI: I don’t promote this program so rest assured that there will be no selling or pitching here. I’m here to tell you the HONEST truth!

Let’s get on with the review!

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle At A Glance

Creators: Scott Miller

Purpose: Make money online as a reseller

Price: $2000+

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely not!

What Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle (8FDL) is said to be a platform where any newbie can start making money online. It does not matter whether you have no experience or skills because the platform takes care of everything for you.

The platform will find your leads, it has all the tools required, it has promotional materials ready to go and it has a product that will sell itself, such that you don’t have to sell anything for the rest of your life.

There is some training, they say, but it is very minimal because there is almost nothing to learn. The system takes care of everything and puts your business on automation, remember? So, just log in, do some work for 10-15 minutes and you’ll be on your way to making thousands of dollars every week.

That just sounds amazing, right? But I learned the truth the hard way about these kinds of programs and that’s the fact that they never work as advertised. There’s always a lot more work and a lot of money involved to making the kind of money that they talk about.

This sounds like so many other programs I’ve reviewed before, like Instant Cash Solution.

Think about it: if it was as easy as they claim to make thousands of dollars online, then don’t you think people would have left their jobs by now? Wouldn’t they be better off working 10 – 15 minutes rather than trading 8 hours everyday at work, to make double or even triple their salaries?

The problem with the sales page and sales video is that it is geared to play with your mind, make you weak and want that kind of money and the freedom that comes with it. They make empty promises so irresistible that you’re going to cave in and sign up.

But let me tell you that you’ll be making a big mistake by signing up and giving them your money. I’ll prove it to you right here, right now!

How 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Works

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is portraying to be an MLM.

An MLM system is one that has a compensation side for people promoting the program and recruiting but also has a side selling products directly to consumers and members of the public. Yet, when I went to the tab labeled as “Products” on their page, all their products led to signing up and promoting 8FDL.

For example, one of the lessons is supposed to be how to sell on Amazon and at the end, it just tells you to sign up with 8FDL.

So what you have to be aware of is that this is a possible pyramid scheme in disguise, where the only way to make any money is to recruit others into the system.

How this is going to work is talking to others about the business opportunity and have them sign up through a website hard-coded to you. Your first sale generated this way will go to your sponsor, known as a qualifying sale, then each sale made afterwards will earn you commissions.

Likewise, each first sale that your recruits generate will earn you commissions. This is known as a 1-up model.

Before you even become a member, there is a big decision to make and that is to choose between the 5 membership options. What it will be based off of, is how much you can afford.

1) Basic – $2,000 + $149 admin fee

2) Builder – $3,500 + $295 admin fee

3) Advanced – $6,500 + $395 admin fee

4) Pro – $12,500 + $445 admin fee

5) VIP – $22,000 + $449 admin fee

There really isn’t any comments about the prices, right? Too high for my liking. And did I mention that once you pay the fees, they’re non-refundable?

The higher the price, the more the training and promotional materials you’re supposed to get. But in my opinion, the price of the program is high just to be able to earn more and not because of the value of the training you get. There are way better and way cheaper training packages elsewhere on the internet.

But why would you want to upgrade to the higher membership options, if you can make money within each membership? Well, that’s because 8FDL uses a franchise model, so you can only resell what you’ve actually bought. So if you come in at the Basic level, then you’re only gonna earn from your recruits joining in at that level.

If they join in at higher levels, like the Advanced for example, you’re going to be passing up that commission to your sponsor, if they have bought that level themselves. In order to avoid missing out on commissions, they make you want to upgrade and pay more money.

Oh and let me also tell you that people have reported being pressured to get the VIP membership from the get-go and that they were lured into getting loans through the company at incredibly high interest rates to be able to pay for the membership. In return, they were promised to be able to “make that money back and more in a week”.

And do you know who pressured them? It was the coaches themselves! Coaches are supposed to help members improve and make sales but all these coaches are interested in is how much money is in your pocket and how much debt you can get into, to make that money off of you.

That’s scandalous!

The Risks Of 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

You know what 8FDL sounds like? It’s like a deja-vu for me. It sounds like a problem that I have heard about before that was closed down by the FTC last year. The name of the program was MOBE.

If you’re a newbie, then you might not know about MOBE but MOBE was a high ticket program exactly like 8FDL and it operated the exact same way too! People interested in the business opportunity were promised that they would make thousands of dollars in a few weeks.

They were told that they would be able to speak to a coach and get the help that they needed, when in reality, they were pushed to upgrade every single time. There were even cases where members were encouraged to take loans to “invest in their future” and that they were never able to recoop from the program.

When the FTC shut it down last year, the creators of the program as well as the main members profiting from the program had to pay a hefty sum in fines and penalty fees, that is still pending to be received to this day!

So what does that tell you about 8FDL?

It tells you that this business is incredibly risky. You want a business model that will be there for the long-term and that will do nothing but get better and better over time. You want a business that will flourish and that won’t be threatened by the authorities to be closed down.

Why would you even invest in a business opportunity that you KNOW will one day be shut down due to it happening with other business opportunities? It does not make any sense from a business perspective. You know the business model is illegal so why dabble in it?

Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam?

Well what do you think? Is it one?

What I have to say about 8FDL is that it is a scam because the laws are in place: it is illegal and most probably a pyramid scheme because you cannot make money other than recruiting other people. There aren’t any products, at least, nothing valuable to the general public, as an MLM should be.

The prices are high, not because you’re given more value but because it gives its members the opportunity to earn more. There really is no value in this kind of business and I’ve proven how much it can be risky to be part of such a scheme. Remember MOBE: it was shut down due to similar practices.

What I really hate is the fact that you’re supposed to be learning from coaches but that’s not really what happens within this program. You’re constantly going to be pressured to upgrade and when you finally admit you don’t have that kind of money, they’ll force you to take a loan to pay for it so they can come out wealthy.

They won’t really help you make sales for your benefit but for their own.

From the very beginning, the sales page sounded way too good to be true and now we know that it really is. You cannot trust anybody that makes promises like that just because it sounds appealing. Chances are that things will work way differently on the inside than they claim on the sales page.

The bottom line is that I do NOT recommend that you dabble with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle unless you want to get burnt! Afterall, that’s what’s bound to happen when you play with fire, right?

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Thanks for reading this 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review and I wish you the best. Don’t hesitate to share any experiences you’ve had with the problem — I mean, with the program — below.

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