9 to 5 Job Killer Review – Is It A $5K Per Month Jackpot?

Welcome to my 9 To 5 Job Killer review.

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably wondering whether the program really works as advertised. You’re probably also banking on this product being legit and making you the thousands of dollars that you were promised. You’re also looking for information on how it all works and how the money is made.

Well, within this review, I will be revealing everything that I found out about the program. You can be sure that my review is going to be completely honest and unbiased because I do not promote this program. You’ll get information here for you to make an informed decision.

Without further ado, let’s get into things!

9 To 5 Job Killer At A Glance

Website: 9To5JobKiller.com

Owner: Jeff Lerner

Purpose: Make money promoting his product

Price: $39+

Do I Recommend It? NO!

What Is 9 To 5 Job Killer?

My first impression of the sales page and the sales video was that it was similar to the many other sales pages and videos that I have come across before, that were all talk, but that would never deliver what they promised. However, I didn’t want to judge a book by its cover and started inspecting the sales page.

I clicked around on the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service and I immediately became skeptical; it brought me to another page on the “Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle” website, that then re-directed to another sales page called “The Freedom Shortcut”.

I came to know that they were hiding something.

But anyways, coming back to the sales video, Jeff explains that he was once a broke barman that lived off of tips and thanks to the method and system that he created to make money online, he was able to ditch that life. He is now a millionaire and helping others make upwards of $5K every single month.

It sounds amazing that judging from the testimonials, some people are able to make $7K+ every single week. That’s $1000 per day!

Jeff claims that the training to make that kind of money online is all laid out in simple step-by-step instructions in video format. It’s the same method that he used to make millions of dollars online. He even tells you that this method made him $8M in the last 12 months alone.

If I were just starting out, I would have told Jeff to sign me up without even watching the whole video because it sounds that good. But unluckily for Jeff, I know only too well what it takes to make money online.

Jeff is making it sound easy and as though you’re going to make a lot of money without a lot of effort when the reality does not even come close to that. There is a lot more work involved in creating and maintaining a sustainable business, even if it’s online.

But then, something else popped up that made me even more skeptical; the method was not called 9 To 5 Job Killer, it was called 6 Steps To Freedom, in Jeff’s own words and voice. What was it with all the different names?

The Secret Behind The Different Names

The one good thing that I can say right off the bat, is that Jeff is a real person. He proves that to us by showing us different pictures of himself, doing webinars, with his students, on vacation and all that good stuff. Many other vendors or creators of similar programs will hide their identity.

However, that does NOT mean that he is operating legally and it does not mean that he wants the best for you.

My natural curiosity kicking in, I just had to find out what the 6 Steps to Freedom program were about and thus, did some research. I found some pretty disturbing information.

The method is really called 6 Steps To Freedom, but the program is being promoted using different domains and under different names. If you go to the website for The Freedom Shortcut and watch the video, you’ll find that the video there is exactly the same.

There’s only one reason I can think of for this to be happening and that’s due to the negative reviews that have been popping up around the internet in relation to 6 Steps To Freedom. Either Jeff himself is trying to fool people to keep signing up for the program using different names or it’s his affiliates/partners.

As you can already tell, this spells bad news about the content and intent of the program. If the program is as good as Jeff claims, then why use different names for it, right? But he, or his partners and affiliates, don’t want potential buyers to find the negative reviews, thus misleading them.

How 9 To 5 Job Killer Works

Looking further into the program, I found out that the only way to make money with the program is to recruit others, much like you are being recruited. You’ll need to pay $39 to get into the program and that will go to your sponsor.

The inside of the program may look like it is for the education of entrepreneurs in general, but the fact that the content is geared towards promoting the system itself is a red flag; it operates like a pyramid scheme and only the ones that started recruiting when the system first launched are going to make the most money.

Just like your sponsor did, you’ll have to use the materials within the member’s area to create your sales page and your sales video and to get people to watch the video and join you. Each $39 fee that your recruits pay to join will go to you.

And what about the 1-on-1 coach/advisor that they were talking about? That’s your sponsor too. Sure, he/she will help you with recruiting and how to also help your recruits like they’re helping you, but unfortunately, they’ll also get you to upgrade to the other packages to make even more money from you.

And many people do this because they are virtually almost PROMISED to make big commissions and returns on their investments.

You see, this is a “pay-to-play” method of making money online where you’ll have to buy into the various different levels of the membership to be able to earn from that membership. If you remain at the basic level of $39, then all you’ll earn from your recruits would be the $39.

If they decide to upgrade to the next level that costs, say, $500, you won’t make a dime and will miss out on the big money.

That’s the tactic that will be used by your sponsor to get you to upgrade and it’s the same tactic that you’ll have to use to get your recruits to upgrade; it’s the fact that you’ll be missing out on your recruits’ future purchases and upgrades.

Those you recruit will also need to use the materials within the training to recruit and it’s a never-ending cycle.

The Risks – What Jeff Isn’t Telling You

Sure, the training will show you how to recruit people and to make the system work, and to be honest with you, there is a chance for you to make some money doing this.

But do you want to get involved in something illegal, a pyramid scheme?

By the way, if you didn’t know, the FTC shut down two programs in 2018 called MOBE (My Online Business Education) and another one called DA (Digital Altitude). And 6 Steps To Freedom operates in exactly the same way as those programs.

They had high-ticket products, they promised people big commissions, they had “advisors” pressuring recruits to invest more and more in much the same way as 6 Steps To Freedom and the programs were geared towards promoting themselves.

After all that, Jeff dares to tell you that this program is risk-free…? In my opinion, this program is high-risk because it bears resemblance to the programs that were shut down and this program could be shut down at any time too.

There’s also a ton of different levels within the program that will cost you thousands of dollars. If investments are that big, then it automatically poses a big risk. Jeff does promise that he will return every dollar that you invest in the program, but I find it hard to trust him.

What you pay into the system also goes to your sponsor. If you spent $10,000 on a package and the commission is 50%, Jeff gets $5K and your sponsor gets $5K. So if you ask for a refund, will you get the whole $10K back? Jeff would only have collected $5K from your sale.

Will Jeff pull out the remaining $5K from your sponsor or will he take that out of his own pocket? As a partner, if he will be pulling out commissions for everybody that asks for a refund from YOU, then that’s quite risky; it will mean that you probably won’t make a ton of money because of those refunds.

Additionally, the traffic mostly used for these types of programs are from PAID sources and from a business stand-point, I really don’t think that Jeff will be refunding you the amount of money you put out to get leads that way. Paid traffic can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It requires money to test different campaigns, to optimize them and then to scale them. Unless you’ve got at least $50K in my opinion, to invest and go all in into this program, you’re not going to make your money back. The sad truth is that 90% of people that go into such a business fail.

This business opportunity is a money-grabber and a big, dark pit. It’s definitely NOT for people who don’t have the cash in hand to invest. It’s no wonder Jeff doesn’t go in any detail about the program. If you only knew what you were really getting yourself into, nobody would sign up!

9 To 5 Job Killer – Is It A Scam?

It really is up to you to decide whether you think this is a scam or not.

Some people may say that it is not a scam because you are getting training and sales materials to make money. And people are also making money from this system, as I don’t doubt you will too if you decide to join. And on the surface, regardless of what I say about the money-back guarantee, they’ll say it might still be possible to get a refund.

However, I prefer to be cautious. Like I mentioned within this review, the program operates like a pyramid, in very much the same way as MOBE and DA, and both were shut down by the FTC recently. There really is a big chance of 6 Steps To Freedom being shut down too and all my investment will go down the drain.

I also don’t appreciate the attempt made at cloaking the negatives of the program. This really shows you that the intent of those promoting the program isn’t good at all. And the risks associated are big too, regardless of what Jeff might promise in the sales video.

My conclusion is that 9 To 5 Job Killer, or 6 Steps To Freedom, is a dark money pit and I do NOT recommend this program. There are just too many Cons to the program as compared to the Pros, the big and obvious con being RISK!

How About Trying A Method That’s Legit and That Works?

I personally thought that I would never be able to make even a dollar online. I tried different make-money-online opportunities, some being MLMs and even direct sales, but nothing really gave me the time freedom that I wanted (because of the need to be recruiting and selling actively).

I also had some trust issues because I didn’t have authority within that niche and I didn’t know a lot of people. Those within my network would only laugh at me and ask me how much I was making every so often and I would never really have a good number to give them.

But since I found out about affiliate marketing, my life changed.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products, such that for each sale generated through a special link that you are free to post anywhere online, you make commissions. There are methods that you can use that will bring unlimited interested people to you, for free!

And today, I make a passive income online from this business model. It is legitimate and is NOTHING like 6 Steps To Freedom / 9 To 5 Job Killer. All I do is type articles and Google, Bing and Yahoo send me traffic for completely free. When the visitors read my article and click through the link and buy what I recommend, I make money!

Would you be interested to start such a business for free? I can show you how. That way, you don’t have ANYTHING to lose.


And if you’re interested to take things further, you can sign up for the premium membership, that will get you access to the WHOLE platform. Don’t worry, because all the training, the tools and the support is found within that platform, and as such, does NOT have any upsells. You won’t be required to invest in ANYTHING else.

Sign up now and I’ll get in touch with you on the inside. The platform has been around for almost 14 years and many people, including me, are earning a great income from it. The sky is really the limit.

I’ll see you inside!

Your friend,


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