Ad Code Review – Is A Scam? My Research Says Yes!

Ad Code review - Is a scam

Welcome to my honest Ad Code review.

If you’ve been looking for information on Ad Code, then I’m going to tell you everything that I’ve found about the program. Is a scam? Is it a legit platform that will help you make money online?

Congrats on asking yourself these questions because it proves that you’re one of the very few people that will be doing their research. You never know because there are just too many scams on the internet, right?

Well, sit back, relax and read along as I expose this program.

Ad Code At A Glance


Owner: Rob Goldman

Purpose: Make money flipping ads

Price: Free To Join (Not Free To Start)

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! Smells like a scam!

What Is Ad Code?

I have to come right out and say it: I already felt like Ad Code would be a scam just looking at the sales page. I mean, come on! The claim that they make of being able to help me make $5000 per day with the program is ludicrous!

Rob seems to be the creator of the program here and he shows us that he made over $8M within a year! Programs that tell you that you can become a millionaire overnight just don’t work because it’s not possible.

If it were, there would be many more millionaires and billionaires in the world, don’t you think?

Rob says that the system is completely automated, which means that it makes you profit while you sleep. Talk about a real loophole, right?

Is there really a loophole, though? To be honest with you, there is NONE! If there was one, I would have found it by now. Why would I try to bust my butt working online for 19 months if a LOOPHOLE or WEIRD TRICK was all it took to become successful online?

In the end, the sales video is just like the many other sales videos that I’ve seen before (I’ve reviewed over 300 products!). It’s hyped up, it gives you false expectations of what earning money online is really like, especially for a newbie.

If things were as easy as just clicking on a few buttons to become a millionaire in a year, then anybody could have become millionaires really easily. Yet, you actually have the opposite happening; people becoming poorer and poorer!

So what’s the truth about Ad Code? Let’s first start with a few things that I found strange!

Red Flags Exposed! – Signs Indicating A Scam

Oh yes! Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, it may seem like everyhting is in order and that Rob would seem trustworthy and that he may be telling the truth. But I got proof of all his lies!

1) Testimonials – Are They Real?

The answer is NO! These testimonials are all from paid actors. That sucks because that’s the first thing you look for when you want to know whether something works or not, and whether a product is good or not, right?

Well, in this case, the people you see in the videos, who have claimed to use Ad Code and made money with it, have all been paid to say the things they said. They’ve never tried the system and never made anything from it!

If you want some proof, take a look at some of their profiles from FIVERR.COM.

Unfortunately, getting paid actors to act is a way to get innocent people to take out their credit cards and to make any payment that is required by the system. Just a look at these other reviews I wrote that use paid/fake testimonials. It’s more common that you think!

1) Your Income Profits

2) Bulletproof Commissions

3) Home Income Millionaire

2) Who Is Rob Goldman?

Well, he does tell us a little bit about himself, about his previous job and about how he came about discovering how much money could be made flipping ads, but really, was there any proof that he was a real person?

The reason I’m asking myself this question is because there really wasn’t any concrete proof, except that he showed us a few of his pictures with his girlfriend, right?

Well, what I decided to do was investigate this guy, to really see whether he was a hot-shot in the online world, whether he really was a millionaire or not and whether he really did help others make money online.

I performed a reverse search of the pictures and what I found was that Rob is actually a FAKE character!

You see, the name of the guy in the picture is actually somebody names NICK, who is the boyfriend of a blogger named Dariece. For proof, CLICK HERE to be directed to the website that this girl runs.

And it will also show you the EXACT picture that this fake ROB GOLDMAN cropped and used, as a way to portray himself. The sad truth is that this happens all the time, like in Website ATM.

The creators of these programs create scam after scam and change their names with each new one they release, because that way, they won’t be recognized by the authorities. They can’t be caught or pursued.

How Ad Code REALLY Works

It’s free to create an account, so that’s exactly what I did. I put in a fake name, an email address and a fake phone number. And guess where that leads?

To, which is a scam that I had previously exposed under another product, Ad Formula!

You see, the website is only there to funnel you to Click2Sell. There isn’t really a program inside of Ad Code. The reason that they changed the name is because there are too many negative reviews of Click2Sell.

If you are presented with Ad Code, you will try to find a review for AdCode, right? Not for Click2Sell. That’s a way the scammer came up with to con you into actually signing up. That’s because you wound’t find a negative review of AdCode when it launched.

But anyways, the way they claimed you would make money here was to flip ads. And that was to buy ads that were already performing well and to sell them at a higher price. Additionally, you would make money for each click you got.

That’s not what’s happening inside Click2Sell though.

The way they make it seem is that you’re creating an ad, leading it to a URL and also buying the traffic from THEM that would make you money when they click on those ads. Those ads would be yours and yours only and once you’ve made enough money, you could sell them.

However, that’s exactly how THEY’RE making their money off of you.

When you pay for the traffic package, you won’t actually get any clicks. There will be virtual clicks that you’ll see and you’ll also see your balance and income going up. Thinking that it’s working, you’d put in more money in those traffic packages.

The real wake-up call is when you try to withdraw your money, which you WON’T be able to withdraw. Customer service won’t respond either.

Is Ad Code A Scam?

Oh yes! AdCode (or is definitely a scam!

Like I told you, I could tell from the get-go that this review wasn’t going to be a positive one. There are just too many crazy claims being made, like being able to make $5000 in 24 hours and becoming a millionaire in a few months.

There were also those red flags that indicated the creator of the program is completely hiding himself. If he really was providing a good service and helping others make money online, why hide his identity?

Then, you also saw those fake testimonials. My thinking is that if there really are people making money with the system, with real proof, then there is no need for paid actors. I would happily create a testimonial or review for a product I love, right?

So real reviews and testimonials wouldn’t be that hard to gather.

And yes, though it is free to sign up, you’re signing up to a scam! That’s because you’re actually creating an account for Click2Sell, which is a program that is known to have robbed people of their money in the paste.

The fact that it was being promoted under Ad Formula, and now under Ad Code is also a big concern because scammers will change the names of the product in order to mislead you into thinking that there aren’t bad reviews of the program.

So as you can see, scams are getting more and more elaborate. Always do your research! In the case of Ad Code, I deem it a scam so, you should really avoid it!

Why Not Try Something Legit And Risk-FREE?

I know that there are many scams online and that you’re always probably being pitched to. However, I promise you that this isn’t a pitch. I really want to help you because I have personally experienced online success and making money online.

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I tell you that if you have the drive, the passion and the work ethic to become successful, that you WILL become successful too. The reason you keep failing is because you keep getting drawn to those get-rich-quick programs.

But unfortunately for the both of us, those only make the scammers richer. They don’t really have the intention to help us. And to prove that I really want to help you, I want to GIFT you my FREE guide to making money online just for visiting!


In this guide, you’ll learn about how I got started and how you can get started for completely FREE. You’ll learn of the free resources that I use and you’ll also get FREE access to the platform that taught me everything I know about making money online.

It’s FREE, which means that you have nothing to lose. You get 10 FREE lessons and a FREE guide from me. If you like it, then great! Keep on it! If not, then you can just leave! There are no strings attached and no payment needed at any time, if you don’t want it!

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW to learn what the gurus have been keeping from you. You’ll be amazed! Believe me!

Thanks for reading my Ad Code review. So what do you think? Is a scam or not? Have you lost money to this program? Tell us in the comment section below. Help us spread the word!

Lots of Love,


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