Aex Money Review – SCAM ALERT! They Will Not Pay You!

aex money review

Are you looking for an honest Aex Money review? Then I want to see a smile on your face because you just did! Are you burning to know whether it is legit or a scam? Can you make some good money with it or not?

I will be answering all your burning questions and even more in this review. The truth is that there are way more scams that legitimate programs because scammers know how desperate everybody needs money.

That’s why they will create anything and everything and say what appeals to the ears and eyes, to get what they want. And let me you that it’s not always clear what they want, as I will show you in this review.

But anyways, there are some ugly facts I uncovered that you should really know about before signing up. They’ll make you think twice before joining.

Aex Money At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn money viewing ads

Price: Free to Join But COSTS Money Inside

Do I Recommend It?: NO! Aex Money is a scam that will keep asking you for money and will NOT pay out. When you think you have the requirement to cash out, they add more to prevent you from doing so.

What Is Aex Money?

Aex Money is a website that claims to help you make $50 – $300 online simply viewing ads. For each ad, you get paid $0.10 which to be honest, is more than what I have gotten paid in the past for the same work.

That kind of raises red flags for me because other legit websites that pay people for ad viewing pay WAY less, like $0.001 for every 30 second. So being able to make $0.10 sounds like a dream, right?

Especially since Aex Money also claims that you’d be able to make upto $300 for every 5 hour of work! That’s twice as much as what the average person makes in the USA for a full 8 hour shift!

It really seems to be “the most profitable offer on the market of paid advertising”, as Aex Money puts it, right?

But let me ask you something. Have you ever heard of somebody making $9000 every month simply viewing or watching ads? That’s what $300 a day for a month will pay you.

To be honest, in my 2+ years of being an internet marketing and making money online, I’ve NEVER heard of anybody making so much money doing such simple work.

The truth is that the easier the work, more people can do it. And that drives the payment down. Just like a cashier, almost anybody can do this kind of work. So you get paid less than a doctor, because being a doctor requires more qualifications.

So how can viewing ads pay you MORE than a doctor every single month? It doesn’t make any sense, right?

I know there is a catch! Let’s find out what it is.

How Aex Money Works

Well to be honest, upon first glance, I knew how Aex Money worked. That’s because it’s not the first time that I’m seeing this website. I actually reviewed another website that is IDENTICAL only yesterday.

And it was Oma Money.

I have no doubt that both websites work the same way and I had my doubts about the website, so I didn’t sign up using any real personal information.

But it didn’t take it! There was an error message that popped up saying that the username was already taken, and I NEVER signed up with Aex Money before, only with Oma Money.

However, what I found out was the work isn’t exactly as described. You can certainly see some so-called “ads” at the bottom of the page, but Aex Money does not make sure at all that you’re viewing them.

That’s because they focus on getting you to complete a captcha, one after the other.

Now when you compare that to Clicks Genie, they actually make sure that you’re viewing the ad for a certain amount of time before you being credited for it. But not with Aex Money.

You could complete captcha after captcha and not view any ads at all. That’s a red flag because nobody would want to advertise with Aex Money if that’s the case because they wouldn’t get anybody interested in their products.

Here’s what it looked like within Oma Money, since I couldn’t create an account with Aex Money.

If you’re paying to get something advertised, then you’re expecitng sales to come from it. But how can any sale come from this kind of advertising? You see what I mean?

Moreover, I tried clicking on some of the ads but the products weren’t available. They brought me to Amazon and some other websites, but why would anybody pay to advertise for a product that was not available?

That’s when I realized that those weren’t ads at all, but expired affiliate links. The creator of Aex Money is looking to make money himself and NOT for his partners, if he has any at all. I don’t think he does actually!

Why I Think Aex Money Does Not Work!

1) Unknown creator

The first thing that I always do, is look for whoever created the program or the website. Knowing who or which company can really boost the website’s credibility because you can research them to make sure that they are real and reputable.

But unfortunately, there’s no information on who is behind Aex Money and that’s a red flag. That’s because scammers usually remain anonymous because they know the website will not work as advertised.

Or they know that sooner or later, people will realize that they are being scammed.

So to avoid being sued, fined or even recognized, they remain hidden. That’s why they can get away with creating multiple scams, just like both Aex Money and Oma Money.

If they were offering something legitimate, don’t you think that they would have been proud to show themselves?

2) Higher than normal pay

It sounds so exciting to be able to make so much money in a single day, but you need to compare the pay to the norm of the industry and it does not match at all!

If it was just a little percentage extra, then maybe it could have worked, but $0.1 is 100 times more than what other competitors are paying and that’s a red flag.

I’ve seen websites like these lure people in with high payouts and easy money just to get their hands on your personal information. Or to ask you for money when you want to withdraw later.

Other similar programs that I’ve reviewed in the past are Easy Typing Job and Captcha Club, so it’s nothing new.

And you’ll see, Aex Money is exactly the same, plus a little extra. They WILL try to con you!

3) Not transparent about requirements to withdraw earnings

Let me ask you, there is an FAQ section on the Aex Money website and yet, they are NOT transparent about the requirements to withdraw your money.

You see, I tested the website and earned $10. I tried to withdraw but then, a message popped up saying that I needed to earn upto $150 in order withdraw my first time, then it would go down to $5.

Again, this is screenshot from Oma Money.

They said they wanted to confirm your intentions of working with them.

That was a BIG red flag because like I said, I’ve seen this before. $150 is a really high threshold. I had my doubts and thought before I waste my time with this, I would go and see if others have tried withdrawing their money after reaching $150.

But again, what I found was that there was another requirement. You have to get a minimum of 40 referrals. Well, that’s not in the FAQ section. Why not tell me ALL the requirements before making me go through all that work?

Moreover, even after getting 40 referrals, they’ll try and make you wait for 60 days before you can withdraw. They say it takes that long to verify you.

That’s BS, if you ask me. How long does it take to verify an account? A week, maybe? 10 days? They’ll get notified if there is something wrong with the receiving account, right?

That’s why I think that they are just playing around with you, or trying to extort you for money, as you will see below.

4) Asking you to pay for referrals

Usually, you’ll need to work on your own to get referrals. You’ll need to copy your referral link from the dashboard and paste it on social media or send the link to as many friends and family as possible.

However, Aex Money here says that you don’t have to get the 40 referrals if you PAY them. Now, it makes sense that if it takes money to get over that requirement that they would deduct it from your earnings, right?

BUT NOOO! They ask for your payment information! How does that make any sense?

This is proof that they are looking to fool you to get to your money. Don’t pay for anything on this website because you’ll never see it and won’t see your earnings either!

5) Asking you to pay to withdraw

That’s another one that I’ve seen where they ask you for money in order to be able to withdraw it. So now, they say if you don’t want to wait the 60 days, that you’ll need to pay them $10.

But again, why do they ask for separate payment information? Why not deduct that amount straight from your earnings?

Just like asking you money for the referrals, they are asking you to pay to withdraw in order to fool you and to scam you. If you give them your payment information, you WON’T see your earnings.

Moreover, I think that if you DO decide to wait the 60 days, that they will make paying $10 a requirement to withdraw, saying that it’s a transaction fee or something. DON’T BELIEVE THEM!

Because you’re never supposed to PAY to get paid. Makes no sense at all!

6) Comments and proofs are fake

Now, I didn’t try that for Aex Money itself, but I did try it for Oma Money when I reviewed it yesterday. But I think it’s gonna be the same with Aex because the comments are EXACTLY the same.

They are from the same people and they are EXACTLY the same comments.

What happened was that I tried leaving a comment but after I did, I tried going on a different device to see if I could see it, the comment was NOT there.

So as you can see, there is no way to receive support from anybody on this website. Moreover, the comments that you see are generic and are being copied from one website to the other to make you think that people are really interacting.

But keep in mind that they are just made up by the creator himself, not by real people.

7) Privacy Policy is missing

Yeah that’s boring stuff, but it sure is important! A privacy policy page tells you how your personal data will be used by the company. And it is a red flag if it is NOt found on the Aex Money website.

That’s because they can then use your information for whatever they want! They can use your personal information to hack into your online accounts, like Paypal and even online banking if you gave them that information.

Or they could sell that information to others spammers, hackers and scammers who will do the same. Moreover, they could even use your personal information to steal your identity and if you’re in one of the tier one countries, that not a good thing!

So give up your information at your own risk here, if you want to sign up with this website, but obviously, I wouldn’t do that.

Is Aex Money A Scam?

I think that you got the underlying message here loud and clear. Yes, Aex Money is a scam and you should NOT be signing up for an account even if it is free. There are too many red flags for comfort!

They just lure you in using high payouts to get a hold of your information. Then again, there’s no disclosure on HOW they will use your information. So you can get into serious trouble for that.

Then, you have the fact that we don’t know who is behind this website. If they have nothing to hide, why remain anonymous, right?

However, you also have the fact that Oma Money is similar to Aex Money that I reviewed yesterday, so it may just be that this creator is a serial scammer, where he creates multiple scam websites. So be careful!

Moreover, there’s also the fact that they are not transparent about the requirements to cash out. They just add requirements as you reach each new one and some of them even ask you for money.

But know that NO such website should be asking you for money to release your money. Those are scams looking to make money off of you, if they succeed in fooling you.

Like I said, this is not something new. I have seen this with multiple scammy websites before.

Oh and even the comments are fake and we can conclude that there is no support. So who would you turn to if you had any problems? Nobody would answer.

That’s why Aex Money is a scam and you should NOT sign up, even if it is free. It’s a complete waste of time.

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Thanks for reading my Aex Money review. If you’ve tried this website, like I did, I would really appreciate if you could comment below about your experience. It will really help others avoid the scam.

Lots of Love,


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