Affiliate Advisor Group Scam Review – Rehashed Scam?

affiliate advisor group scam

Will Affiliate Advisor Group Scam you out of your hard-earned money or will you really make upto $5000 every single month with this program? This is what I will be writing about today in this review.

The truth is that there are too many scam and low-quality programs on the internet at the moment and even more people looking to get rich quick. But no matter how tempting the offer looks, it’s always best to do your research.

Congrats on doing just that and not falling for the promises that Affiliate Advisor Group makes. I have uncovered some red flags that I think you should know about before you do anything!

Read my review until the end so that you can make an informed decision about the program.

Affiliate Advisor Group At A Glance


Creator: “Renee Young”

Purpose: Learn Affiliate Marketing

Price: $37+Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: NO! I really do think that if this isn’t a scam, then it can definitely be classified as a low-quality program, so low-quality that you WON’T even break even.

What is Affiliate Advisor Group?

The first thing that I absolutely have to touch on before anything else, is the fact that I have seen the same footage of Lelia with other make-money-from-home programs. That sets off some alarm bells most of the other programs were low-quality of just scams.

What I also want to mention is that the claims of making thousands of dollars every single week also are red flags. I’m not saying their impossible, but they are NOT typical results and usually requires a lot of hard work.

Let’s see if Affiliate Advisor Group is going to be honest about that.

Renee, the so-called creator of Affiliate Advisor Group, explains that she is re-launching this program because it was successful. So many people were able to make money from home using this fool-proof, easy to use system.

And she is giving the system away for free!

But anyways, one you put in your name and email, you’re brought to another video and somehow, Renee’s voice changes. I’m not racist but I could no longer tell whether Renee was a guy or a girl anymore.

This video says that all you need to do is copying and pasting. It’s as easy as that and there no experience needed. With a few clicks. you will start making commissions. Sales happen automatically because everything is done for you.

Just spend an hour setting up the system, press go and the money starts coming in, in $500s, $1000s and even $5000s!

Seriously, if I got a dollar for every program that claimed the same thing that this video has, then I would be a millionaire right now. I mean, how can it be so easy to make money online?

If it was as easy as claimed, then don’t you think that people would still be working the traditional job at this point? Don’t you think that everybody who’s lost their job during this virus crisis would have dumped their job already because they are making so much online?

I don’t deny that a lot of money can be made online, even MILLIONS. But it takes a lot of hard work to get there. I KNOW this system just won’t work as advertised because I’ve seen the red flags.

The Red Flags – Why I Think It’s Either A Scam or Low-Quality

1) Renee Young or Renee Owen?

Whenever I have doubts about a program, I always try looking up the creator. And what I found out was that Renee is actually part of the school staff of Rainbow Community School. However, her last name isn’t the same.

Is her last name Young or Owen? Well, some people might say that she could have changed her name to her married name or something. Find.

But how does she suddenly turns into a man in the second video? Because the voice is DEFINITELY different there.

You know, I’ve seen enough of those fake creators to know one when I see it. And I say that the creator of Affiliate Advisor Group is NOT really this person. The truth is that scammers are going to hide their identities so as not to get caught.

The other thing is that if they hide their true identity and create fake names for themselves and use other people’s pictures, they can create many more scams and never get recognized or caught.

That’s why it’s so important to look into who created a program. You need to know whether they would be reputable, right? But as you can see, if they lied to you, then they could be lying about everything else.

2) Fake Scarcity

Oh I bet you that your heart skipped a beat and that you were so tempted to buy the program when they said that they can only accept 50 people and that the system will be closed tonight, right?

But don’t be. That’s because the limit of the time and on the number of people is just a way to try and get you to buy on impulse. Those people, especially because they are anonymous, are in it for the money.

So it does not make sense that they would limit the number of people buying the product because that would also limit their income, right?

I bet you that if you went back to the website a few days later, the website would still be up, with the same video and the same message.

3) News broadcasts don’t mention Affiliate Advisor Group

Now, Affiliate Advisor Group was supposed to have been mentioned on a few news platforms. But have you noticed that BOTH of the broadcasts that are showed to us don’t mention the program by name?

If it is not mentioned by name, then how can you be sure that those people actually made money from this program?

Moreover, I went to the CNN and ABC website and couldn’t find a thing about Affiliate Advisor Group.

So what this shows is that the person behind this program is trying to make you think that they are legitimate because they were featured, but that’s not true. They are trying to get you to trust them.

But with so many lies, how can we?

4) Fake testimonials

This one is the best; the fact that I’ve seen those people in the testimonials before. They are actually just hired actors from a website called and they are getting paid to film those videos.

They’re not actual people who have tried the program and made money with it. Because the same people cannot have two different names, right?

Now, some people don’t like to be on video and I get that with some testimonials, we have to try and get actors to portray them. But that wasn’t disclosed anywhere on their website.

Moreover, if so many people were actually successful, then why don’t they have any REAL testimonials?

And what’s the deal with this lady named Sarah? I’ve seen the exact same photo of her and her kids before and let me tell you that her name is not really Sarah and she didn’t really use the system.

It’s just a stock photo of a lady that the creator of the program used to make you think that people are making money with this program. Take a look below.

I really don’t think at this point that people are making money with this system else the creator wouldn’t have had to go and BUY testimonials and stock photos and lie about the results.

How Affiliate Advisor Group Works – Rehashed Program!

To be honest with you, because of the name of the program, I thought that this website would have showed you how to do affiliate marketing. It’s a legit way of making money online where you promote other people’s products for commissions.

However, when I realized what was inside, I got upset and really upset. I really was expecting something that was low-quality but not as low quality as this.

Inside, there will be different tabs that will show you different gigs that you can do online, such as freelancing, some affiliate marketing training, some ecommerce training and dropshipping, but the truth is that they don’t go in-depth.

So what’s gonna end up happening is that you’ll get a few ideas of how you can get started online but not enough training on how to actually execute the steps and to make money. That’s not what was promised, right?

What we were promised is that it was gonna be done-for-you. It would take less than 1 hour to get set up and all you needed to do was click a few buttons and voila! Money would come into your account.

But with the methods that are inside the program, you need a lot of learning; learning your niche, how to create a website, apply for affiliate programs, getting free or paid traffic and so on. NOTHING is gonna happen at the click of a button.

Moreover, I also found out from the video itself that Affiliate Advisor Group was going to be another rehashed scam. Why else would Ez Money Team be mentioned inside the dashboard?

Like, the name of this program is Affiliate Advisor Group, right?

EZ Money Team is also another program that I have reviewed before that has the same red flags and the creator’s name was different. Otherwise, the sales video was also hyped up and the program didn’t deliver on the promises.

At this rate, I highly doubt that you’ll even make your money back with the amount of sheer training you’ll get.

Is Affiliate Advisor Group A Scam?

Well, it depends on how you personally define a scam. Some people might not call Affiliate Advisor Group a scam because you are getting something for your money. It’s not like you’re getting nothing.

While that might be true, it is also true that people aren’t getting what they are promised. How would you feel if you bought a Maserati and received a Toyota instead? That’s exactly what’s happening here.

What you get inside is NOT worth the $37 you pay for it. You won’t really get what was promised, the system doesn’t work as promised and the amount of money you’ll make is closer to $0.

Moreover, you also have the fact that there are a ton of lies and red flags in the sales video. Why would you risk it and get something that’s not even gonna work?

And what’s more is that I doubt you’ll get your money back because this program is not part of any affiliate network that is trusted. So you might actually even LOSE your money. THAT would make it a real scam.

But anyways, I do not recommend Affiliate Advisor Group because I do think that it is a scam and does NOT work as advertised.

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Thanks for reading my Affiliate Advisor Group Scam review. If you’ve bought the program and would like to share your experiences, please do so using the comments section belowl. It will help more people make an informed decision.

Lots of Love,


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