Affiliate Bots Review – Scam Or Make $6K Within A Week?

Welcome to my Affiliate Bots Review!

I don’t know how you came across Affiliate Bots, but I personally received an email promoting this system. And it was literally from somebody who I knew just promotes whatever garbage is on Clickbank and JVZoo.

So I didn’t have much trust that it was going to be a good program. But reading a little bit about it, I became curious.

If you are curious too and want to know whether Affiliate Bots is a scam or if it’s going to change your life around, then you’ve come to the right review. I will be explaining how the system works and whether you will really be able to cash in $6K per week as easily as they say.

Affiliate Bots At A Glance


Owners: Chris and Ken

Purpose: Make Money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $17 + upsells

Do I Recommend It?: Yes but not for newbies…

What Is Affiliate Bots?

First of all, let me tell you that I’m a little skeptical about this program because the creators of this program are unknown. Without last names, it is impossible to find out who Chris or Ken are. But it is explained that this is a program that apparently has 17 tools that you can use to start or grow your affiliate marketing business.

You’ll have tools to help you create videos to promote your products, landing pages, sales pages with 1 Click. It even has an autoresponder that will let you send unlimited emails as well as collect unlimited subscribers. There’s also software that will help you identify the highest paying offers from a few well-known platforms.

All in all, it sounds like a good program but it looks like all that is available within this program, are tools. I think this program would be great for the intermediate/seasoned affiliate marketer who needs a bit of help or a boost in their business, but it would be useless for a newbie who does not have proper understanding of how making money online works.

I know they say that Affiliate Bots are automated software, but a program that works 100% on autopilot does not exist.

If just using those tools were as easy as just using a software to make videos or one-page websites, have them ranked on Youtube and Google, point visitors to my offers and make money, then why am I, and other affiliate marketers even bothering to create reviews?

How Does Affiliate Bots Work?

What Affiliate Bots wants to make you think, is that by having all these tools at your disposal, that you will be able to make a ton of money. But that’s not true! You also have to know how to MAKE USE OF these tools to maximum efficiency. That’s why I say that newbies are going to have hard time, not knowing what to do.

How the system works, is for you to look for profitable offers on marketplaces such as Clickbank and JVZoo using their “King of the Zon” software. Then, you would create opt-in pages to grab your visitors’ emails to add to your email list.

Afterwards, you would create your sales page to promote affiliate offers from different marketplaces. Those would be the exact same pages that your visitors will land on AFTER opting in to your email list.

To drive traffic to those affiliate offers, you would use their Rapid Rank Video software that would create videos for you that you would be able to post on Youtube. There are a bunch of options that you would be able to choose, such as your title, and change around the contents of the video, such as pictures within and captions.

Though it sounds like it will make your life easy as a newbie, there are a few major flaws that I want you to consider before jumping in with both feet.

The Major Flaws

There are probably tons more than what I will be discussing below, but I wanted to point out the major ones that will all be in relation to getting traffic to your offers. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and without traffic, you won’t make ANY money.

1) One-Page Websites

For one, the one-page websites that you will be creating, won’t rank on Google. These websites are not informational and will barely have any content. Thus, Google won’t really pay attention to them. What Google is looking for, is a full-fledged website, with multiples posts, internal links within and external links to authoritative sources.

A website like mine.

2) The Videos

Although having a program to create videos for you decreases the amount of time it takes to produce them, this also affects quality. If all of your videos are of promotional nature, then you will have a hard time selling products, simply because there isn’t any personal touch.

You’ll have a hard time having people trust you enough to enter their payment details. If on the other hand, you were to do videos yourself, something as simple as reviewing the product and giving a few reasons why it’s worth it, your conversion rate would be much better.

3) Putting all your eggs in one basket

As an affiliate marketer myself, I know the power that Youtube has in terms of getting traffic and sales. But you cannot rely only on Youtube to get your traffic. Should something happen to Youtube, or if Google makes changes to its algorhythms, then your traffic and income could potentially disappear.

And unfortunately, there isn’t any training other than Youtube, on how to get traffic to your offers within the platform. That means you’ll have to invest in training on how to promote your offers in other ways, such as social media and forum marketing, and maybe even Ads.

Keep in mind in regards to ads that you’ll have to pay for training and the ads SEPARATELY, which means there will be more investments. Plunging into ads as a newbie without knowing what you’re doing can get VERY costly and thus is not recommended.

4) No keyword tool

Posting your videos on Youtube is really easy, which is why you should expect that there will be competition.  A LOT OF IT!

One (and very important) way to by-pass this competition is doing keyword research and analysis. Keywords are phrases that a potential visitor will input into the search bar and that you need to use in your title to lead your visitor to your video. Without doing proper keyword research, it would be like shooting an arrow in the dark.

How will you know anybody is looking for this specific information? How can you find out the amount of competition for that specific keyword you want to use? Because let’s face it; if there is a lot of competition for your keyword, it will be difficult to get ranked within Youtube and your video won’t ever be found.

So, a keyword tool is VERY important. Yet, I don’t see a keyword tool anywhere! That means you’ll have to INVEST in a keyword tool separately, and most have a monthly recurring fee if you want detailed analysis. CHECK OUT THE ONE THAT I USE HERE.

Affiliate Bots Review Conclusion

Is Affiliate Bots a scam? No. It is a legitimate program/suite of tools that any online marketer can use to make the process of creating pages and videos easier.

Do I recommend it? Yes, but I think that it will only benefit seasoned marketers. What you get for $17 one-time fee makes this suite of tools really attractive and I must say that it is absolutely worth the price. If you want to create fast promotional videos and landing pages at the click of a button, I think it’s great.

But as any experienced online marketer knows, you don’t necessarily need all these tools to become successful.

I personally would not use their autoresponder. I use Aweber already and I love all the features that I get with it. Aweber also already gives you the ability to create opt-in pages. There’s another FREE plugin that I use that helps me create attractive sales pages and landing pages, called Elementor.

You have to be creative when using Aweber and Elementor, but that’s just the way I like it. I’ve never liked anything generic and always loved designing my own stuff.

That being said, I would not recommend it to newbies.

Here’s A Better Alternative For Newbies

I know it is better, because I was also once a newbie too. I tried everything! From solving captcha, to transcription, to surveys and watching videos, only to make a few pennies per hour. I even tried ecommerce, not knowing that I would have to constantly spend in ads in order to make money.

Ecommerce stores DON’T get ranked within search results.

And so, I turned to affiliate marketing. I must say that it’s the easiest way for any newbie to start making money online. All you have to do is write about your favourite products, input your affiliate links and use proper keywords. There’s no recruiting involved, no selling and no coercing.

People visit your article and make the choice of whether they would like to make the purchase. You don’t EVER have to pay for traffic if you don’t want to and after a few months, after learning about how it all works, you will only need a few hours a day to work on it.

What’s best, is that there is a training platform that you can try for FREE, and it will even give you a free keyword tool to use. It’s the same one that I used to learn the ropes of making money online and that has enabled me to make passive income every day now.


I don’t make any money when you try it for free, so I’m absolutely genuine when I’m telling you that you should try it out. There is a premium version at $49 per month (or annual fee of $359) but only worry about that if you want to take your business to the next level.

Sign up now and I’ll see you on the other side! I’ll be your guide and will show you the way.

Your friend,


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