Affiliate Cash Club Review – Will You Make $35K Per Month?

Are you looking for an Affiliate Cash Club review because you’re seriously considering the program? Are you wondering if it is a scam? Are you hoping that this program will be the answer to your prayers and that it will get you out of financial difficulty? Are you hoping to use the method taught within to free you from your day job?

I know that there are so many scams on the internet, and that it can be hard to recognize legitimate programs from the scams. So congratulations on doing your research because it can really save you money, the headache and the shame.

Well, let me tell you that this review about the program is going to be a genuine and honest one. I will tell you exactly what I think of the program and by the end, you’ll have a good idea about whether joining the program will be the right thing for you.

Let’s get started!

Affiliate Cash Club At A Glance


Owner: Jordan Matthews

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37+

Do I Recommend It?: No, it smells like a scam…

What Is Affiliate Cash Club?

This program is described by Jordan as one that will only require 10 minutes of work every single day and that will be able to make you $10K within your first week. The method is done-for-you and will be able to make you money on autopilot with a method called Affiliate Marketing.

The best part is that you don’t need any experience or special skills. You don’t need a website and you don’t need to create any products. Anybody, and I assume that he means newbies here, can make money using the program and live the life of their dreams, like he is.

My opinion of the sales page and the sales video is that it is completely hyped up. I do agree that the sky is the limit when it comes to making money online with affiliate marketing. I know that because I’m an affiliate marketer too. But the expectations that Jordan is giving you, is completely unrealistic.

No matter what kind of business you decide to launch yourself into, be it online or offline, there is much more to do than Jordan is willing to disclose. Not only do you need time to learn the basics and apply what you learn, but you also need time to grow and to become trusted.

Sure, there are done-for-you systems out there, but from my experience, nothing runs on autopilot. At some point, you will make passive income with affiliate marketing, but until that point, you need to work hard to make that happen.

if it was so easy as he claims, to spend 10 minutes every day, in other words only 70 minutes every single wee,k to make $10K in revenue, then everybody would have been doing it. Who would keep slaving away at the jobs that they hate and being underpaid if they could just sit on their computer for 10 minutes and make $1500+ in a day?

And realistically, speaking, if there really was a way to make that kind of money online, do you think the creator of such a program would give it all away for a one time fee of $37? Even a 7-year-old would be able to see that it’s impossible.

Who Is Jordan Matthews?

If I were to ask you this question, what would you answer? You’d say that he is the creator of this program, right? But can you prove it?

You see, the thing here is that Jordan does not reveal himself or proves in any way at all, that he is a real person. In a world like ours where scams are everywhere, as a creator of a program such as this, you’d try to prove to your audience that you are a real person in order to gain their trust.

But that’s not what’s happening here so don’t you find it odd? He even tells us at the bottom of the page that he is using a pen name or fake name.

The truth is that so many scammers on the internet will hide their identities because they know that what they’re offering you won’t work. They don’t want to face the consequences of their actions. Often times, these scammers create scam after scam and use different pen names so as not to be recognized.

Now that you know all this, how can you even believe everything else that he tells you in his video? For all I know, if he can lie to you about who he is, then he can lie to you about the program.

The Fine Print Tells Us All!

Before buying anything at all, always look at their income disclaimer. Although it may seem boring and they use big words, just know that their income disclaimer is what they will always refer to as being the legal binding document.

So what you can find within the disclaimer, is that the program does not guarantee that you will make any money and that it is not being portrayed as a get-rich-quick scheme, so you shouldn’t view it like that.

Gee! What is it that Jordan was telling you in his 10-minute long video then?

Can’t you see that there is a big disconnect between the video and the disclaimer? As the disclaimer is what legal authorities will go by, that’s a big reason right there not to believe even A WORD that’s in the video.

Another thing that I want to bring to your attention here, is that the video says that you don’t need any previous experience or special skills and guess what the disclaimer says? It says that the level of success will be depending on your knowledge and various skills.

Again, a big disconnect is apparent and if I were you, I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING that Jordan tells us.

Beware of The Testimonials!

I know you don’t need any more reasons to avoid this program, but wait until I tell you what I found about the testimonials.

Testimonials are supposed to be from actual users and customers who can honestly and genuinely report on their use of the program. But Mr. Jordan here actually has FAKE testimonials within the video. These guys are actually paid actors from a freelance website called Fiverr.

Here are some of their profiles.

They basically get paid to read off a script and act it out all while recording themselves. I seriously can’t understand how these people can sleep at night, knowing that they are helping these scammers rip people off, just to get paid $5. And to show you how common this is, check out the following reviews;

1) AD Formula

2) 30 Day Success Club

3) Spring Profits

4) Explode My Payday

5) Click Click Cash

All I know though, is that if these programs, including Affiliate Cash Club, really did work as advertised, that there would be no need for fake or paid testimonials.

The Actual Cost Of Affiliate Cash Club

Didn’t you get the impression that all you would need to pay for is a measly $37 to get access to the whole system, that’s going to make you $10K every week? Well, that’s the same impression that I got.

But let me tell you that it does not make sense that anybody would give access to such a program for only $37. And that’s why I decided to take a look further into the costs of the program to see if there were any other costs associated with it. And I find this; the JV page.

It says that affiliates of the program will make upto $844 from a single sale. How is it possible? Nobody would be willing to sell a program for $37 and to pay $844 in advertising. That’s a LOSS any way that you look at it.

But knowing how most of these programs work, there will be upsells within, that will cost you hundreds of dollars and that’s how the affiliates get paid so much and it’s also how these creators and scammers make more money.

The sales video, the sales page and the disclaimer do not mention ANY of the extra costs. In reality, Jordan says that there will be NO hidden costs. But if it was not disclosed anywhere, then doesn’t this make the upsells HIDDEN?

There are just too many lies for comfort here. Don’t you think?

Is Affiliate Cash Club A Scam?

To be honest with you, I have not bought the program so I cannot be 100% sure if this is going to be a scam. But there were just too many red flags and based on how nothing seems to add up, it didn’t make sense for me to purchase the program and waste my money.

We know nothing of how the program works as that’s not revealed. We know nothing of the creator of the program and based on my experience, this is a red flag because that’s what scammers typically do. They hide who they are so they don’t get caught.

There’s also the big disconnect between the video and the disclaimer to take into consideration. None of the claims within the video match what’s on the disclaimer.

And what’s up with those paid and fake testimonials? If there were really testers or users of the program, then I would expect testimonials from them, not from actors who have never used the program and never made a dime from it.

There are also upsells which I consider to be hidden costs, because those were never revealed within the video. I’m pretty sure that you’re not only gonna have to spend $37, but hundreds, in order to get the system that they are talking about and even then, the claims made about how fast you can make money and how much, are unrealistic.

Nothing matches up and because of that, I would strongly recommend that you STAY AWAY from this program.

My Secret To Making A Passive Online Income REVEALED!

Unlike Jordan, I’m going to be completely honest, upfront and transparent with you. Yes, I am an affiliate marketer and it is a very lucrative online business, probably THE MOST lucrative, when you take into consideration how much work is needed, compared to other online businesses.

There’s still work to be done, I’m not gonna lie to you, but with time, you’ll only need to work 2 – 3 hours every day and be able to enjoy the rest of your day doing what you like.

All I do, is type up articles that takes me 2 – 3 hours per day. All I have to do is make sure that I include keywords, which is how Google Bing and Yahoo are able to send me visitors for FREE and I also make sure to include my affiliate link to get credited and make commissions for each sale that is generated through my links.

You won’t make thousands of dollars within your first month. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, but you will learn how to start and build your online business the right way, to profit from for the long-term.

If you are interested to learn about this method, then I invite you to try out the program that taught me to make money online, for COMPLETELY FREE. If you like it, then you can upgrade to the paid membership at your own time and pace, which will reveal many more advanced methods and training to boost your business.

And if you don’t like it, then simply walk away and you wouldn’t have lost any money.


You’ll get the training, the tools and 24/7 support, as well as direct access to me, to ensure that you become successful. There isn’t anything better than to get mentored by somebody who has been through the training and who is earning from it. 🙂

Sign up now and I hope to see you on the inside and to help you out to the best of my ability.

Your Friend,


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