Affiliate Funnel Clones Review – $142 Everyday For 10 Minutes of Work?

Is Affiliate Funnel Clones a scam or will it really work the way that Alan suggests it will? I mean, he must be doing something right to have driven $10M in sales since he first started with this method of making money online. But yeah, we can’t help being just a little skeptical with all the scams present on the internet.

In this Affiliate Funnel Clones Review, I’ll be going over the promises he makes and whether he is going to keep them. I’ll also go over what you get inside the system and reveal a few things that Alan might be hiding from you.

Read until the very end because I’m sure that this honest review will be the answer to whether you should go for this program or not.

At A Glance

Name: Affiliate Funnel Clones


Owner: Alan Magliocca, Ryan Allaire, Simon Harries

Purpose: Has done-for-you affiliate marketing campaigns

Price: $1 Trial (depending on the page you land on), $24/monthly or $47 One-Time

Do I Recommend it?: Not for beginners…

What is Affiliate Funnel Clones?

Alan explains that Affiliate Funnel Clones combines list building and selling in one simple step because that’s what the big companies, like Uber, Netflix and Amazon are doing. Once you figure out how to do this properly, you’re going to make money whether you’re a newbie, intermediate or experienced marketer.

This method sounds easy in theory but it’s really a lot of steps combined to make this effective. This requires a very specific type of funnel. Traditional training treats list building and selling as two separate steps. You would also need hosting, page builders, funnel builders and autoresponders that would cost you a lot of money.

Affiliate Funnel Clones makes all this easy and claims that you won’t have to invest a lot before you actually make money with this system. It is a done-for-you, automated funnel system that will get you subscribers and commissions passively all in one place.

These are the easy steps to making this system work:

1) Log in and connect your autoresponder (or use the platform to collect your leads)

2) Insert your affiliate link and click “Save”

3) Drive traffic from one of their tested sources

Is this system going to work exactly as Alan explains it, or are you just going to be surprised after signing up for the program? Let’s take an in-depth look.

How Does Affiliate Funnel Clones Work?

I’m happy to say that the way Alan explains the system is really how it works. You do get the tools mentioned, including the 5 done-for-you funnels (with 2 extra done-for-you funnels should you go with the one-time payment) that you can profit from instantly.

All you have to do is make sure that you have accounts with affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus, where you’ll be able to find other offers to promote. You have the option of creating new funnels at the click of a few buttons and you will be able to create your own funnels too (with purchase of the upsell).

When you drive traffic to the funnels, your visitors will be asked to provide their email address in return for free information, which will be the sales page of the offer and when they purchase the offer, you make a commission. By them providing their email address, you will be able to remarket to them in the future as well, making you long-term money.

What They Don’t Tell You

Although that’s just how it works in the online world, what Alan (and other affiliates of the program) don’t tell you is that you will need money to invest into their “traffic sources” which mostly is Solo Ads. Solo Ads are emails with offers that get sent to another marketer’s email list, in the hopes that people in their email list will click and purchase your offer.

But you still need to pay in order to promote to these lists, and it can get really expensive, especially if that list is high-converting and responsive. When you’re paying for Solo Ads, there isn’t a guaranteed ROI (return on investment) at all.

Now, you don’t HAVE to invest in Solo Ads and you can try free traffic methods, such as social media and forum marketing. However, this is not going to be passive. You constantly have to promote your links in order to get any visitors and even when you do get visitors, they won’t convert well, because people don’t know you and won’t trust you.

Then, there’s the method that I use to get maximum traffic to my website, that has the best ROI and that is completely free. It’s called SEO – Search Engine Optimization. That’s when you get your website ranked within Google, Yahoo and Bing as one of the search results and when people click on the result, they are brought to your website.

That’s how I got you to my website today. I didn’t pay ANYTHING! Why would they not teach this method, you may ask? That’s because landing pages like the ones they create won’t get indexed and ranked because they are not “informational”. They don’t have enough content for Google (and the other search engines) to deem it helpful.

One More Important Aspect to Consider

Not only are you now buying this training with its possible upsells, but you’re also paying to get traffic to your done-for-you pages through Solo Ads. But what they don’t tell you is that you DO need an autoresponder to make the most of your collected leads/emails.

The reason that you collect leads/emails is for you to be able to market to these people in the future and for you to keep making money from that list. The bigger the list, the more sales you can potentially make, resulting in more commissions for you. In order to keep marketing to them, you need an autoresponder.

An autoresponder will take care of sending out emails in sequence to your list in a way where it is done automatically, without your intervention. That’s where making money on automation is possible. But you are not provided with an autoresponder within this program.

As you can imagine, you’ll have to pay extra for this autoresponder. A good one will cost around $20 every single month. So as you can see, there are more costs associated.

Affiliate Funnel Clones Review – A Scam?

I definitely do not think that Affiliate Funnel Clones is a scam. I do believe that is legitimate and that it can really be a source of extra income for an intermediate/advanced marketer. I really do not think that this is suitable for a beginner in affiliate marketing.

The reasons that I would not recommend it, is that there are too many costs involved with this type of method of making money online. The only advantage with running Solo Ads is that you are able to see instant results, but you will ALWAYS have to spend money to make money, without knowing HOW MUCH you’re going to make in return.

Some days, you might be in luck and make a lot and some other days, you might just be losing money. There is no way for you to know 100% what your profit is going to be. This can get newbies very discouraged and newbies may not have the money needed to invest in Solo Ads, as they learn to perfect those ads.

Promoting on social media or forums is also not a sustainable way of promoting a website or an offer, because you need to promote constantly. Once you stop, you don’t really make that much money. Additionally, it is hard for others to trust your advice when they don’t know you, and therefore, they won’t really buy from you.

That’s why I think that Affiliate Funnel Clones will benefit those who are already established and know how the online world works. They are the ones that will be able to leverage the tools available and make the most out of them.

What Is The Best Platform For Beginners?

From experience, I know that the easiest way for beginners to start making money online, is through affiliate marketing. Ecommerce just needs too much work and maintenance and having a service means that you either have to constantly be providing this service, or that you have to hire somebody to work for you to offer the service.

It’s very easy to understand affiliate marketing; simply recommend every-day products that you love, or even specialty products and make commissions off of each sale that is made through your unique link. That’s all there is to it!

That’s the way that I make money too and it has worked incredibly well for me. I make passive income every single day with what I have learned, all thanks to one training platform in particular. I can actually even introduce you to this platform for FREE! No credit card or any other payment information needed at sign up!


And once you’re inside, I will get in touch with you. It’s the best of the best! When you’re learning something new, even something like making money online, you need a platform that has all the training that you need, all the tools that you need, as well as all the support that you need 24/7, which Affiliate Funnel Clones does not have.

My #1 Recommendation is the way to go, because it has EVERYTHING that you can imagine needing within your online business.

I hope to see you on the other side and I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you achiece financial freedom!

Always hoping the best for you,


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