Affiliate Promo Formula Review – Scam or Legit?

I know, there are too many systems on the internet that promise you to help you make money online and you’re just skeptical about anybody that makes that promise, afraid that they’re not going to deliver. That was definitely my perception of Affiliate Promo Formula, because it’s a ClickBank product and most of them are scams or low-quality.

In this Affiliate Promo Formula Review, I will explicitly explain what the program is about, how it works and whether or not it will work. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the system, compared to other products that have similar sales pages and pitches, especially those on ClickBank.

Find out HOW and WHY I deem Affiliate Promo Formula as a legit and great way to start and grow an online business.

At A Glance

Name: Affiliate Promo Formula


Owner: John Thornhill

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $5 + Upsells

Recommended?: Absolutely.. 🙂

John’s 3 Key Strategies To Success

Suggestion: before you dive in with this read, I would highly recommend that you Read My Article On What Affiliate Marketing Is, if you are not familiar with the term.

When I first started watching the video, I thought that Affiliate Promo Formula was going to be another one of those sales videos that would promise to make you money overnight. But I must admit, that the video this time, although shares a lot of common things with other scams and low-quality products, that it was different.

Before getting into the details, let’s get to know John.

John used to work on the production line in a car factory and explained that he was $75K in debt at that time. He couldn’t continue that vicious cycle, so he looked for work online. He studied the big launches on the JVzoo leaderboards, to see what made these products sell and devised a system of his own. Since 2006, he has been perfecting his formula.

John makes use of what he was able to buy with the money that the business brought him, namely, his own house, his sports car, his office, his holiday home where he spends most of his weekends, as ways to persuade you that his system works.

He explains that there is no need for a huge mailing list, that you will end up within the top 10 slots on the JVzoo leaderboards but over time, you will be number 1. How does he do it? He introduces his 3 Key Strategies.

1) Market in an honest and ethical way

John is right when he says that there are many marketers out there who are being taught affiliate marketing the wrong way. Most of them will send out tons of hyped up emails about programs that simply don’t work. In order to become successful, he advises to NOT follow their examples.

2) Don’t be a SHEEP on launch day

What he means by that, is don’t copy what everybody else is doing on the launch day of a product that they want to promote. What most marketers will do, is copy and paste pre-written emails and send them to their mailing lists, thinking that it’s going to make them money. You need to stand out from the crowd and that won’t happen with you copying and pasting.

3) Don’t promote rubbish products

John explains that the marketers that rush to promote just any product, without knowing whether they work or not, are only damaging their own reputation in the long run. To become successful, you have to review every single product that you promote and that will benefit your subscribers. Learn to pass up on promoting bad products.

It sounded like his way of doing things would be different, so I signed up for it.

The Upsells

Once I bought into the program for $5 USD ($6.99 CAD), I was hit with the first upsell. That was to get into Thornhill’s Inner Circle for $7.95 per month, where I would be receiving additional training monthly and get the most up-to-date information on how to keep growing my online business.

I have seen a lot of upsells before and thus, I just really only wanted to get to the member’s area to see what the training consisted of, before making the decision on purchasing anything else from him. So I by-passed it.

Then, I was hit with another upsell at a one time fee of $27, called the Step-by-Step 31 Day Mentorship Program, where I would get additional training, worklists and checklists, new tasks to complete everyday and I would have also been given access to a telephone number for support from John himself if I ever needed it.

Again, I by-passed it because I wanted to know the quality of the content I paid for, before getting into anything else.

The Lessons

Finally, I got to the heart of the lessons. These consist of some bonuses that were promised on the sales page, as well as 15 core lessons, followed by a few tips and tricks on list building and template files to use. The lessons are between 2 – 7 minutes long, which I consider a little on the short side, but they offer valuable information for $5.

What I have learned going through the lessons, is that they revolve around email marketing. John wants to teach you effective ways to conduct email marketing, before, during and after a launch. He reveals the do’s and don’t’s and goes step-by-step with the training. He explains in a manner that is very easy to understand.

The only part that disappointed me, was that he only teaches you to make money through email and not through a website. A website is a valuable asset that can bring you a ton of free traffic, specially making it easier for you to grow your email list.

Another disappointing fact, is that although he teaches you how to create a squeeze page to collect leads, he does not show you exactly how to drive traffic to it. He only mentions a few ways using social media, a blog and posting on forums, but does not go into any detail as to exactly HOW this is to be done.

He makes it sound easy to drive traffic to a squeeze page, yet, that is the hardest part of an affiliate marketer’s job. However, I do understand that there are some things that need to be reserved for the upsells. So if I didn’t already know what I know about affiliate marketing now, I would have definitely bought the upsells as I realize the value of the first phase of the training and would definitely brace myself up for more amazing training.

One great aspect that should definitely NOT be forgotten, is that John conducts Live Webinars every Thursday, where he gives out additional and up-to-date training. That’s certainly a lot of value to be had.

Some Extra Costs to Consider

Not only are there the upsells to consider (which I think are totally worth it), but John also fails to mention that there will be a very important tool that will play a vital role in making your email marketing business a success.

And that’s an autoresponder.An autoresponder is a service that will help you send automated, pre-written emails to your subscribers in a timely fashion. These are great because the autoresponder will send out the offers, the bonuses, the follow-ups and tips and tricks on your behalf, even when you’re not around a computer.

There are some free autoresponder services,  but most of them are paid services. The free ones are okay to start with, such as MailChimp and Bench Mark Email, but eventually, I would highly recommend to get paid services such as GetResponse ($15/month) or AWeber ($20/month and my personal favourite) because they’re less risky. They’re actually also part of my Top 10 Best Tools for Your Online Business.

What I Like

– John Thornhill is a real person, unlike so-called gurus that hide behind voice-overs

– He wants to teach you ethical and honest tactics

– Testimonials are from well-known marketers

– Has training in so many different file formats (Online streaming, download to your computer, MP3 format and many more)

– True and tested method (Email marketing)

– 60-day money-back guarantee

– Upfront cost and upsells are affordable

– Tons of FREE resources

What I Don’t Like

– Still has some hype (like saying he only works 20 hours/week to make $200K within a month)

– Does not give you full details on the sales page

– Some of these well-known marketers actually sell low-quality products

– No free trial available

– No mention of any upsells or extra costs on the sales page / in the sales video

Is Affiliate Promo Formula a Scam?

No, Affiliate Promo Formula is not a scam. On the other hand, I actually recommend it! It has some great training for only $5, that I think is great value for anybody looking at starting their own online business, especially around email marketing.

I like how he is honest and ethical, unlike so many other marketers online that sell you the dream and the product, only to make more money themselves. I like his training, and although on the short side, they’re very straighforward and packed with information that will benefit even the intermediate affiliate marketer. I certainly learned a few things and John helped me look at things from a different perspective, that could appeal to some of my subscribers.

The only slightly disappointing fact for me, was not to be given solid training on how to drive traffic to a squeeze page, which I think is very important. However, a lot of this information can be found for free online, and no doubt should also be covered within the upsells, based on the fact that I received so much value for $5.

I highly recommend that you check out Affiliate Promo Formula for yourself. It’s only $5 for great information that you can use both as a newbie and an experienced marketer. Anyhow, if you don’t find value in it, you always have the 60-day Money-Back Guarantee, and let me tell you that this product is sold through ClickBank, which is a company that stands by this guarantee.

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