AffiliBuilder Review – Make $1000s Using Ready-Made Sites?

AffiliBuilder Review

Welcome to my honest AffiliBuilder review. I say honest here because when I was doing my research on AffiliBuilder, I came across so many affiliates promoting it like it was the best thing since sliced bread.

But when I actually took a deeper look into it, I found out that they were not being entirely honest with you. The first thing to consider is that those people are affiliates of the program, so they obviously want to give it a good review to convince you to buy it.

Well, that results in a review that is completely biased and it’s not totally truthful or fair to you. You need to know exactly what you’re buying and whether it works as advertised or not. And that’s why you need to read this review!

I will be exposing all the bad things about AffiliBuilder so that you can make an informed decision.

AffiliBuilder At A Glance


Creator: Kurt Chrisler

Purpose: Create instant affiliate websites

Price: $17+

Do I Recommend it?: No! I have had experiences with content spinners and they are a complete nightmare! Those are the exact ways to quickly get de-ranked from Google and the other search engines’ results. This software does not work as advertised!

What Is AffiliBuilder?

AffiliBuilder claims to be a software that will get you instantly made affiliate websites that are completely automated and done-for-you. It only takes a few minutes to set one up and there’s no work required on your part.

You don’t need to write the content, you don’t need to find images, nor videos and you don’t even need to do any research on the topic that you want to write about. Simply put in a keyword and you’ll have thousands of articles at your fingertips.

Kurt claims that he has been using the same software to earn himself thousands of dollars every month in affiliate commissions and in ad earnings.

While all this sounds blissful, the truth is that if you don’t want to do any work, then you shouldn’t be dabbling in any kind of business. Online business without doing any work means failure!

And I know that because before finding out what really works, I was also falling for those very same claims. I thought I could trust these people because they were showing me their face. There was no way they would lie, right?

But I found out that they trick you by manipulating the information on the sales page. They make it sound so good that you cannot refuse the offer. And when you get into the members’ area and try it out, everything flops!

I’m sure it’s the same thing with AffiliBuilder and I will prove it to you.

If it was so easy to make thousands of dollars online, with only a few minutes of set up, then do you think that people would be working 8 hours, only to make less than half of what Kurt claims he makes?

People aren’t stupid and neither are you. That’s why I’m making those points so you can see it from a different point of view. That’s not something that the affiliates of AffiliBuilder will tell you.

What You Get Inside The Members’ Area

The members’ area looks exactly as Kurt has shown us but the problem is that a lot of newbies might not realize something; you need to already have a wordpress website, domain registration as well as hosting.

That’s something that got me in the beginning because I was so excited at the prospect of earning money that I never realized that there were other costs that I also had to take into consideration.

It makes sense to me now, but I used to think that spending a few dollars on a software would be enough to get me making $100 per day, which of course is not true. And if you’re still looking for something like that, I would say don’t waste your time.

So once you have your website, domain name and your hosting, you’ll be able to download the AffiliBuilder plugin, upload it to your website and start using it.

You input a keyword and browse from the 10,000+ articles that are available. You select one and also choose whether you want a feature image or not (usually you would select one). Then, the software will browse Youtube for a related video.

You click on “Import” and that’s it! Your ready-made content is live and ready for the world to see.

As for the monetization part, you can add affiliate links to earn money from affiliate marketing and you can even add advertising codes, like from Google Adsense in order to earn from ads.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, it’s where you promote other people’s products and make commissions for each sale that you generate.

And don’t forget that there is also a spinner within AffiliBuider that spins the content available into new content that is supposed to rank on Google and the other search engines.

Sounds like the perfect plan, right? Create your website in a few minutes, get ranked, get visitors and make money from your ads or affiliate links.

The Flaws In The System

I’m so sorry to pop your bubble but someone has to! There are just too many flaws in the system that I would like to address. Those are the exact same problems that neither Kurt, nor the affiliates of the program will tell you.

The biggest flaw that affects everything is the fact that the content is done for you. The truth is that even if there are as many as 10,000+ articles that come with AffiliBuilder, everybody that purchases the program will have access to the same things.

So anybody wanting an affiliate website in the same niche as you will most probably be choosing the same content as you. And duplicate content is a no-no when it comes to rankings.

Okay, now you might say that you could use the spinner, which is true if it worked! But the problem is that I have used content spinners before and the big problem with them is that the resulting content makes no sense.

Sure, the words are replaced with synonyms and the sentences are re-arranged but you have to remember that it’s a robot. The grammar is going to be WAY off. Here’s a snippet of something that I spun using ReWriter.

As you can see, this may be perfect for a robot, but it’s not good for humans to read. Anybody reading that wouldn click off your page, much less click on your ads or on your affiliate links. You won’t make money this way.

And Google knows when you’re trying to game the algorithm. That’s why they are always coming up with new updates all the time. Google is way smarter than those bots and as soon as they find some iffy content, they take it off.

So you won’t be getting any organic or free traffic here. And even if you are able to get traffic from other sources, won’t you simply just be ashamed of showing others this kind of content? I would be!

Another big problem is if you’re a beginner and have never been an affiliate of any program before and have never had a website. Well, most affiliate programs, especially Amazon, needs to approve your website before you can promote their products.

And you can only get approved if the website has been around for a while and if your content is good quality content. Do you think that’s gonna happen with AffiliBuilder? Not a chance!

Needless to say that it’s the same thing with Google Adsense, to put ads on your website. They need to evaluate your website to see whether it meets all their requirements. And that does not look like it’s gonna be the case with AffiliBuilder.

So no traffic, no affiliate offers/products and no ads means no money for you!

It reminds me of one other product that I’ve seen before, my Brendan Mace, called You Gen Bots. That one was complete garbage as well!


1) Kurt does not hide behind his computer like so many other creators

2) AffiliBuilder Plugin works to SOME extent, but not enough in my opinion, to get the same results as Kurt

3) Affordable

4) 30-Day Money-Back guarantee


1) Hyped up sales page

2) There’s no proof Kurt uses this exact plugin to make his commissions online

3) Minimal training

4) The content is what EVERY purchaser will receive. It won’t be unique to you

5) Content spinner is garbage

6) No rankings mean no free traffic, means no money! You won’t make $2K per month

7) No alternative traffic methods taught

8) Beginners will NOT get approved to promote Amazon products nor to have ads on their websites with this type of website

9) Even if you request a refund before your first 30 days are up, most creators won’t reply to your request. So it’s a possibility that you won’t get your money back

Is AffiliBuilder A Scam?

Well, it depends on what you think a scam is. If a scam to you, is a program that takes your money and does not give you anything in return, then AffiliBuilder might not be a scam to you.

That’s because you are getting something in return and you also have a possibility of getting your money back (if Kurt dreams of being nice to you that day).

But to the rest of us, it might be as bad as a scam because there are so many lies and much misleading information. From my perspective, AffiliBuilder does not work as advertised and that in itself, is enough for it to be a scam.

Kurt is trying to commit fraud here for his own personal gain. Just imagine if you bought what was advertised as a standing fan but you received a small toy fan? Sure, it works on battries but will it really help you cool off a whole room in the summer?

Not really!

That’s the exact same thing here. You’re buying the software and sure enough, you ARE getting a software/plugin, but will it help you make some decent money online at the end of the day? Not exactly.

It helps Kurt make money when he cons you, as well as his affiliates, but you’re not gonna get the results he claims you could have. You’d be lucky to even make a few sales!

Like I said, the original content as they are written in the software are not bad, but you can’t use them because chances are, somebody who already bought the program has used it already, so there’s no rankings.

Try to spin it and the content makes no sense. It’s complete gibberish! So no rankings there either. No rankings, means no traffic, means no money. And not to mention that it would be surprising if you got approved with Amazon or Adsense.

So the final verdict for me regarding AffiliBuilder is that it’s garbage. I don’t recommend it.

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Thanks for reading my AffiliBuilder review and I would ask that you please leave a comment below if you’ve used this software. Share with us so that we can all help each other avoid these scammers.

Lots of Love,


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