AffiliFunnels Review – Review Reveals What Nobody Else Will!

Welcome to this honest Affilifunnels review.

Are you wondering whether this program is going to work out for you? Are you wondering whether it’s going to be worth it? Or is it going to be yet another low-quality program that’s going to blow your money? How does it even work and will it fit what you want to accomplish?

If you have all these questions, then this is the review for you. I have compiled all the information about Affiliffunnels that you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

FYI: I do not promote this program and I am NOT an affiliate. So you can rest assured that I’m not going to be pitching this up to you. I’m just going to give you certain information about the program that you must consider.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

AffiliFunnels At A Glance


Owner: Glenn Kosky

Purpose: Create stunning and high-converting landing/squeeze pages

Price: $35.95 for the LITE version and $39.95 for the PRO version

Do I Recommend It?: Not really…

What Is AffiliFunnels?

As per the sales page, AffiliFunnels is a one-stop shop and done-for-you system for anybody who wants to have a software that does all the creating for them: creating a squeeze page, a product and a sales funnel. It’s the world’s fastest and most automated piece of software if you want to make money online.

The sales page is trying to convince you that it takes a lot of work, time and money to create all of those things on your own and to have them work perfectly together. You must be so relieved to know that it is 100% newbie-friendly as well, right? I mean, you don’t need experience or technical skills at all to make this work.

There’s nothing to install, nothing to download, as it’s all hosted in the clouds. So that means, no need for a website either. It even says that the training within Affilifunnels will show you a way to get free viral traffic to those squeeze pages that is going to build your list like crazy.

But I’m sighing big time here because as an affiliate marketer, I already know that things just won’t work out as easily as is claimed on the sales page. If it was that easy, then don’t you think that people would have been all over the program? Don’t you think that people would have been quitting their day jobs already?

The truth is that I have reviewed a lot of programs that claimed similar things and most of the time, they never meet or exceed expectations. That’s why those kinds of sales pages don’t wow me anymore. They used to, when I didn’t know the first thing about making money online, but now, they just sound like empty promises.

Just know that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

How AffiliFunnels Works

Oh boy, did I have to hold on to patience when signing in to the platform: there were like 5 upsells! And that’s never a good sign because it means that the product creator is wanting money from you more than he wants to help you, in most cases anyways. Especially when there’s 5 of those nasty upsells.

But when you do get to the dashboard, you’ll notice that it looks like there’s a ton of features and training, when there really isn’t.

Basically, the goal of the program is to get you to do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is legit and the reason I know that is because I am an affiliate marketer too. You basically need to promote other people’s products and each time a sale is made through your special link to that product, you make a commission.

AffiliFunnels shouldn’t be confused to be a training program. It’s mostly a tool and does not have a lot of training on how to be successful with affiliate marketing in general.

It will help you collect emails for email marketing (and if you don’t know what that is or how it works, then this program is absolutely not for you) through a squeeze page that you create through the system. You’ll need to have an autoresponder attached to the program too. That’s extra money.

You’ll basically be giving away the crappy PLRs, ebooks that have been pre-created God knows when and that have almost expired by now. Things move lightning fast in the online world so things that used to work a few years ago will not work now.

When you’ve gotten your visitors through that sign up stage, the thank you page appears that re-directs them to a sales page where you’ll be selling your main offer. If they don’t buy what you sell, then you can always follow-up with them in email.

But to be honest, because the quality of those PLRs are not up to standards anymore in my opinion, you’ll have a lot of people unsubscribing because they’ll know that what you’re offering them is low-quality. People are smart now and can Google something to confirm what’s in the ebook.

I definitely think that this is not the best way to build an email list because there will be no trust, really, and you won’t be able to keep your subscribers if you don’t periodically send them quality stuff.

So What’s Missing?

Oh yeah, there definitely is something missing.

Don’t you remember that they promised to give you some free traffic training within the sales page? Well, the training can be considered to be non-existent. And guess what? If you’re a newbie and don’t know how to send traffic to your squeeze, you’re obviously not going to get anybody on your list or sell anything.

Traffic is the life-blood of any business, be it online or offline. You won’t sell anything is nobody walks into your store, right? It’s the same thing here.

You’ll see that most people promoting this program will usually have a traffic training bundle in their bonuses and though you think that will cover you, think again! You’ll be completely dependent on the quality of that traffic training. If it’s not as good, then you won’t get results.

I personally don’t bribe anybody to purchase programs like these because I have seen them come and go. There are a lot of similar programs that have just gone out of date because nobody ever updates them. Even if you were to get a program like AffiliFunnels, it will eventually get outdated.

That’s why in that way, it’s best to just invest in to program that make page-building their business because you know that they will keep up with the times.

The Upsells – Are They Worth It?

Like I already mentioned, there’s a whopping 5 upsells before you even get to the member’s area, which is a little excessive in my opinion. This really shows you the lack of features and so on that’s provided with the main program. I don’t like upsells, period! That’s because they never tell you that you’ll need to pay more.

Where have you seen on the sales page that you’ll need to invest in more tools? I saw that nowhere!

But anyways, let’s take a look at what you get with each upsell and if they’re worth it.

1) Done-For-You Funnels – $67

This upsell will give you done-for-you funnels that will just magically appear within your dashboard after the purchase. All the technical work has been done and all you really need to do is to input your affiliate link for the products within the funnels and to activate the funnels.

Though it may sound like a time-saver, these funnels are built around random niches like Sleep Improvement, Affiliate marketing Hair Loss and they each have two funnels. You may not want to go into those niches, so this would be a total waste of money for you because you may be interested in like only one or two.

That’s the problem when you don’t create your own business from scratch and depend on these kinds of programs. You’re going to be overpaying for stuff that you don’t need. One more benefit is some more training, but it won’t really be worth the $67 in my opinion.

2) Video Review Builder – $67

This upsell will create review videos for you using slides with text within them, which, as you can pretty much tell, is going to be low-quality. When was the last time you actually watched a video with just text on it?

Nobody is gonna wanna watch those kinds of videos, I can guarantee that! They’re just going to be without any human tough and plan boring!

This upsell is definitely not worth it either.

3) Bonus Page Builder – $67

This is an upsell that will help you create your bonus packages and your bonus pages for the products that you are promoting. You do get access to quite a few done-for-you bonuses but again, these are ebooks/PLRs and are not of very good quality.

The only perk of this upsell is the page builder itself. I’m not sure at the moment if you will be allowed to upload your own bonuses, which would be a bonus. But the bonus page builder itself is not worth the price of $67.

There are way cheaper builders available and I would not recommend this upsell.

4) AffiliFunnels Automated Traffic Flow – $147

Now if you get this upsell, it may be worth it depending on your level of knowledge about Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. So what Glenn is going to do here is to place your pixels onto AffiliFunnels’ sales page. Your pixels are kind of a tracking device that will get triggered and record the information of the person who is visiting the sales page.

Don’t worry, it’s not illegal. It’s not personal information but the routing and IP address of the person that visited the page. By recording that information, you will then be able to go into Adwords and FB Ads, create a retargeting Ad campaign that focuses on promoting the program. The visitors will then see the ad on their screens.

This will definitely increase the chances of the visitors getting the program through your affiliate link.

But you have to PAY for these Ads. I’m really disappointed because the sales page said that you will be getting FREE viral traffic and this is not free at all. In fact, you can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And the sales page mentioned that this traffic training would be included within the main price of the program, right? It was never mentioned anywhere that you would need to pay extra for it.

Some people could say that this is worth it because people are going onto the vendor’s launches all the time but I really don’t like the fact that you’re being mislead to believe that everything would be included in the $39.95 price tag when it’s not.

I hate liars!

5) License Rights – $297

If you get this upsell, then you would earn 100% commissions on the sale of AffiliFunnels and its upsells. That’s a lot of money, right? You could potentially earn close to $600 per sale if you get lucky. But let me tell you that this is an incredible rip off! Usually the license rights to sell similar products cost less than $100.

Additionally, this upsell is not necessary if you’re not going to be promoting products from the make-money-online niche. If you try to sell this product to your audience who is primarily looking for dog shampoo, then obviously, it ain’t gonna work because those people aren’t looking for something like AffiliFunnels.

Even if you were in the make-money-online niche, would you feel comfortable recommending and selling such a program when there are much better products out there? That’s your call, but I’m definitely not promoting this.

Is AffiliFunnels A Scam?

It really depends on how you define a scam.

If you think that a scam is trading money to get nothing in return, then AffiliFunnels is not a scam. You do get SOME training and SOME useful functions within the program. Additionally, it is sold on WarriorPlus and I think, JVZoo as well, where there usually is a 30 day money back guarantee. Exercise your refund rights and you won’t lose any money.

Can’t be a scam if you’re not losing money, right? Oh and let me remind you that the refund is only applicable to the initial purchase of either $35.95 or $39.95. They don’t apply to upsells. So think twice before getthing them.

But if you think that a scam can also come in the form of misleading information, hyped up sales video and lies on the sales page, then this could be a scam by those standards.

Whatever you may think though, I have already said that I’m not promoting this product because it’s not something that I will personally use and I don’t really think it will benefit anybody. If you’re a newbie, then you won’t get the training needed to make it work and if you’re experienced, you won’t need this program.

So, all in all, my final verdict is that I am not recommending AffiliFunnels.

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