Review – [Warning] Red Flags Revealed!

Welcome to my review. Are you wondering whether you’re going to make money with this website and be able to cash out? Are you wondering whether AltasCash is a scam or legit?

Then you need this review! I will tell you all about the weird and strange things that don’t add up on this website, as well as the red flags that I found that point to this website possible (and strongly) being a scam.

The truth is that it’s not the first time that I’m seeing a website like this, having been online for the last 3 years. I’ve exposed a lot of scams on this website and I have also helped a lot of people start their own online business.

So I know a thing or two about making money online, things that you probably listen to. At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Complete tasks such as surveys and refer friends to earn

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a website that will not pay you for your efforts. The scammer behind this program is looking to gather your personal data and sell it to other people for a profit. You won’t make money!

What is AltasCash?

AltasCash is a website that claims to pay you the big bucks for completing tasks as well as referring others to the website. They pay $2 per click you get on your referral link as well as $10 per person that actually signs up.

But like I already mentioned earlier, I have already seen this kind of website. Like, not the exact same one, but ones that look similar, say similar things, provide similar kind of work and that pay out similar too.

Those websites, Referral Pay, Tap 2 Cash, Tap 2 Earn, Rainmoney and CloutShout, were all proven to be scams that don’t pay out. Therefore, I feel like AltasCash is also going to be one of them.

What I always say is go with your gut feeling because it’s never gonna get you in trouble. Sure, sometimes it might be wrong, but at least, you can avoid getting yourself into difficult situations and that can save you some headache.

If it was as easy as simply completing small tasks and sharing a link and getting paid for clicks and referring to make money online, then don’t you think people would have become rich by now?

Who can’t do this kind of work? Everybody can! That’s why it’s impossible to make $300 every single day with this type of website because most websites that are similar to AltasCash but LEGIT don’t pay so much.

And did you know it is illegal to say exactly how much you will earn? That’s because nobody knows your work ethic or whether or not you’ll actually take action.

So there’s a ton of red flags that I can see here and they contribute to me leaning towards AltasCash being a scam.

Inside AltasCash – How It Works

I signed in using fake information, of course, because most of the other websites that I mentioned earlier were scams. I didn’t want my personal information getting into the wrong hands.

These websites are known to be mass data harvesting scams, where they are created simply to gather your personal data and to sell them to whoever is willing to pay them for it. So watch out for those websites because even signing up can prove to be dangerous.

But anyways, after you sign up, you’ll be taken to the dashboard and immediately, I was able to see that they pay $30 per survey/task and again, that sent out a big glaring “warning” sign into my head. 

Usually, legitimate websites like Swagbucks, Prize Rebel and Points Prizes pay only a few dollars per survey and that too, if you’re lucky. Most of the time, you’ll get paid $0.50 per survey or around that.

So to try and con us by saying they pay $30 is really infuriating! Who do they think I am? A toddler that gets easily fooled with eye-candy? 

Unfortunately, many people get pulled in with these claims. They don’t think rationally.

Because if they did, they would catch onto this, instead of getting all excited to get crackin’! The truth is that no company is gonna wanna do business with AltasCash because there are much cheaper alternatives.

If there are companies like Swagbucks and the others around that will only charge a few dollars per survey, then why would they pay $30 to get the same thing done here, right?

That’s why I believe that there aren’t really any customers and if there aren’t any payments being made to AltasCash, then they’re not gonna pay you!

The Red Flags Revealed!

1) Who knows who’s behind AltasCash

When I do business with somebody, I have learned to actually confirm the backgrounds of those people or companies. I want to make sure that they can be trusted and that they will keep their promises.

That’s why I find it very fishy that the creator of AltasCash is hidden. They never tell us who is behind the website, whether it be a person or a company.

And that’s why I think that this is a red flag; there are other similar websites that haven’t paid people that I mentioned earlier, like Referral Pay and the others. And like I said already, they are similar to AltasCash.

That’s why I believe that the scammer is behind all of those websites. He remains hidden because he does not want to be caught and does not want to be sued for any losses you incur.

2) They were NOT created in 2015

The next red flag is the fact that they claim to have been created in 2015 (if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you’ll see “2015 – 2020”. This is saying they’ve been around for the past 5 years.

But again, I’ve found with the other websites that this was a lie and I verified with WHOIS for AltasCash. And I was right!

Take a look below at the screenshot proving when they were created.

They were only created in July of 2020 so it hasn’t even been a year since the website was created. They need to lie to you in order to get your trust because we tend to trust websites that have been around for long. The chances of those being scams is much less than a website that has only been around for a few months.

That’s exactly what we find with AltasCash; that it has been around for only a few months. Them lying to us does not help foster the trust, does it?

3) No payment proofs or testimonials

If you want to make sure a website works, then you would look at reviews and testimonials and even payment proofs, right? But scouring the internet, I could not find even one satisfactory proof of payment from those guys.

They claim to have 300,000 members and yet, nobody posted an income proof online? How are they even making money then? It makes sense to post proofs of payment to gather clicks and referrals, right?

But that’s why the lack of payment proofs, positive reviews and testimonials is really alarming because it just goes to show you that this website is a scam after all.

Is AltasCash A Scam?

I think you know where I am getting at. Yes, AltasCash is a scam and it is one that you should definitely avoid signing up with to protect your personal data and to also avoid wasting your precious time.

Making money online, especially $300 everyday, requires skills! You can’t be making a doctor’s salary simply completing tasks and referring others on a GPT website.

It’s hard for me to think of anybody signing up with AltasCash after reading this review and finding out that there are some pretty serious red flags and flaws with the website. Would you still sign up for it?

There are too many lies and too many warning signs for me to use the website myself and if I don’t use a website, I don’t recommend it. You probably heard of AltasCash through somebody who is trying to refer you there to earn money.

But the best thing to do would be to share this review with them and to show them that they are wasting their time. It is best to stay away from AltasCash and work on something that will be more worth your time.

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And I know a few of them, but I consider them a waste of time because you earn so little. Even I don’t use them and like I said, if I don’t use them, I don’t recommend them.

But what I do is called affiliate marketing. All I do is promote other people’s products online and for each sale that I make, I get paid commissions. I don’t pursue or beg peple to buy. They flock to me! Here’s proof it works.

And another one!

I was in your shoes too a few years and I couldn’t have dreamt making this kind of money online. That’s why I created this website; to help others who are like me, look for legitimate ways to make money online.

I also created a free guide and a free 6-day email course that will help you get on the right track with affiliate marketing. It’s really one of the best ways (in my 3 years’ experience) for a newbie to start making money online.


Stop being thrown around by these scams. Stop wasting your time with small payouts. It’s time that you stopped fooling around and started using your time wisely to make your future a better one.

Thanks for reading my AltasCash review. If you’ve tried the website and also tried cashing out, let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below. It will help spread awareness of this scam.

Lots of Love,


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