AobMoney Review – Everything About This Website Is FAKE!

aobmoney review

Are you looking for an honest AobMoney review? Have you seen links around pointing to this website and are wondering whether it really works as advertised? Can you really make money with this website and how does it work?

The most important thing that you want to know is probably whether it’s a scam or a legitimate website, right?

Well, those questions will all be answered within this review and I will give you even more information that I’ve found about AobMoney that you should know about.

There are some red flags I found that will make you want to leave the website right away! They’re the reasons that I even I am not promoting the website and from my website, you’d think that I could make a ton money from referrals, right?

But no. All point to this being a scam and I will reveal the truth!

AobMoney At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: View ads and refer others to earn

Price: Free to join but WILL charge you

Do I Recommend AobMoney?: Absolutely NOT! It’s a scam that you should avoid. They are NOT transparent about their withdrawal requirements. They keep adding more! Moreover, they will ask you for money in the end to get to your earnings.

What Is AobMoney?

AobMoney claims to be a website that will help you make money through the viewing of ads. You can do so from your laptop, desktop, from your phone and your tablet. You could make between $50 and $300 per day.

We spend so much time on our devices, especially our phones, so it seems wise to spend that time earning money, right? All you need is between 3 and 5 hours everyday and you could be making twice or thrice your regular income.

What’s the need to ever go back to your traditional job, then? I mean, looking at some of those payment proofs, it looks like some people are making WAY more than $300 per day. So you could be earning from $1500 – $9000 every month.

This looks REALLY good for only 5 hours of work everyday, right? But how much of this is actually true?

Because let’s face it; having been online for over 2 years and knowing how the online world works, I’ve never heard of anybody making that kind of money viewing ads, to be honest.

There has to be catch and unfortunately, I already have a bad feeling about this! The reason is due to the fact that I’ve seen similar website before. Like Oma Money and Aex Money. They look IDENTICAL and they were scams!

AobMoney looks the same, right? Except that the name of the website is different. That is NOT a good sign for AobMoney, let me just tell you that!

How AobMoney Works

Obviously in order to find out how AobMoney works, I had to create an account with them and due to some reason that I’ll discuss below, I used fake information to do this.

As soon as I signed up, I was brought to the dashboard to start working and the ad viewing looks like this.

Initially, I thought that I had to view every single ad, like click on them, view them, and come back to the page and enter the captcha in order to get paid. And when I clicked on the ads, they led me to places that didn’t have active product listings.

How is it possible that AobMoney serves ads on their websites and the advertisers are PAYING to get visitors to a product that does not exist?

That’s when I realized that there aren’t any advertisers affiliated with AobMoney and that the ads are really affiliate links that point to a product. Each time anybody purchases something through those links, the owner of AobMoney earns commissions.

There’s nothing wrong with this model of making money online. This is legitimate and even for me, a big portion of my online income comes from affiliate marketing, but AobMoney is lying here about serving ads.

The red flag here is that if they are not getting PAID from these ads, then they are not making money and thus, they will not pay out. Especially since the products are not available for purchase anymore.

Afterwards, I also found out that you don’t need to really view the “ads” in order for the money in the account to go up. Simply complete the captchas as they appear and the amount goes up.

This is another red flag because advertisers WANT you to spend some time on their listing to tempt you to buy so they can make money. That’s how it has always worked and it’s not the case with AobMoney.

Long story short, they will NOT pay you because there’s no money coming in.

5 Reasons To AVOID AobMoney

1) Unknown creator

One thing that I take a look at is the creator of the website. Who is he and/or which parent company has created it?

Because if you were to buy a vacuum or something, you’d want to know what brand or which manufacturer actually made it right? You want to know whether it’s worth your money.

It’s the same thing with make-money-online websites. You need to know who is behind the website to determine whether they are legit, genuine and reputable. And so far, there is no information on who created AobMoney.

And that’s a red flag because in my experience, those who have something to hide always remain anonymous. They know that you’ll find out sooner or later that they’re trying to scam you. They stay hidden so as not to be fined or sued.

Believe me, because I’ve reviewed over 400 websites on here and I can tell you that most of the time, they are either scams or so low-quality that you would make NOTHING.

And since the creators remain anonymous, what stops them from creating multiple scam websites? We can already tell that the same person would be behind AobMoney, Oma Money and AexMoney, right?

2) Privacy policy is missing

Remember how I told you I used fake information to sign up to AobMoney? Well, here’s the reason why. It’s the fact that their Privacy Policy is missing.

When I was a newbie, I thought, “Pff! What Privacy Policy? It’s not even important. It’s boring legal stuff.”

But the truth is that every that ASKS for your information, any information at all, even an email address, needs to disclose how they are going to use this information. And AobMoney asks for your name and email address.

Now, what if you used your Paypal email address and password to sign up? Many people use the same emails and passwords for multiple accounts online. Well, you’ve just given that information to potential hackers!

Since we don’t know how they will use your information, they could easily try and hack into your Paypal account and steal money from there. Additionally, they could sell your information to other hackers and scammers!

They could send you emails that look so real you’ll fall for them and give out OTHER personal information, like your banking or credit card info and even your SSN.

Yes, I’ve seen it all! So it’s my duty to tell you about these possibilities.

3) Comments/Support are FAKE!

You now know that the there are other websites that identical to AobMoney, right? Well, even the comments are the same! How can that be?

Even if there were multiple websites that look the same and offer the same kind of work, it would be impossible for the SAME people to have left comments in the SAME order, right?

Well, this is what’s happening with all the similar websites, including AobMoney. Unfortunately, those comments are all FAKE. They have been copied and pasted on each of the websites of this creator.

And probably even created by him too! So that proves that nobody is actually making any money with this website. It’s just to fool you into thinking people are making money so that you join.

4) Not transparent about withdrawal requirements

With a legitimate website, you would expect them to be clear and transparent about the requirements to cash out your earnings, but this is not the case with AobMoney.

You see, I tried it out and earned $10. Since there was no information anywhere about a minimum cash out threshold, I tried to withdraw it. However, a message came up in red, saying that I would need to earn at least $150 to test my “loyalty” and “intentions”.

That’s just a ton of nonsense, if you ask me! This is simple work. I do the work and they pay the money. That’s all there should be to it.

So, in order to not waste time with this, I researched about other possible requirements and unsurprisingly, more of them came up. The next requirement from there is to invite at least 40 referrals. Then, the next one is to wait 60 days to withdraw!

It makes sense when you think about it, for THEM! They want you to invite more people so they can scam more of them without doing much work and making you wait 60 days means that you would probably keep working and increase your “earnings”.

But it does not stop there!

5) They ask for money!

That’s the best! When I found out that they actually ask you for money, I was laughing!

I know it’s not funny. People are getting scammed, but that’s not the reason that I was laughing. I was laughing because I caught the scam right in their tracks!

Like I said, you should be able to do the work and get paid for it. There shouldn’t be anything else to it. But they ask for money if you don’t want to get more referrals on your own and they ask for money to speed up the withdrawal process.

If some people have earned $150 or even $500 after 60 days, do you think they’ll have a problem paying $10 to withdraw? They would still be in profit with the amount they earned, right?

But my question is, if there are fees, then why not withdraw them from your earnings and pay you the rest? Why do you have to GIVE THEM your payment information? It makes no sense!

Is AobMoney A Scam?

At this point, I don’t have to even say it, but to be on the safe side, let me tell you exactly what’s on my mind. AobMoney is a scam that you should definitely avoid.

Not only are you putting yourself at risk of getting tempted by their scam, but you’re also risking your personal information, since they don’t disclose how exactly they are going to use it.

Then, there are other red flags, such as not knowing who is behind the website(s), knowing that the ads are fake, knowing that the website really isn’t making any money from advertisers.

I mean, at this point it’s clear that they will NOT be paying out, right?

And to add to that, there’s also the fact that the requirements to withdraw are not clear from the get-go so you don’t know how many more of the requirements they will be adding.

The truth is that they are trying to postpone your payment until you either give up or give them what they want, which is your money! And you already know now that if you give them your money, you won’t see it ever again NOR your earnings.

So the bottom line is that AobMoney is a scam!

Stop Getting Scammed! Here’s How YOU TOO Can Make Passive Income!

I know you’re looking for an easy way to make money online during this quarantine but let me tell you the TRUTH; earning easy money online is possible, but it won’t pay you hundreds or thousands per month.

You’d be lucky to even make $10 per month and that’s NOT good pay in return for your time, right? That doesn’t pay ANY bill.

That’s why it’s important to understand that a significant amount of money can be made online, but you have to work for it. If you understand that, then I can help you. Because I make hundreds of dollars every week!

And here’s more proof it works!

What I do is called affiliate marketing and it’s taking the internet by a storm right now. Believe me, it will continue to grow well into the future and that’s why you need to get in now!

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online where you present a solution to a problem. Each time people buy the solution you recommend, you make commissions! Pretty easy concept, right?


That being said, don’t get me wrong! Affiliate marketing is easy but it’s by no means a get-rich-quick method. Just like any legitimate business, it takes time for you to learn the ropes, to apply what you lean and to make a profit.

But as long as you keep your eyes on the prize and work consistently to achieve it, you’ll be successful. So get my guide now to discover this amazing method, a method that all the gurus are using but are keeping from you.

And let’s make you some legit money online!

Thanks for reading my AobMoney review. If you’ve tried this website and experienced what I’ve described here, please share it below. It will help a lot of people that visit my website avoid this scam.

Lots Of Love,


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