ApVideon.xyz Review – Another Fake GPT Website?

ApVideon.xyz review

Welcome to my honest ApVideon.xyz review. I say honest here because I’m not an affiliate of this website and I do not promote it. That’s why you can rest assured that I’m not trying to sell you anything or make money off of you here.

I’m simply here to share with you my findings about this website and let me tell you that they are pretty important! I don’t think that there’s any reason you should sign up for this website, except maybe to lose money.

Yes, that’s right! ApVideon is nothing but a scam and I will tell you why in this review. Seriously, the scams don’t lurk in the dark and dirty places of the internet, they’re actually everywhere!

ApVideon.XYZ At A Glance

Website: ApVideon.xyz

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Watch videos to earn money online

Price: Free to join (but will cost you dearly after!)

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a big scam that is a total waste of your time and your MONEY! Yes they ask you for money later and it is one of the biggest red flags that can exist with this type of website!

What Is ApVideon.xyz?

ApVideon claims on their pages that you’ll be able to earn as much as $20 per video view! That’s insane because comparing other legitimate websites, like Swagbucks, ApVideon seems to pay a lot more.

But don’t be mistaken! That’s actually one of the red flags that I found on this website; the fact that they pay WAY more than industry average.

That’s probably a way to lure you in so that the scammer behind the website can get what they want from you, which is usually either your personal data or money! Believe me, I’ve seen many other similar websites do that, especially when they look like frauds.

I’m saying this because it’s not the first time that I’m seeing a website that looks like this. I’ve already reviewed VriVideon and also NteVideon, that looked exactly the same. And guess what? They both ended up being scams.

So I think it’s pretty easy to figure ApVideon out as a scam as well.

The truth is that the kind of money that they claim you can make takes a lot of work to make in reality. If a video of about 10 minutes long pays you $5 (which seems to be about the average with this website), that’s $30 that you could make per hour.

And that’s WAY MORE than what the average American makes. So the whole if America could be making a salary of almost $5K without much effort, simply watching videos for 8 hours of the day, 5 days a week.

If that really happened, don’t you think the economy would be much different than what it is now? There would be less people on the roads and people wouldn’t be struggling during this pandemic.

So my point is that when something sounds too good to be true, evaluate it from a logical perspective. You might start having that gut feeling that something might just not be right!


How ApVideon.xyz Works – Trying to Cash Out

When you sign up with ApVideon, you’ll be directed to your profile where you’ll be able to start “making money” by watching videos right away.

I saw that the videos varied in payout. They could pay out $1 all the way to even $23 per video and when I tried watching one to see what the difference was, the longer the video, the more you would get paid.

So, I watched videos, until I accumulated about $5. Then I tried to cash out, because a lot of GPT websites will allow you to cash out at $5. However, this wasn’t the case with ApVideon.

The truth is that there isn’t any requirement written anywhere before you start working, so you don’t even know what amount of money you’re working towards. That’s something that I found really weird.

But anyways, I tried to cash out and the first requirement popped up. I needed to have at least $100 accumulated as well as 200 minutes accumulated as well.

So that’s what I did; I let the videos play for about 4 hours and when I had reached the $100 threshold, I tried cashing out again.

This time, they told me that there was another requirement and it was to have at least 30 referrals. Why weren’t they transparent? Why didn’t they tell me of ALL the requirements the first time that I tried to cash out? That was shady!

Moreover, they were offering that I pay for referrals, but that didn’t make sense to me. I will explain why in a moment, but my conclusion was that they were trying to extract money from me by fooling me to make me thing that I would get my $100 earnings if I bought referrals from them.

Taking a look inside ApVideon did not reassure me at all! It looks more like a scam to me the deeper I go!

The Red Flags – Other Reasons This May Be A Scam

1) Unknown creator

The first red flag flag I always look for is whether the person or the main company that created the website is hidden. If they are hidden, then it means that they have something to hide, obviously.

They are hiding because they have something to lose by giving us their real identities and that’s the fact that we would be able to recognize them if ever they kept on creating scams.

Moreover, if we knew who was behind those scammy websites, we’d pursue them and make them pay! We’d probably make sure they got into trouble with the law.

Which is exactly what they don’t want, right?

Remaining hidden means that they can create as many scammy websites as they like and never get caught.

2) Lies about creation date

When you scroll down, you’ll see something like “2006 – 2020” at the bottom of the page. Well, this means that they claim to have been around since 2006 and that’s the same red flag I found with VriVideon and NteVideon.

However, when we consult WHOIS, we find out that the website was actually created in May 2020. Take a look below.

Why would they lie to you, might be your next question, right? Well, a website that has been around for much longer tends to not be a scam, whereas scams disappear after just a few months or a year.

They want to make you trust them so as to sign up with them. But don’t fall for it! I think lying is worse than actually admitting it’s a brand new website.

3) No transparency

Then, you have the fact that they never tell you about any requirements that need to be met in order to cash out. That can be confusing initially because you don’t know what amount of dollars you’re working towards, right?

But then, when you try to cash out, they only tell you one requirement at a time, not all at once, which I think is pretty shady and weird for a GPT website. They usually don’t make your life harder, but look to make you understand easier.

ApVideon is completely the opposite! They first give you once requirement to meet then give you another one as soon as you meet the first one. Why don’t they give you all the details in one go?

That’s because they’re building up for something and that’s the fourth red flag.

4) Asked to pay for referrals

You see, when you accumulate your earnings to $100 and are then asked to pay for referrals, you’ll have no problem paying $10 – $15 for them because you already made $100, right? You’d still be $85 – $90 in profit.

But beware because ApVideon actually does not have the intention of paying you at all!

What’s happening here is that they want to make you accumulate $100 so that you pay THEM for the referrals. That’s how the scammer behind the website makes money.

GPT websites don’t ask for money and most will allow you to pay for any fees with your balance inside the dashboard. it’s very, very uncommon to see a website asking for a payment method for something that is complete garbage, like BUYING referrals.

Moreover, the reason that I think this is a sham is because they’re selling referrals for dirt-cheap! 144 referrals for $21.

It makes no sense because keeping the referrals would result in those people making more money! ApVideon says that the override on referrals is 40%, which means that you will make 40% of their earnings.

It took me about 4 hours to make $100 and letting the videos play while you do other things around the house is not that hard, so 40% of that per referral means that you’d make $40 per referral, per day!

That’s almost $4000 every day that you would be losing if you sold your referrals for $21! Now you see why it makes no sense?

ApVideon.xyz – A Scam?

Oh yeah! I definitely thing that ApVideon is a scam and that you should avoid it. It is a complete waste of your time and money. I don’t see any sense to signing up with ApVideon, other than making the creator behind the website rich.

There are just too many red flags, like the hidden creator, the lies about the creation date, no transparency and even asking you for money! That’s going too far! They thought that an expert like me wouldn’t catch them?

But moreover, even the business model makes no sense! There are probably Youtubers behind such a service that are looking for views and they would pay per view of the video.

But don’t you think that it’s a bit excessive to pay SO MUCH for a view? Like I mentioned earlier, other legit GPT websites only pay a few cents per view so why would any Youtuber come to ApVideon for their services when they could get it for cheaper elsewhere?

If there are nobody using the services, there will be no money coming in and thus, there’s no money for you to make. It’s as simple as that!

That’s why I think that ApVideon is a big scam. Let me know in the comments if you agree with me… 🙂

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Thanks for reading my ApVideon.xyz review and as usual, I really would love it if you could leave a comment below about your experience with this website. It will really help me out and help others reading this blog as well.

Lots of Love,


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