ArbiMate Review – Will You Make Easy Profits With Retail Arbitrage?

Welcome to my arbiMate Review!

Are you looking to find out whether arbiMate is a scam or whether it will really work as advertised? Is it a method or a software that you will be able to use to escape the rat race and to reach financial freedom? Or is there anything that is being hidden from you, like so many of the other sales pages and videos?

We can agree here that sales pages are not exactly honest and will do what they can and say what they want to say, just to sell you the product. Is arbiMate any different, or will you just end up wasting your time and money?

Those are great questions and that’s exactly what I will be discussing within this review. Just note that I do NOT promote arbiMate and I won’t be bribing you with uselss bonuses just so I can make money from you. That’s not how I roll. I just want to bring you the truth so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get right into this review, shall we?

arbiMate At A Glance

Website: (Releasing February 25, 2019)

Owner: Cyril Jeet

Purpose: Make money doing retail arbitrage

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend it?: No…

What Is arbiMate?

I have to admit that I am impressed with the wealth of information that is available on the sales page about arbiMate and how it works, because most other programs will not tell you what it is they want to teach you, nor will they explain how the process works.

On the other hand, you come to know that arbiMate is a plugin that must be installed and activated on a WordPress website that will allow you to make money using a method called retail arbitrage. Contrary to what the sales page says about not needing hosting, you’ll need one and a website to use this plugin, so I’m a little disappointed there.

Retail arbitrage is a way of doing e-commerce online, where you won’t need to buy or stock any inventory. It is a method of finding low-cost items on a platform and re-selling it at a higher price on another platform, in order to turn out a profit. It is similar to drop-shipping but with a twist.

This plugin will supposedly help you save countless hours of digging through product after product and trying to find out where it is sold for cheaper so that you can turn out a profit. The two platforms that this plugin uses is Amazon and Walmart. It will help you find cheap products on Walmart to be resold on Amazon for a higher price.

Although this sounds like a wonderful idea, there’s more work involved than they are letting on, which is, unfortunately, more common than you imagine. The page is not as hyped up as many of the other sales pages I have seen for other products, but it nonetheless, only shows you one side.

As a smart business-person though, you have to know BOTH sides in order to make an informed decision.

How arbiMate Works

Like I mentioned earlier, arbiMate is a plugin that will only work if you have a website. You can head on to (not to get a free domain and be able to download and install the plugin, which is not that difficult.

Once you upload, install and activate the plugin, you will be able to use it to find profitable products at low cost on the website and be able to resell them on Amazon. The plugin is easy to use and I like how you can find products using categories as it makes looking for profitable products easier.

You also have the choice of checking a specific product using their Walmart URL and the plugin will give you the details pertaining to that specific listing.

The one thing that I was disappointed at was the inaccuracy of the profit margins of some products because it shows you the MAXIMUM profit you can make, when what would have been more accurate would have been the MINIMUM profit.

This makes a huge difference because sometimes, it may look like you could make $50 profit on a product when really, it’s only $5-$10. Let’s take an example of a small teddy bear that is sold for $7.99 on Walmart. The profit margin says $52, but Amazon is really only selling it for $17.

You have to BEAT Amazon’s price, which means that you’ll need to sell it at under $17 for you to get any sales at all. So as you can see, it’s not realistic to list a small teddy bear for $59.99 to make a profit margin of $52 because it just won’t sell at that price point.

For a plugin that claims to do MOST of the work on autopilot, I just don’t think that it does what’s promised, because there isn’t really anything that is done on autopilot. You STILL have to go to Amazon to find what the optimal price will be before you list your product.

What’s done for you with the plugin in my experience, is a list of products that you could potentially profit from. That’s a great help compared to wasting hours combing each and every product on Walmart to possibly find a profit margin, or not, on Amazon.

It saves time, but it definitely is NOT a guarantee that each item suggested will be profitable. There’s still research to be done afterward.

Things You Should Know Before Using This Plugin

If I hadn’t already been experienced doing e-commerce on Amazon and other marketplaces online, I would still have purchased this plugin as a newbie, despite the few flaws. But there are some VERY important things to consider before you start using your plugin.

1) Still need to do research

I did mention this briefly but I wanted to make sure that I emphasized it; you will need to still do some research before you actually list a product for sale, and it goes far beyond just the price.

You need to find out the quality of the product you want to list on Amazon because often times, the products may have a good profit margin, but might result in high returns because of bad quality or durability. A way to do that is to go through reviews that customers leave.

You’ll also want to see if the item is in big demand by looking at the number of orders placed and how many vendors are selling it.

Without doing this research, you could very well lose money or lose your selling privileges.

2) INSANE Competition

As a new seller, it will be very hard for you to start gaining trust because you won’t have ANY customer reviews, compared to those who have been there for years and years and who have accumulated hundreds to thousands of customer reviews.

Because of this, you will find yourself driving your prices VERY low, hoping that people will be attracted by the price and will disregard that you have no reviews. In many cases, you might need to even accept LOSING money for a while to gain those reviews, before you can adjust to the normal selling price.

3) Amazon fees

An Amazon Seller account is free to create, but you’ll need to pay fees with each sale you make; there is a $0.99 fee per sale you make as well as a percentage of 2%-10% of the SALE price that will get deducted in addition.

So factor these in before you list your products because you might think you would get a $5 profit from a listing, when you’re really only taking half of that home.

4) Pressured to offer FREE shipping

When doing research on Amazon for a certain product you want to list, you will find that the top 3 that occupy the BUY BOX will have free shipping available. Your goal is to get to the BUY BOX and hence, your price will need to be LESS than the current one at 3rd place with FREE shipping to your customers.

However, often times, you will be responsible to pay for SHIPPING on Walmart, to ship the item to your customer, depending on what they have bought from you. Some items on will only come with free shipping with over $35 purchase, others are not eligible for free shipping at all.

Not only will Amazon fees bite into your profits, but so will the shipping cost. You will have to calculate that before you list your item on Amazon. This can be tricky because shipping prices vary from destination to destination and if calculated improperly, could result in you actually paying out of pocket.

5) The Shipment Process

It’s not so hard to understand that for each sale you make on Amazon, that you’ll have to order the item from Walmart on behalf of the customer, put in their name and address and pay for it.

Walmart is like Amazon; it has a lot of vendors. So vendors will use their own boxes and promotional fliers and invoices when shipping to the customer. The customer will then know that they were ripped off because invoices will list the actual price of the item on Walmart, not the one you posted on Amazon.

If ever they make a complaint to Amazon about this, you could easily lose your selling privileges and believe me when I say this; Amazon does NOT easily lift bans.

6) Resell Rights

Whatever products are sold on the Walmart website, Walmart has resell rights to them ALL. In other words, they are legally allowed to resell these items and won’t be pursued to making money on them.

But you on the other hand, do not have such rights and are therefore, not legally allowed to resell them and make money on them. If you’re caught, which happens quite often on Amazon, you’re gonna find yourself banned forever unless you are able to send documentation to them to prove that you are an authorised reseller.

Of course, you won’t have any such document and you will lose all chances of being able to sell on Amazon ever again. Amazon only allows you to have ONE account and will catch and close your second account you try to open afterwards, so be very careful!

You really only have one chance at this!

7) Not passive income

Arbitraging in any way, seems like a good way to make money, just like dropshipping but the big problem with this model, is that you’ll need to constantly be working everyday in order to make any money. Amazon has a policy; that all items must be shipped within 48 hours.

So when you do get busy with this, you’ll need to look at speicifications of what products were ordered and order them EACH from Walmart. Not only do you have to go through each order, but you also have to make sure you do send them within 48 hours and notify Amazon.

The other thing to keep in mind is customer service, returns and exchanges. Seeing as you wouldn’t be going through the FBA program on Amazon, you’ll need to take care of questions and inquiries, complaints, returns and exchanges, which results in A LOT of work.

So don’t expect that this is going to give you time freedom, because it won’t! There’s no passive income to be made from arbitraging.

Is arbiMate A Scam?

No, I don’t think that arbiMate is a scam but that does not mean that I approve of the plugin. On the other hand, I actually don’t recommend that you use arbiMate to do business on Amazon because you could lose your selling privileges forever. This plugin might do more harm than good.

As you can see, there are some perks to using arbiMate but only if you know the rules to e-commerce and knowing the fine-prints of using Amazon and Walmart. These are things that these gurus are never going to disclose to you and although what they say on the sales page seems awesome, there are a lot of drawbacks as well.

I personally don’t think that arbiMate is such a good plugin at all because there is still work and research to be done, you’ll need to use it on a website or else it’s useless and you’ll also have to face customer service, returns and exchanges because of the nature of the business.

Don’t forget about possibly getting banned because of complaints coming from customers who find out they’re overpaying or even from not becoming an authorised seller of certain items. You only get one chance to impress Amazon and one mistake can cost you big time!

So is arbiMate as good as it sounds now? Not to me and I don’t recommend it!

Want A Better Alternative To Making Passive Online Income?

Knowing that arbiMate may not be for you only solves half of the problem, doesn’t it? The other half is to find out HOW you can actually make good money online and in a way that does not risk your reputation or being banned anywhere. The truth with Amazon is that you’re still gonna have to play by their rules.

But a true BOSS plays by his own rules, right?

Well, I can introduce you to such a business model and it’s called affiliate marketing; it’s where you simply recommend products that solve your audience’s problems and you get a cut of each sale that you facilitate. The work entailed is much easier than having to deal with Amazon and e-commerce.

All I do everyday, is write an article that takes me 2 – 3 hours. I make sure to include a keyword so Google, Bing and Yahoo can send me free visitors and buyers and I’m done! All I do is type!

Would yo like to learn how to start such an online business for free?


The best part is that you get to try EVERYTHING, the training, the tools and the award-winning support for completely FREE and get to take your time to make your decision. We won’t just hand you a plugin and have you figure it all out on your own; we actually hold your hand and give you step-by-step instructions on how to become successful.

Sign up for it and I’ll get in touch with you on the inside. You’ll also be able to contact me inside if you’re ever stuck or have questions. I make a passive income from this so what’s better than to learn from somebody who has seen success with this?

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