Art Flair’s Blaze Review – Will You Make $400+ Within 45 Minutes?

Welcome to this Blaze Review, a program created by Art Flair.

There are pretty bold claims made about the time needed to make this program work, as well as how much you could potentially cash in.

I know he is a real person and he is well-known in the online world, but does that mean he is speaking the truth? Does that mean that he will keep his promises? Not necessarily, right? There are tons of online programs that make such bold claims and you may already know that most of them are scams anyways.

So within this review, I’ll tell you everything that I found out about the program and whether in my honest opinion, it will be worth it for you to join and try to make money using the methods taught.

Blaze At A Glance

Website: ArtOfMarketing.Academy/blaze-live/

Owner: Art Flair

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95 + upsells

Do I Recommend it?: Not suitable for beginners

What Is Blaze?

Art explains Blaze as being a program that will teach you how you can learn to set up your business within 45 minutes and to be able to profit over $400 every single day. You’ll be shown to do this using free resources and you can make it work even if you are a total newbie.

He advertizes this program as being a FAST way of making money online, where you’ll be able to start earning right away. Apparently, he does not make outrageous claims like some of the other “make-money-online” programs out there.

But that’s where I have to correct him. Most scams or low-quality programs will tell you EXACTLY what he is telling you right now; make money with little set up time, make money fast, make money as a newbie, start earning today and that too, as much as $400!

If these aren’t outrageous claims, then I don’t know what is! Sure, even I was a newbie at some point. I wasn’t born with a computer in my hand, but there just isn’t a system that can be set up and forgotten to make you money on autopilot.

As a newbie, you need to learn the basics of making money online and to understand what it takes to become successful. If you don’t, then the simple (and sad) fact is that you just won’t be successful. You need to also give your business time to grow, for you to become trusted.

What I just HATE is that those gurus make it sound so easy to make money online when in fact, it’s really not! People are more aware of the red flags to look for in a program now, and thus, they won’t give you their money so easily.

Beware of programs that advertize “fast money” and those that want to entice you with huge amounts of money without having to work hard.

How Does Blaze Work?

Do you ever get frustrated when the sales page of a program does not give you enough details to actually KNOW what you’re buying? I DO!

And that’s the case with Blaze right now. If you scoured the sales page, you wouldn’t have a clue of what Art wants to teach you. It’s like walking into an electronics shop to have NO descriptions of the features available on the laptops. The sales man tells you THIS one is good but isn’t willing to give you any detail.

Would you buy from such a shop? No, right? How come you can be expected to purchase from Art then, when you’ve got no information about what you’re buying and whether or not it’s the right one for you?

But that’s why you’re here, right? To find out what Blaze is about.

The training within Blaze is geared towards showing you how to make money with affiliate marketing. It’s in video format, which makes the training very easy for newbies to follow and understand.

Making money wth affiliate marketing is fairly easy to understand as well; what you have to do is to promote products or programs and when you facilitate a sale, you get paid a commission off of that sale. What you need to do is try to get your unique link (or affiliate link) in front of as many people as possible to maximize sales.

The best way to go about affiliate marketing as per Art, is to create a blog. I applaud him! I actually agree with him because blogging will allow you to get ranked within the search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and thus, you will be able to get a ton of free traffic to your website that way.

Then, you’ll also be able to do some social media marketing and he will also show you how to properly advertize via Solo Ads, if you don’t mind paying.

Missing Training

Oh yes! This is VERY bad! Although Art recommends that you start creating your blog, he does not give you the instructions on how to do it.

Sure a lot of you might be saying that it’s easy to do, but I remember when I was a newbie, I had absolutely NO idea how to create or maintain a blog. I didn’t know what domain or webhosting was. I didn’t know what SEO was and I didn’t know what a keyword was.

If you’re a newbie, these may all sound foreign to you, as if I’m speaking another language.

That’s why that I say this program is not suitable for newbies, because of the fact that there is a missing link. He does not even refer you to where you can learn how to create a blog. You’ll need to go out completely on your own and end up BUYING yet another program to learn blogging.

I think that if you have to go outside of a system to learn or to get answers to your questions, then the program isn’t as good as advertized.

If you are an intermediate/advanced online marketer and know a little bit about websites, then this may work out, but if you’re a complete newbie, you’ll be completely lost!

Will Blaze Live Up To Your Expectations?

What I have to say is that the sales page is full of hype and will REALLY NOT live up to your expectations and neither will Art keep his promises. You see, he promised to sky-rocket your income to over $400 a day using FREE resources.

However, within the training, although some free alternatives are provided, he says he recommends the paid ones.

What this is, is pure deception! Because you will NOT be able to sky-rocket your income to $400 a day using the free resources, specially not building a blog. I make money incorporating blogging and affiliate marketing, so you can trust me to know what I’m talking about.

You need money, time and patience to build a blog. You need to pay for a domain registration, webhosting, a SSL certificate and so on. You also need to write a little everyday to keep your blog updated so you can rank higher and you also need a lot of patience!

A blog will not readily get indexed and ranked by Google, because Google is hard to please. You need to constantly be writing and your domain name needs to be over 6 -9 months old to be completely trusted by Google. Then only will you get regular traffic to your website and where the sales will start coming in.

But didn’t Art say it only took 45 minutes to set up? That’s a lie!

We receive another punch in our face when he shows us how to invest in Solo Ads. Solo Ads can be described as “renting” somebody else’s email list in order to promote our own products. This is a good way to advertize but is VERY expensive. A package for a good email list could start from $300+.

So as you can see, it won’t only cost you the initial fee of $12.95 to make this program work. There are a lot of missing links that a newbie will just not be able to figure out on their own, unless they purchase another course or the upsells.

Blaze Review – My Final Thoughts

The fact that the sales page is so full of hypes already told me a few things about the program and the main one is that it was not going to be as described. A system that only requires 45 minutes of set up and that will make you over $400 a day just does not exist.

A business, whether online or offline, requires maintenance and as such, you won’t make money over night. Art starts off the training really good but then, you realize that there is missing training. You won’t become successful unless you invest in a blog.

Consider the amount of money needed, as well as the technical know-how on how to submit your posts to Google and the other search engines to get ranked. Without that information, you’ll fail completely.

Art promises that all resources will NOT be paid ones and yet, that’s what he recommends. I know, paid resources will get you results much faster and will be better in the long-term, but my point is that it should have been mentioned somewhere on the sales page and it wasn’t.

I believe that Art is like most other make-money-online program creators, where he is only looking to make as much money as possible. He claims he won’t give you outrageous claims and yet, that’s all there is on his sales page. He does not even give you worthwhile information for you to be able to make an informed decision.

To me, this is too fishy and I would certainly not want to give my money to somebody like that, even if the program is not a scam. I do not recommend Blaze!

What I Recommend Instead To Make Passive Income Online

Making money doing affiliate marketing the right way, it’s to create your blog and to blog on it as much as you can. Then you can incorporate your link within. It’s a very lucrative way of making money online and I personally know a few people that are able to make over $5K within 2 years of starting their blog.

Not even completing one year, I personally have been able to create part-time, passive income thanks to my blog. The good news is that the program that taught me, has a free trial where you can also learn how to start your own online affiliate marketing business.

There are no fees at sign up and you can remain a free member forever (although I would recommend that you sign up for the premium version because of the oh! so many perks). You get 2 free websites, free webhosting, a free keyword tool forever, as well as premium support for 7 days so you can experience it.


And I will actually also share my tips and tricks with you, to kick-start your journey to success. Without the training within this platform, the tools or simply the support available, you won’t be able to make it in the online world.

Sign up now to experience it and I’ll get in touch with you on the other side.

Your Friend,


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