Auto Affiliate Program Review – Does it Really Work?

There are tons of products on ClickBank that promise to make you money fast and easy, and Steven from Auto Affiliate Program claims that he has the perfect system for you to make passive income online.

But how does it work? Is it worth it? Will you really become financially-free by signing up and follwing the program? Or is it just a scam where you’ll be making Steven richer?

Well, in this Auto Affiliate program Review, I will be discussing the program in order for you to be able to recognize whether it will be worth it for you or not.

At A Glance

Name: Auto Affiliate Program


Owner: Steven Hall

Purpose: Help you make passive income using free ebooks

Price: $47 / month

Recommended?: Let’s fine out… 😉

About Steven and The Birth of Auto Affiliate Program

Steven Hall seems like a pretty honest guy as he goes over all the perks of the business with you. He is a real person and somebody who has become very successful at what he does, so he does have some credibility. The concept he explains is pretty easy to understand; give away FREE eBooks and make money through affiliate links within the eBooks.

He says that it is a system that you can work on today and start making passive money tomorrow. It is a model that is earning him thousands every single week and he claims that just anybody can do it, as he has made everything as automated as possible for you.

This means that the learning curve is not that great and that also means that you can make money at the click of a few buttons. There was apparently about 10 years’ testing that had to be done before this program could go live in late 2012. He had to create something that was automated to help his friends out but made it available for us.

What You Get and How it Works

As I mentioned, the way to make money with the system, is to promote free ebooks, that will have your own unique link embedded within that will lead the reader to a paid item, where if they actually buy it, you make a cut of the sale, a commission.

Don’t worry, you’ll have all the ebooks pre-written for you. You won’t have to go looking for writer and paying them thousands of dollars and you won’t have to write them yourself. All you have to do is choose an ebook you like, promote in one of the two ways that’s showed within the training and make money!

The first way to get people to read the eBooks, is to promote your website link. You don’t have to go outside the website at all to create or host a website because you’ll have one that will be a duplicate one that’s pre-made for you, with ALL the ebooks on this website. Steven claims that this is helpful because it will seem like a store with full of FREE stuff for your readers where they can choose ebooks to read from different categories.

The second way is to actually promote the link for a specific book and have people download them directly to their computer. Also note that you can have the option of either capturing their email or not capturing their email. This system has its own autoresponder than you can use but it will cost you extra.

Now, however you choose to share these ebooks, as soon as you sign up through the system, your affiliate links will be embedded within them automatically so you can start your promotion. Even if your readers pass on copy to their friends, or share the ebook on social media, the content cannot be altered and thus the affiliate link will remain yours.

The Flaws of the Program

1) Automated System – Although this system is a truly done-for-you program, I’m a little disappointed. In this age, compared to 2002, you don’t need to learn any coding in order to create a website or make money doing affiliate marketing.

It is so easy nowadays to create  one (at the click of a few buttons actually), so nothing needs to be as automated as this program. The reason that it is so automated, is to keep you dependent on the program to extract the $47 monthly fee from you.

Just imagine if one day Steven woke up with another brilliant idea and completely dumps this program? What is he stops updating the training and tactics on there? What about the ebooks? Ebooks can become oudated very fast and that brings me to the next point.

2) Outdated eBooks – I understand that a lot of work and money has gone into creating these ebooks, but in my opinion, I think that the titles are old and are not catchy enough for today’s audience. I have even had somebody say that they were losing likes on their fan page because of these books and immediately stopped promoting them.

And to be honest with you, it is so difficult to edit eBooks ad to create different versions and this making them so easy to become old and outdated, which is exactly what happened here, with the titles. Some of the books are actually okay and helpful, but give it a few years and you wont be able to even convince people to sign up for these, even if it’s free.

3) Duplicate Website – The other problem that I see with this system, is the duplicate website. As much as it sounds like less work and more money, you are mistaken. The BEST way to get visitors to a website, specially for affiliate marketing, is through organic traffic, meaning through searches conducted within Google, Bing and Yahoo.

I have been making money online now for almost 3 years and I can tell you that these search engines love UNIQUE content. Duplicate content stands no chance. If they happen to find out that your website is a cloned one, then nobody will EVER be able to find the website through a search alone.

Additionally, this will make your website hard to trust, especially because it is not trusted. Nowadays, even downloading free stuff from the internet could turn some people off and make them think that it is intended to implant a virus on their computer, especially if it is outdated. That’s even worse! And that brings me to my next point.

4) Paid Ads to Get Traffic – So, the only way to get to visitors, is for you to be constantly sharing your link on social media or using paid ads. With social media, you have to be doing the work every single day, sharing, and thus, it is not as passive.

With Ads, you have to spend money into them, which is a good thing as long as you are experienced and know how to target your audience. If you’re a newbie attempting Paid Ads, you need to test out several campaigns before finding out which one has the highest rate of return, which means more money and time. It is VERY easy to lose money with Ads, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

5) Actually Making Money with Affiliate Marketing – And the last point to discuss about the program, is the way that you’re going to make money. Don’t get me wrong; affiliate marketing is a wonderufl way of making money online and yes, it can result in making passive, full-time income online. I am an affiliate marketer, so I do know what it takes.

Although this method will work eventually, it will take a newbie a lot of time to start making money with this model. One; because affiliate marketing is not being tackled quite the right way and two; because as a newbie, you won’t have anybody to promote to.

You will benefit adequately from this program only if you already understand how affilaite marketing and paid ads work and if you already have a big following on social media / your own website.

Making $1000 within your first month is not realistic. I know he makes the claim that you will be able to make that much money within a short period of time with this system, but it is a sales pitch.

Go For It or Avoid It?

In my opinion, this program is not a scam but it would still be best to avoid it because you are not given enough control over your own business. Everything is so automated, that you become dependent 100% on the system. Should the system have any glitch, any problems, any stoppage, no updates, then down you go with the whole system.

I also don’t like that the ebooks titles are not made too attractive and are a little outdated, because this will definitely affect your conversion rate. Also, just having an ebook with no synopsys of what it is about and what it will help your visitor with, will NOT encourage your visitors to download, much less buy what’s recommended within.

It is also misleading that Steven tells you that you will be able to make passive income as of tomorrow with the system. He seems like an honest guy because most of everything else that he has explained were pretty much what affiliate marketing is and what you can expect from the program, but you can’t make money as fast as he claims.

Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT Way – With You Being 100% the Owner

If you have been on my website before, you would know that whenever I don’t recommend a program, I give a legit alternative to making money online in an attempt to help you. Because this is the solution that I know you’re looking for.

You were looking for a review of this program to find out whether it would help you or not and now that you know it won’t do you any good, here’s what I recommend.

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