Auto Chat Profits Review – Is It Really Going To Make You $400 Daily?

Welcome to this Auto Chat Profits Review!

There are some pretty bold claims made about this program; such as being able to make over $400 a day. But we both know that there are just too many scams on the internet and each one is trickier to identify than the last. That’s why you made the smart decision to look at my review today.

If you’re wondering whether it’s a scam that’s going to run with your money, or a legit program that’s going to change your life around, you’re on the right review. By the end of this review, you’ll understand exactly what this program is about and how it works, to make a well-informed decision.

I will be sharing everything that I found out about this program (things that no other review is going to tell you) so stick around until the end!

Auto Chat Profits Review At A Glance


Owner: UNKNOWN (Spokesperson – Samantha Smith)

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37 / Free 30-Day Trial ($7/month thereafter)

Do I Recommend It?: No

What Is Auto Chat Profits?

Before watching the video, I expected this program to be a complete scam, just like many of the other ClickBank products on the internet. I mean, it has a sales page making big income claims and it had a video with a spokesperson trying to convince you that the software worked, saying that it was a set-and-forget software.

After all, most of the programs that make such claims turn out to be either scams or low-quality programs. They are so bad that you would either lose money or they just do not work as advertised. I was sure it was the same with Auto Chat Profits too.

Additionally, there’s always a CATCH that is never revealed until you’re INSIDE of the program. I just hate that these people are able to make money off of those who don’t have the money to LOSE. They’re looking at programs to MAKE money after all.

Another fact to consider, is that we don’t know who the creator of the program is and that is always a red flag. It is mentioned at the bottom of the sales page that the spokesperson is using a nick name too. If they’re so bent on HIDING who they are, then it’s obviously because they have something to hide, right?

One more thing; the income proofs that are given cannot be trusted. Wanna know why? That’s because the video talks about making money as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank and the income proofs show that the money was made as a VENDOR!

An affiliate marketer does not CREATE products to be sold; they only promote other people’s products. However, a vendor is somebody who creates products to be sold to customers, and especially, to be promoted by their affiliates. That’s a red flag, because it does not really assure me that the money was made using the method within the program.

Anyway skepticism aside, let’s get inside the program to see how it works.

What Do You Get Inside?

Just like the demo, you get access to the instructions that will help you create your Clickbank account and your done-for-you website. Then, you will be connecting your Clickbank account ID with your website and the software is going to merge them both together.

What I really don’t like though, is the fact that you cannot choose your own to purchase your own domain name and will have to choose from the ones supplied by Auto Chat Profits. The disadvantage to that, is that you’re NEVER going to become the owner of that domain.

The next step would be for you to send traffic to your website, where the chat will start between your website and your visitor. The chat bot with ask your visitor some questions about what they are looking for and will browse Clickbank for products that will meet your visitors’ requirements.

The product will then be shown to your visitor using your Clickbank affiliate link so when your visitor purchases the product, you’re going to make a commission. Through the chat, your visitors will be required to give their email address so that you can keep in touch with them. This is perfect for email marketing.

Maintaining contact with your visitors even after they are shown the products is important, because in case they do not buy anything, you always have the chance to reach out at a later date with other options for them. Auto Chat Profits comes with some training on Solo Ads to do that.

I have to admit that this method is a very unique idea and can be one that will work and as such, this has completely changed my mind about Auto Chat Profits being a scam. However, there are still some important things to consider.

The Catch – Uh… Catches – Of Auto Chat Profits

1) Done-For-You Website

The fact that this is a done-for-you program is the first thing that you have to worry about. You could ask me how that can be a bad thing. If you just want to make money online temporarily, then it might not be such a big deal, but if you’re like me, who wants to build a long-term sustainable online business, it’s a big problem.

Done-for-you programs NEVER become yours and as such, you don’t have any control over them. Take for example, the website that’s going to be built for you. The domain name was chosen and bought by the CREATOR of the program. Though the video says you’re paying for the HOSTING, you’re not the owner.

Domain registration and Hosting usually need to be renewed every year. What will happen if the creator of the program decides not to renew them? Take away the website and your tool to getting people to buy and to subscribe disappear. So does your income.

The chat software behind the website is not yours either. The only things that will truly be yours, will be your Clickbank account as well as your autoresponder account, but without a proper website, you’re not going to be making money just by having these accounts.

That’s why I always stress that having your OWN website is important. That’s the only way to make sure that you’re independent and in control of your business.

2) ClickBank

Clickbank is a wonderful place to sell and buy digital products and like every marketplace, you’re going to have good products and bad products. When you’re in control of your business, you’re picking and choosing what to promote yourself and by doing so, you are able to avoid the bad products.

But when you have a done-for-you software that is just going to match products with the requirements of your website visitors, the software just won’t know whether it’s a good or a bad product being recommended.

Sure, a product could be best-selling and bringing in a lot of revenue, but by letting the software do the work, your website is going to lose a lot of credibility because people might go on to buy BAD programs that will just not work.

Moreover, what your website is going to promote, are make-money-online programs from ClickBank, and they don’t have a good reputation. The make-money-online programs there are usually garbage, with the exception of a handful. I can count on my fingers how many programs I have found that actually work.

3) Solo Ads

Solo Ads can be defined as the “renting” of another person’s email list to promote your own products. With this method, you pay for the rights to send ONE email to that person’s whole email list and what this will allow you to do, will be to grow your own list as well as to make money when people buy your recommended products.

Solo Ads is not bad, but there are some risks associated with this way of growing your list and getting traffic.

The first thing to consider, is that it’s expensive. And there is NO guarantee that you’re going to make the money back. You could be paying close to $1 per click (you will usually be sold 100 clicks for $90 or 350 clicks for $300) and you might actually get those clicks, but not everybody will be interested to BUY.

Additionally, the quality of those clicks can be questionable, depending on WHO you buy Solo Ads from. Some will pay others to just CLICK on your link to be paid a few cents. Naturally, these types of clicks will NEVER convert. They are not interested in your offer.

As such, other ways to get traffic would be through social media or forums (which is A LOT of constant work) or Youtube (which is the BEST way to tackle getting traffic for this kind of website). SEO, Search Engine Optimization, will not work because Google and the search engines don’t bother to rank one-page websites.

Is Auto Chat Profits A Scam? – Final Thoughts

Depending on your point of view, Auto Chat Profits may or may not be a scam.

Some people will say that it’s not a scam because you are actually getting a service or tools with your money, not to mention the fact that this method could actually really work. Additionally, there is also a 60-day money-back guarantee offered through ClickBank, so you could even get a refund and you wouldn’t be at a loss.

Others could say that it’s a scam because of the misleading claims that you could make money starting TODAY, because of the fact that the owner of the program is remaining anonymous and also because the income proof does not match what the program wants to teach.

I can see both sides of the picture but I wouldn’t recommend Auto Chat profits. A big problem will be getting traffic to your website without spending and the fact that ClickBank is not very reputable when it comes to the make-money-online programs on the platform.

I would rather take FULL control of my own business and make sure that I am providing value to my visitors. I wouldn’t want to run into the risk of my hosting or domain name not being renewed and having to start from scratch every year.

The BEST Way Is To Be In FULL Control!

That’s the reason why I have my own website. I wanted to be in full control of my own business and I wanted to make money from home for the long-term, never to go back to my day-job ever again. And I can honestly, and proudly, say that I’m making passive income from it from actually helping others.

What you need, is a training platform that will guide you step by step, and that also has the tools as well as the support that you need to move to the next level in your life. if you want to benefit forever, you have to learn the business and put it in place yourself.

I know what you need because I used to be in the same shoes as you. What you need, is the exact same platform that has taught me everything that I needed to know about making money online doing affiliate marketing. All I do everyday, is type on my laptop a few hours, let Google and the search engines take care of the rest.

It does not start off being that easy, but that’s how it can eventually become for you as well, if you just take the time to learn the basics on what it takes to become successful online. The best part, is that I can get you start for FREE. I don’t make any money when you join as a free member, so know that I genuinely care about helping you.


What you’re going to learn is going to change your life! I’ll get in touch with you inside and I will share my tips and tricks with you, to help you kickstart your journey. It all starts with you taking action.

Til then, remain safe!

Your Friend,



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