Auto Online Sites Review – Will You Be Tricked By This Weird Trick?

Auto Online Sites review

Welcome to my honest review of Auto Online Sites.

If you’ve come across the sales page and were wondering whether this program is legit or a scam, then you’ve come to the right review because I will reveal everything that I’ve found out about the system, right here, right now. There are too many scams online so we can’t take any chances, right?

I’m not associated with Auto Online Sites so rest assured that I will not be pitching anything up to you. I’ll be honest and unbiased in this review to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s get the party started!

Auto Online Sites At A Glance


Owner: Paula Schaffer

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $97+

Do I recommend it?: Absolutely not! Smells like a scam

What Is Auto Online Sites?

Unfortunately, as soon as I landed on the sales page for Auto Online Sites, I knew what was coming after. But I put all my assumptions aside and watched it anyways because I didn’t want to judge a book by its cover.

The presentation is read by Paula, who says that she created your own website that is ready to make you money online right now. It only takes her a few clicks to copy her own websites over to you. She claims that it’s the easiest way to make money online that’s in existence right now.

She says that the website will make you money as you watch the video and by the end, you end up with over $200 in that account. Looks pretty impressive right? Additionally, there is no need for any special knowledge or internet marketing skills. You won’t have to do much at all, just check your account for payments, every few days.

If such a system existed, then it would absolutely be the easiest way to make money, right? You wouldn’t have to worry about bills and you’ll be able to pay off your debt, even travel for as much as you want. No more trading time for money at the office, at the warehouse, or wherever else you work.

But if things were as easy as that, don’t you think that there would have been MORE people doing it? Something like that would travel faster than the current news and people would be leaving their jobs right, left and centre. Who would keep working for their bosses after such a discovery, right?

The truth is that such a system does not exist. There is much more work and maybe even more money that’s required in order to be able to start making even $100 per day. The sales video is there to manipulate your mind to make you think that the system is what you need to get you to financial freedom.

I’ve seen them before and the programs never work as advertised. I have no doubt that Auto Online Sites is one of them.

The Red Flags! – They Indicate A Possible Scam!

I noticed a few red flags within the sales video of this program so that’s how I knew that things won’t work as advertised. I’ve seen a few of the same tactics being used in other sales videos so these are very common. I’ll outline them for you here so that you’ll be able to recognize them in the future.

1) Paula who?

Yeah, in this case we do have a last name. The creator’s name seems to be Paula Schaffer but can you really verify that? There’s no way, right? Things would have been different if she actually showed her face on camera, or showed you pictures of herself on vacation, in her car… SOMETHING!

Additionally, if she was a multi-millionaire, she would have been somewhere on the internet. She would have been on social media and it wouldn’t be so hard to confirm who she is.

Now, some people use pen names for privacy, which is totally fine. But if there wasn’t a history of scammers using fake names and pen names as a way to con and fool people, then I wouldn’t have used this as a red flag.

You see, scammers release product after product and change their names along with each new release so as not to be recognized. They will never reply to emails, they will never show their face on video, they will always hire voice actors to keep their identity hidden.

They don’t want to be sued or caught. That’s exactly how scammers work to evade the law.

But think about it: if she doesn’t tell you who she really is, then what else is she hiding from you? Income proof can also be falsified or easily stolen from the internet. What obligation does she has to tell you the truth at all, if you can’t verify anything anyways?

2) Fake testimonials too?

When it comes to having doubt about a program, you look to testimonials and listen to what others have to say in order to determine the effectiveness and the legitimacy of a program, right? The sales video does have them.

However, there is no way to verify that these testimonials are real or not. Seeing as Paula could be using  fake name, fake income proof and a fake story, what makes you think that she didn’t actually write those testimonials herself to make the program look like it works?

3) Money-Making website?

The best thing that Paula tells you, the most important thing that you’re HOPING is true is that the website she created is already making you money, right?

Well, sorry to pop your bubble, but there isn’t a website that is already making you money. She doesn’t give you any details or a screenshot of what that website looks like, right?

What is being sold on this website? Is it legal and legit? How is the money being made? How are you gonna get paid? How does the system work? There are just too many questions left unanswered for me to really believe that a website she created is already making me money.

Additionally, this kind of video needs to be pre-recorded. How would she know my name and get my information for the recording BEFORE I even put in my information? That’s impossible, right? So this way, there is no way that an account or a website was created specifically for you.

In fact, I’ve seen this same tactic being used before by other programs, such as Quick Home Websites and Money Sucking Websites.

How Does Auto Online Sites Works?

Although the sales video does not give you any details about how this system is supposed to work, Paula does say that you’ll be getting a copy of her website and that when you make money, she will make money as well. From experience, I have to conclude that the method used here to make money is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legit method to make money online where you promote other people’s products. I’m an affiliate marketer so I can tell you that it is legit and it works.

However in this case, because Paula specifically mentions “copying” her website for you to make money, I already know that the copy of the website is the sales page and sales video for Auto Online Sites. She will have you promote the same system you sign up for to make money.

Each person you get to buy the program will also have to do the same thing, like a pyramid. There’s no product.

The training and material within will only show you how to recruit for the same program. So why would you want to get into something illegal as well as pull people in with you?

But in my experience, this is not a good long-term business strategy. For one, there probably won’t be enough training to show you how to market your sales page in order to make the most money. Sure, you could make some money here and there sharing your affiliate link but you won’t make $500 per day.

You can’t expect to just create a website and to start making sales that same day. If you just leave it, it will just float in the internet space without anyone seeing it. When nobody sees it, nobody will buy, right?

If you’re thinking that it will get ranked in the search engines, like on Google, then you’re going to be disappointed. The search engines are better and better at recognizing duplicate content and they hate it! They want unique and new content from us so there’s no way you’ll show up in the search results.

So as you can see, there are too many lies on the sales page. There is way more work that is required like learning the ropes, practicing, improve your internet marketing skills and so on. It will take time for people to trust what you’re offering them before they buy from you.

Is Auto Online Sites A Scam?

It really depends on what you define as a scam.

Some people might say that Auto Online Sites is not a scam because you are given something for your money, like the sales materials and some training. And let’s not forget the money back guarantee you get from Clickbetter too. If you can get your money back, then you’re not losing money, right?

On the other hand, some others might call this a scam because of the misleading sales video, the shallow training and poor product and bloating the results to make it look like the training works, when it really doesn’t. I also don’t trust Paula because she is using a pen name.

We can’t verify her or anything that she says. We can’t verify the the income proof, nor can we make sure that the testimonials are real.

And if the program focuses on promoting itself then that’s a pyramid scheme. Why would you want to join something illegal and have other people join it, just for the sake of money? Yes, you can make some money here and there but don’t expect it to soar you to financial freedom, because it’s not gonna happen.

Based on all this, I will say that I do NOT recommend Auto Online Sites, no matter whether you think it’s a scam or not. Even if it’s not a scam, then it will most probably be so low quality that nothing will work. It’s all up to you but I suggest you stay away from the program.

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Thanks for reading my Auto Online Sites review. Have you signed up for this program? If so, how did you find it? Was it helpful, or not? Is my review spot on? How do you make money online if you’re already an internet marketer?

Your Friend,


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