Automatic Home Websites Review – Real $1000 A Day Income?

Automatic Home Websites review

Welcome to my honest Automatic Home Websites review. You’ve probably been emailed this link or saw somebody promoting this opportunity on social media.

I came across it through email to be honest and it really picked my curiosity. The email said that I could make $1000 every day, simply by pressing a button a few times. How true is this?

Well, that’s why i decided to write this review because I know you’re probably wondering the same thing. Is it a scam or will this really work? Is it really going to be life-changing?

Congrats on doing your research because so many people don’t do it and fall for programs that are low-quality or downright scams! By doing your research and specially landing on my review, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Let’s go and find out what these guys REALLY want.

Automatic Home Websites At A Glance


Creator: “Pam”

Purpose: Make money using ready-made websites

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend It?: No, it’s either a scam or so low-quality that you can’t make money from this program.

What is Automatic Home Websites?

Automatic Home Websites is presented by somebody names Pam who explains that she is able to create websites simply by clicking a few buttons, that make her thousands of dollars every single day.

What you’ll be getting by signing up with her are those same automated websites. She says that she was setting up a client’s account as she filmed and decided to use that as live proof that her websites work.

By the end of the video, that account was able to make $135, then $175, in just a few minutes.

All that sounds good, right? Actually TOO good to be true. And that’s exactly what this program is; too good to be true. It’s NOT true.

You see, I have reviewed so many different programs before over the course of the almost 3 years that I’ve been online and to be honest with you, none of these programs work as advertised. And I guarantee neither will Automatic Home Websites.

The truth is that there is a lot of work required to make money online, especially the kind of money that Pam claims. Push-button systems don’t exist!

I mean, can you really believe that Pam will do all the work for you, while you just sit there and check your stats over the week? Will you really be seeing that number in your account going up?

I don’t think so! If anything, it will go DOWN because you’ll need to pay her $47 fee, right? It really reminds me of some other similar websites that I reviewed a while back;

1) Quick Home Websites

2) Income Sites Online

3) Your Dream Websites

How many of those programs have you already bought and how many ACTUALLY worked like they claimed to? How much money were you actually able to make from them? Did you even make back your investment?

I don’t think so. And I’ll prove that it will be the exact same thing with Automatic Home Websites as well.

The Red Flags – So Serious That You Can’t Trust Them!

1) Who is Pam?

If I asked you that question, what would you say? That she is the creator of Automatic Home Websites, right? But that’s not my question. What I want to know is WHO she is, what she looks like, if she has a positive track record, her reputation.

Well, it’s pretty much impossible now to confirm any of this because Pam doesn’t really show herself. She doesn’t give you a way to contact her at all and ask her questions about the program, right?

So if she is keeping herself hidden behind her computer, how can you really trust her?

The truth is that most creators of such programs know that they will be giving you low-quality stuff and that sooner or later, you’ll figure out that the program does not work. They stay hidden so as to not get sued or fined for lying and misleading you.

That’s why knowing about the creator of a program is important. That way, you can confirm their reputation to see if they they are saying the truth.

That’s one reason that you should be very careful because if they could lie about who they are, they could lie to you for just about anything. How can you even prove that her income proofs are real and not made up using Photoshop?

2) Can’t confirm testimonials

Another thing are the testimonials. How can you prove that those aren’t made up names and made up emails to Pam? A lack of real and confirmed testimonials is a really big red flag.

Testimonials serve as a way to confirm that the system works, but when they are made up, they’re pretty much useless, right? There’s no way for you to confirm whether those are real or not.

And seeing as Pam has probably lied to you about her real identity anyway, I don’t think she’ll hesitate to lie to you about these testimonials either.

3) Limited spots

Pam keeps saying over and over again that there will be limited spots. Why?

Well, that’s just her way of telling you that you better buy it now or never get such a good opportunity again. But the truth is that this website will REALLY still be up tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, saying the exact same thing.

Automatic Income Websites is actually listed as a product on the Clickbetter website, which is an affiliate network. This means that there are affiliates promoting this useless product for financial gain.

So why would Pam really limit the number of spots on her team, if she put this up in an affiliate network? The purpose of putting a product up in an affiliate network is to make sure that affiliates are promoting it to make maximum number of sales.

So as you can see, it’s not true that the spots will be filled, as that wouldn’t make sense for Pam’s pockets. Again, this is a lie.

4) Disclaimer at the bottom

Pam actually contradicts herself on the same page. In the video, she claims that you could also be making thousands of dollars online using her websites and even showed you proof, but take a look at her disclaimer.

She actually says that nobody will make money with her “how to” training inside the members area.

So what should you believe now? She completely lies to you in the video and this is proof enough that all she wants is for you to buy the product so that she can make money. She is not interested to really help YOU earn online.

If nobody is really earning money with her program, then why bother buying it, right?

How Automatic Home Websites Works

Were you able to understand anything at all from Pam’s explanation? Well, I wouldn’t as a newbie either. The truth is that Pam is keeping it vague on purpose and just trying to get you excited about the amount of money you could make.

Which won’t be true anyways! What she wants is for you to buy the program without knowing what it is really about. Because if you knew about it, you probably wouldn’t buy it in the first place.

That’s why it’s all secret!

But to me, it’s not! That’s because when I clicked onto the button to sign up, it brought me to another program that I had already reviewed before, called Website ATM and it didn’t work as advertised at all!

Website atm review - Is website atm a scam

You’re told that you would get the websites included but that’s not true! You’ll need to buy your own domain to be able to host the website on Website ATM’s servers.

Moreover, though the website might help you with setting up a website from scratch, it won’t be enough. You can’t expect a website to just be set up and instantly receive visitors to it.

The truth is that nowadays, creating a website is easy but the hard part is to get eyeballs on your website and your offers. That’s where the hard work is; either you take time to work on a free traffic generation strategy or you PAY to get instant traffic.

Either way, whether it is free or paid traffic that you choose, Website ATM does not show you how to do this. How will you be successful this way?

There is definitely no money to be made with either Automatic Home Websites nor Website ATM. simply setting up the website will not work and make you money.

Is Automatic Home Websites A Scam?

At this point, it’s really to you whether you consider Automatic Home Websites a scam. Feel free to drop a comment in the section below to let us all know what you think.

Some people might not call it a scam because even if it doesn’t work exactly as claimed, you still are receiving something for your money. Moreover, because it is on Clickbetter, you are able to get a refund if you’re not satisfied.

Uh… who would be? LOL

But on the other hand, most people will call this a scam because it does not work as advertised. Moreover, Automatic Home Websites is not even its own system. It redirects you to another system called Website ATM.

And like I have already explained in this review, Website ATM does not work as advertised at all, neither by its own standards or by the standards set within Automatic Home Websites.

Even the red flags are irrelevant now that we know it’s all about Website ATM, because even Website ATM has its own red flags.

It is apparent that Automatic Home Websites is a scam and that you should avoid it. Seriously, don’t even consider it!

Wanna Know How I Make $400+ Every Month Working Part-Time? Here’s How!

I’m not like those scammers, I promise. I’m just a simple woman who has figured out how to make money online the RIGHT way. The truth is that most done-for you programs are garbage and you can’t make money with the push of a button.

To be honest, it requires a lot of hard work, but I don’t regret it since the hard work pays off when you do the right things at the right time and following the right training. Just take a look at the results I get every month working part-time.

And here’s another recent one!

What I do is called affiliate marketing. I write reviews on products that people are already looking to buy and when they buy through my link, I make commissions. It’s a pretty easy concept!


As long as you understand that making hundreds to thousands of dollars online takes work, then you’re already ahead of the many others who still think making money online is possible overnight. No it’s not!

But if you do invest the time in yourself to LEARN it, then you will become successful. If you get my free guide now, you’ll discover what the gurus behind programs like Automatic Home Websites are hiding from you.

They don’t want you knowing about this method else it would cause their business to fail. People wouldn’t believe them anymore, right?

Let me help you make REAL money online now!

Thanks for reading my Automatic Home Websites review. If you’ve purchased it and have had experience with this website, please share with us below. I would love to hear from you and that would also help others visiting my website.

Lots of Love,


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