AZ Sniper Review – Will You Make $1500 A Day?

It just sounds so wonderful to be able to make $1500 a day with only 10 minutes of work but we’ve all heard it before and even fell for a few scams that promised the same thing. So how do we know that AZ Sniper is not going to be another scam?

Well, in this AZ Sniper Review, I will reveal to you what’s inside the program and explain to you whether it will be worth your while to sign up for this system. I will tell you whether the techniques taught within will work or not and will also reveal a few surprises that you may not have been expecting.

So read until the end and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether this system is for you or not.

At A Glance

Name: AZ Sniper


Owner: “Stephen Ford”

Purpose: Make money online being an Amazon Affiliate

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: No, this is a scam!

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What is AZ Sniper?

AZ Sniper is explained in the sales video as being “a new and revolutionary e-commerce system”, that people are using to make $1500+ per day. I mean, the testimonials of the few people that have tested the system all say they’ve found success with it.

You are told you don’t need any kind of technical experience or qualifications to get started and that this system was created with you, the newbie, in mind. You would not be able to make the half a million dollars every year, that others are making with this system without it.

It’s not about investing into Bitcoins, stocks, binary options or a pyramid scheme. In fact, it’s about partnering with a well-known website that you have been using all along; Amazon. Apparently, this system is just a one-click system that will be able to make you $40K every single month.

All you need is 10 minutes a day and you will be able to enjoy full-time income. Stephen explains that he has thoroughly researched and tested the system, and even gave it out to be tested by others, who have had tremendous success with it.

So, does Stephen keep to his end of the bargain or will you be disappointed yet again, by trusting him?

Red Flags

Before even buying the system, I unfortunately found a few things on the sale page that seem to be red flags and that just do not make sense. I have reviewed over 100 online systems that promise to make you rich over the internet and they all had similar lay-outs.

Let me go over them and you’ll understand why I think you should be skeptical.

1) Available in your country

This is all too common; showing you that you could be making commissions just because you reside in a certain country. This system is sold on ClickBank and ClickBank products are available to over 150 countries world-wide. So if you see your country on the sales page, it is available there but also in numerous other countries.

This is a tactic used to make you think that only a few countries will ever get access to the system and is a way to push you into buying the system. It’s misleading!

2) Take a look at the disclaimer

I know! It’s boring to go over Disclaimers and Privacy Policy pages. However, they can reveal a lot of things!

In this case, it reveals that the AZ Sniper system is somehow related to The AZ Code, which I have reviewed already in the past and categorized it as a scam. It may be that that we have a serial scammer on the loose that copied and pasted the disclaimer, or it may be that another scammer is just using the AZ Code’s Disclaimer page and forgot to update it.

Either way, it just shows you that we either have a serial scammer who creates scam after scam to con people into giving him their money, or we have a scammer/individual that does not care enough to take time to write his own Disclaimers. Both cases show that you are dealing with a mediocre system.

3) Fake testimonials

Yes, you read that right! These testimonials are completely fake. I have seen them appear in numerous testimonials for other systems.

They’re actually actors that have been hired from a freelance website called Fiverr and have been paid a measly $5 for their testimonials, so that the scammer can reap and steal money from unsuspecting and innocent people that believe in the promises made.

Here are their Fiverr Profiles.

You will recognize a few of them from other make money online program promotions, such as 60 Minute Profit Plan, The Ecom Formula and 30 Day Success Club.

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4) Income Figures

I know the 5 – 6 figures shown as income for Stephen himself and those in the testimonials seem very attractive but it is something that you should not fall for.

If you look closely at how the income figures are described, you’ll realize that they are “sales” figures. There is a big difference between sales figures (gross income) and profit figures (net income). When it comes to online business, you could be pulling in 5 – 6 figures in sales, but that does not mean that it’s the amount that you’ll end up keeping.

In a business, you also have expenses and commission percentages. Commissions with Amazon are between 2 and 8%, depending on what you’re promoting. You also have to think about paying for Amazon fees, shipping fees, membership fees, website fees and other tools.

So taking into consideration that you are making $1500 in sales every single day, you would be bringing home somewhere between $30 – $120 a day, and that’s only if you have NO other fees whatsoever to pay, which will be VERY unlikely.

Those figures don’t sound as attractive now, do they?

5) Who is Stephen Ford?

You may be wondering if this question is even valid, because yes, there are lots of people that make money online and many are not well-known.

But at the same time, if Stephen was a real person, don’t you think that he would have tried to prove to you that he is real to set himself apart from the many scams online? He didn’t do that!

This means that he has no interest in actually showing you that he is a real person at all. That’s the case with a lot of scams! Remaining unknown or creating different names to present a system actually has a lot of advantages; with a pen name or a fake name, scammers can create scam after scam and use different names to promote each of them, so as not to be recognized.

That’s why it’s advisable to just stay away from those who don’t go the extra mile of presenting themselves properly. If they are not verifiable, then chances are that they are fake or created characters.

6) Secret websites

The internet is world-wide and thus, any website can be accessed from any corner of the world. As such, no website is truly “secret”. Making use of the word “secret” here will give you a feeling that there is a very close-guarded ingredient to making money online, when there’s no such thing.

The only true “secret” of making money online is that it requires work, time and patience. But of course, we are conditioned and used to getting everything instantly and thus, we are led to thinking that this is how it works with online business. But business is business; businessmen work twice as hard as employees to see real success.

7) Make $1500 a day for only 10 minutes of work daily

What would your day job pay you for 10 minutes of work? If you had a shop, how much money would you make only being open for 10 minutes per day?

The answer to both these questions is that you would not make much money. Then what makes us think that it is possible to make $1500 a day with only 10 minutes of work every day?

These scammers will say just about anything, as crazy as it may sound and we’ll believe it. That’s because we are made to act on our emotions rather than on common sense. That’s why there’s always a sob story. It’s an attempt for the scammer t try and relate to you in some way, so that you can act on your emotions.

Inside The Program

When you sign up and get into the member’s area, you’ll have 5 tabs to choose from. The first one is supposedly the introduction but it’s actually an attempt at getting more money out of you. You’ll be asked to create a free website and to sign up for a free webinar.

The free website is not actually free. You only get a free domain but you have to pay for hosting and for website protection. These packages can vary between $71 and $143 for the first year.

The free webinar, called the VIP Workshop, is nothing but a link that directs you to John Crestani’s free webinar. It is a legit program but this tells me that the owner or creator of this AZ Sniper is obviously an affiliate of this product and makes money off of you for referring you to that workshop.

Afterwards, you’ll get a few PDFs. What you’ll learn is about how to become an amazon affiliate. The information is very basic; you’ll learn about how to pick a niche or topic, how to analyze keywords, setting up your website and how to write content.

Overall, I really don’t think that all this information will really be worth the $37. Most of this information can be found online for free, so it will be useless to waste your time and money with AZ Sniper. A beginner will definitely learn a few things but don’t expect to start making $1500 on your first day.

That’s just not going to happen.

AZ Sniper Review – Wrapping Up

Based on what the sales page, what you actually get within the program, as well as based on my experiences on making money online, I do not recommend AZ Sniper. There is just too much hype, too many lies and just too much information that is misleading.

You have the fake testimonials, the disclaimer and the fact that Stephen does not even try to prove to you that he is a real person. All these three are the most relevant reasons to stay away from this program. After you sign up, you are tempted to sign up for other products that will only benefit the scammer more financially.

It takes time and work to make money online and thus, claiming that you can make $1500 for 10 minutes of work every single day is just a big fat lie. Most scammers will hide the real work that it takes to make money online because they know that it’s going to discourage a lot of people from signing up.

Therefore, they just prefer to lie to you and make easy money from those that suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”.

I highly recommend that you stay away from this system. In my opinion, you’re just going to be paying for information that you can find for free over the internet.

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