Bang Bang Profits Review – Copy And Paste Your Way to $300-Days?

Welcome to this honest Bang Bang Profits Review!

This program was created by Brendan and Jono, and I have reviewed other products by this duo before, none of which impressed me. I actually didn’t recommend them.

I’m here writing this review because I want to see if they’re improving on what they’re offering their members and so, if you’re wondering whether this is going to be a good program for you to join to be able to change your financial situation around, then read this review until the end.

You’re going to find out exactly what’s inside the program and whether it will be the right program for you.

Bang Bang Profits Review At A Glance


Owners: Brendan Mace / Jono Armstrong

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No!

What Is Bang Bang Profits?

Brendan is the one presenting the opportunity on the sales page and I’m sorry to say that every one of their programs’ sales pages say the exact same thing; that the program is going to be copy and paste, “done-for-you” and that it’s the only system that you’ll EVER need to make money online.

This is really getting old now and it’s not really believable. Brendan and Jono are known to release product after product and to be honest, if they’re supposed to work REMARKABLY and they were the only systems you would ever need, then why would they need to create program after program?

Specially here, Brendan tells you that you can make $300 on autopilot every single day and that you’ll only need 10 minutes of set up time. If online business really worked that way, then nobody would be working traditional jobs.

I used to make around $110 a day at my job working 8 hours. It would seem like a no-brainer to just quit, set this baby up in 10 minutes and start making $300 without fail everyday. Yet, why are there so many people still stuck at their dead-end jobs instead of making money online?

That’s because things just don’t work the way that Brendan and Jono claim. You need to do some hard work before you see any kind of result in ANY business, whether it be online or offline. There is also no such thing as an “automated” business. There’s always maintenance needed.

Brendan just shows you what you wanna see and tells you what you wanna hear. If you keep believing the things that they tell you, then you’re just going to keep losing your money.

How Does Bang Bang Profits Work?

As with MANY of their other programs, they don’t give you any HINT of what the process looks like for even ONE campaign. So how are you supposed to know if the program is right for YOU?

Sure, Brendan can tell you what’s included and he can show you proof that it works, but if you don’t see the process from A-Z, then how is that an informed decision?

The fact is that these sales pages NEVER tell you the truth about the program. They just want to get to your money BEFORE you find out what’s inside, because if you were to know what’s inside beforehand, you would never buy the product and they’d lose out on money.

But anyways, Brendan tells you that you’re going to be getting thirteen affiliate campaigns with each their own video review to maximize conversions and you’re also gonna get a way to get FREE traffic to your offers as well.

Fairly easy to understand.

What he wants you to do, is to apply for your affiliate link with each of those 13 affiliate program, copy and paste it into the campaigns and use his FREE method of getting traffic to the campaigns and each time somebody buys the program, you’ll make money.

ALERT! It Does Not Work As Advertised!

Looking at the sales page, you’re given the impression that it’s only going to cost you $12.95 to get access to everything mentioned, right? But the truth is that there are upsells of upto $197 each that you’ll need to purchase in order to get a CHANCE at making the kind of money advertised with the 13 campaigns.

If it’s working for them, it does not mean that it’s going to work for you. Remember, they already have a following and have established their reputation from a long time ago, and thus, will not have a hard time to make any sales.

You being a newbie, you won’t have any reputation and you won’t have a following. Additionally, the reviews of the programs are not even done by YOU! You’re not building your own business and reputation, you’re helping to build THEIRS!

Another important point, is that though you’ll have all the 13 campaigns ready to go, you’ll still need to apply for EACH and EVERY affiliate offer, and if these offers are not by Jono and/or Brendan, you might have a hard time getting accepted as newbie. That’s because you won’t have track record of sales.

There’s also no guarantee that anybody is going to approve you, specially if you’re a newbie.

Often times, you need to wait DAYS in order to get approved for an affiliate offer and ONLY THEN, will you be able to copy and paste your affiliate link to make the campaigns work for you. Else you’re not making ANY money for the sales generated through the campaigns.

And the most important thing to bring in ANY money with those campaigns, is TRAFFIC, meaning getting visitors to visit your offers. If you’re a newbie who does not know how to get people to your offers, you won’t make a dime.

Remember how Brendan said he would teach you a FREE traffic method within the program? Well, he does teach it to you, but only in his upsells!!! So not only will you be stuck NOT knowing what to do with the tools if ever you don’t get approved for the offers, but now, you also have to worry about dishing out more money, which you’re not even sure at this point, will deliver.

Final Thoughts On This Bang Bang Profits Review

You probably already have a feeling of JUST what I think about Bang Bang Profits, right? If this were so revolutionary, why is there ANY need to create program after program? If this were the real deal, then why SELL any other programs to people?

I don’t feel comfortable recommending this, because I wouldn’t even use it; not as a newbie and neither as an advanced affiliate marketer.

Newbies won’t get enough information on how to build a SOLID base for an online business with this program. There’s a ton of missing training and you’ll probably end up with a lot more questions than there are answers for within.

Advanced affiliate marketers already have their websites and they make their own reviews. They already know how to drive traffic to their offers, so this program will be useless to them.

At this point, all I can see this as being good for, is affiliate marketers promoting it to unsuspecting people, specially newbies who know nothing about how the online business works. Other affiliate marketers are going to promote this program, as well as LURE you with bonuses, to make newbies think that this is the best thing since sliced bread.

The ones who are really benefitting from this program isn’t the one who will actually try to use the training, but rather the creators of the program and their affiliates.

You can do whatever you like with your money, but if I were you, I would not purchase Bang Bang Profits.

Grow Your Business From A Solid Foundation – RECOMMENDED!

Yes, it is possible with affiliate marketing, to build a solid foundation. You just have to find the right platform where you can learn the ins and out of online business and you’ll be good to go!

But now, you might come back at me and tell me that finding a legitimate program is hard. It might be, if you don’t have the right mindset. If all you’re looking for is to “make fast money”, “make hundreds of dollars within 24 hours” or “become a millionaire in a year”, then all you’ll ever come across will be scams.

Once you understand that making serious money online asks for work, time and patience, then you’ll start seeing scams for what they really are and it will be easier for you to sift through them, without even buying them.

But thank god, you have landed on this review, because I have been through it and done that. Out of over 160 programs that I have reviewed on this website, there is one that really stands out. And it’s the platform from which I personally learned affiliate marketing.

The great news is that it’s FREE to try it out, so that you can find out whether it’s the right program for you. It has all the training, all the tools and all the support that you’ll need in order to make money online.


And I’ll even be in touch with you on the other side. You’ll have personal access to me, somebody who has found success with affiliate marketing, to answer your questions and to give you some tips and tricks that I figured out along my journey. Yes, even I was a newbie once but I learned what I now know from this platform.

Sign up now and I’ll see you on the other side. Can’t wait to start seeing your success stories!

Your Friend,



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