Beast Funnels Review – Are There More Lies With This Program?

The first thing that I really have to say is that most of the other reviews that I found on Beast Funnels are garbage. I don’t like to bad-mouth people but the truth is that they don’t tell you everything there is to know about the program.

But my Beast Funnels review is going to tell you exactly what’s good and what’s bad about it and whether or not, in my honest opinion, you should be getting this program.

The other reviews are mostly affiliates promoting it to you, so obivously they don’t want to tell you there’s anything wrong about Beast Funnels. They just want you to purchase it so they can make a commission.

But I’m not like that. By the end, you’ll know everything you need in order to make an informed buying decision.

Beast Funnels At A Glance


Creator: Brendan Mace

Purpose: Create funnels and multiply your traffic and sales

Price: $18+

Do I Recommend It?: No! I think that this software is useless to be honest, because it does not teach you how to get people to the funnel in the first place. No traiffc = no money!

What is Beast Funnels?

Beast Funnels was created by Brendan Mace and as soon as I saw his name, I knew what kind of product Beast Funnels was going to be. The truth is that I have already reviewed quite a few of this products this year.

Some of his other products are 1 Page Profits, Shotoku System and You Gen Bots and to be honest, they did not work as advertised. They had a lot of lies on the sales page.

Is he also lying to us on the Beast Funnels sales page? I bet you he is! Because think about it: if it was as easy as he claims for people to make money with this program, then why didn’t his other programs work?

He keeps making the same promises over and over again, yet, his programs are not well-rated. Want some proof of that?

So as you can see, he makes a lot of sales but the reviews and ratings aren’t good. This is proof that he knows how to tell something but that he doesn’t know how to create a product that works.

So no, don’t expect to get anything automated here, nor any “explosive profits” because this is just the kind of words that manipulate us into getting a product we don’t need. We believe them because the product sounds so good.

But don’t get sucked in because you’ll soon realize that the reality is that he is all lies! He has always been lying and I don’t think he is going to change now. 

There is no EASY way to make money online, especially not the big, fat bucks. You have to work for it, learn it, practice it and invest time into it. If you don’t have those, you don’t have what it takes to earn online, plain and simple.

But if you still insist on Beast Funnels, here are some more reasons to avoid it.

Inside The Member’s Area – What You Get

Before we get into the member’s area, you should know that there will be upsells. So as soon as you purchase it, you will be asked for more money. That’s not something that was mentioned on the sales page, right?

But I wouldn’t recommend you get them because they won’t be part of the money back guarantee. Once you buy them, your money is gone, no matter how good or how bad they are. Don’t get them because you’ll have another chance to buy them later, if you really want them.

The member’s area is comprised of a few tabs that will show you how to put funnels together, you’ll have an editor and some tutorials on how to use Beast Funnels. Then, you’ll also have access to the upsells.

The basic understanding of how this will all work is for you to create your funnels, ask for people’s email addresses so that you can build your email list, and those people on the list have to refer more people in order to be able to use the same funnel and build their list.

This is how you supposedly will have an “explosion” in traffic and sales.

When you have all those people on your list, you can then promote any affiliate offer or product that you want, as many times as you want, as long as they remain on your list.

The pages are pretty nice, I have to say. Plus, I do agree that having a list is an asset, but this only works and sounds good in theory. It does not work in practice at all!

Big Flaws – It Doesn’t Work As Advertised

1) Limited Training

The first thing that I want to mention is the fact that they promise built-in traffic, but I cannot see that at all! Moreover, there are no tutorials on actually getting initial traffic to the funnel. 

So if you’re a newbie, there’s no way for you to get people to the funnel and to convince them to sign up. Even if you can share your link on social media, it’s not going to be targeted and high-quality traffic.

You have to remember that the reason that this might be working for Brendan is because he has a big following on social media. So he only needs to share something once and he makes money.

But as a newbie, you don’t have a following, so it’s useless to share it there. You won’t get traffic and you won’t make money, plus, Brendan does not show you how to get free traffic.

So no traffic = no money.

2) Unorganized Funnel

The next thing is the fact that the funnel is very disorganized. You won’t be able to build your list this way because though it may look good, it’s not exactly user-friendly.

People who might sign up initially won’t have any idea of what to do after they sign up. There are no video tutorials for them, only a link that they are asked for share. How to share or where to share them is gonna be a total mystery for them.

That’s why I believe that it’s not going to be very effective.

3) Upsells

If there are more effective traffic strategies within the upsells and maybe a more organized funnel, then it might be worth it but the problem is that Brendan is not upfront with you from the beginning.

He tells you that all you need to invest is about $18 for the program, where you will get absolutely everything that you need to make the program work. He does not mention any upsells. That’s very misleading!

Moreover, the upsells have downsells, meaning that if you click “No thanks” on the offer of the upsell, you can still purchase it at a discount. Wouldn’t be pissed off if you purchased the upsell for $37 and later found out you could save money and get it for $25?

I would be! 

4) Unnecessary Program

In my honest opinion, Beast Funnels is unnecessary. You could easily just simply sign up with a reliable autoresponder and collect your emails there. If anything, you could actually lose your leads and your business if Brendan decides to stop supporting Beast Funnels.

Moreover, you could also get your own domain and hosting at a couple of dollars per month where you can host your squeeze pages and funnels and then link to an affiliate offer. That would be more reliable.

It would work out to be the same and you would be building your own online asset. 


1) Pages look nice

2) Money back guarantee


1) Misleading and hyped up sales page

2) Shallow training / no traffic training

3) Your referrals won’t know what to do with the link, how to promote it or where, especially if they are newbies (there’s no training for them), therefore your list won’t really grow

4) If Brendan decides to give up on/forsake Beast Funnels, your business is gone, and so are your leads

5) The upsells are never mentioned on the sales page and it looks like you need them in order to earn with Beast Funnels (but be careful because you already know the front end product is low-qualiy. Can you trust the upsells to be high-quality?)

6) Even if you try to get a refund, you might never get a response because I tried so many times to get a refund from Brendan for a product. He never replied to any of my emails. Many other people have the same issue with this.

Beast Funnels – Scam or Legit?

I wouldn’t say that Beast Funnels is a scam, but it is definitely low-quality and it is unnecessary. It looks like Brendan has released so many products this year that now, he is out of ideas for new products.

What he knows how to do is manipulate words and your mind in order to make you want to purchase his products. He is a good salesman. But are the products he is selling worth it? I haven’t seen a good on from him in a long time.

With Beast Funnels, all you get is unreliable hosting, shallow training, lies, uncertainty about the future of your business and more spending! He is looking at how he can make money, not how he can help YOU make money.

He already has a history of not creating good products and he has a history of not replying to people who want a refund from him. Moreover, the reviews of his products are pretty bad!

Why would you buy Beast Funnels and risk not getting your money back if you don’t like it? 

Beast Funnel won’t work for the beginner because there’s no traffic training, so you won’t make any money. Even intermediate to advanced marketers will NOT use this product because they can do much better.

The decision is up to you, but now you know what the other marketers/affiliates, as well as the creator are hiding from you. I personally don’t recommend it and don’t think it works. 

Better Alternative To Make Passive Income Online – WITH PROOF!

There are many ways to earn online, I don’t deny that, but there are different requirements and depending on what you personally can or cannot do, you may or may not find success with each individual method.

However, I can tell you what has worked for me and what is most probably going to work for you, if you understand that this takes work, no matter what.

I am an affiliate marketer and I make money online doing affiliate marketing. Obviously! And it’s a way of earning online where you promote other people’s products to earn commissions on each sale.

It’s an easy concept and easy business model, but as with any business, it takes work and learning and dedication. Push button system don’t exist. They’ll all be like Beast Funnels in some form or another. They won’t work!


Believe me, I’ve been there and done that. I’ve lost so much money to these programs in the past and I don’t want you to fall for them like me. It took me some time to realize that they just wanted my money and not to help me.

That’s why you need to grab my free guide now while it’s still available because the sooner you learn about this method, the sooner you can get started on the right path and earn online. You won’t earn anything from get-rich-quick schemes!

That’s the sad truth. If a program could make me money within 24 hours, believe me, I would be the first one to grab it and to promote it. But it just doesn’t exist. 

Let’s get you the right training now so that you can start earning real money online.

Thanks for reading my Beast Funnels review. Please do share your experiences with us in the comments below so that everyone, even I, can learn from it. It helps a lot!

Lots of Love,


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