Best Easy Work Review – Will You Really Make $500+ Everyday?

Best Easy Work review

Welcome to my Best Easy Work review.

You’ve probably come across this website through an email or through a link that somebody was promoting on social media and now, you’re wondering whether it’s a scam or not, right? Well, I was curious too.

And as a result, it led me to finding out the truth about the program. In this review, I will be exposing this program for what it really is and by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether this opportunity is fit for you.

You’ll be pretty surprised by what these people are hiding from you though, that’s a fact!

Without further ado, let’s get this party started!

Best Easy Work At A Glance


Creator: Matin Ruiz

Purpose: Promote a website to others

Price: Free but also has paid membership options

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Best Easy Work?

The sales page is quite impressive, isn’t it? There are bold colours and bold claims everywhere. A ton of bells and whistles that keeps you reading until the end of the page and a videos that seem to hook you and make you want to join.

The Best Easy Work sales page promises easy $500 days with a program that is completely automated for you. You get paid daily, calls are answered for you and all the dirty work has been done.

There will be no selling at all! Martin himself will do it all for you. You won’t have to lift a finger, apparently. All ads are written for you, the FREE website will be set up. It seems like a no-brainer, right? Especially because it is free.

Well, let me tell you that I’ve seen a lot of those similar claims with other programs before and none of them actually kept their promises. There are always hyped up claims, lies and even hidden facts they don’t tell you about.

If you just stop to think about it, if making money online or from home was as easy as these programs claim, then people wouldn’t have needed to go in to work at all. Why are people still struggling? Why are people in debt still?

That’s because making extra money is not so easy these days, except finding a second full-time job or a third one. You probably don’t want that to happen so you’re online looking for ways to make money, right?

Well, I can tell you that things just aren’t going to work exactly as they claim.

How Best Easy Work Works

When I looked inside the program after signing up, it looked like the sales page. There are bells and whistles everywhere, as if I hadn’t left the sales page at all.

But when I watched the videos, I started understanding what the program was about and how it worked and I didn’t like it at all!

When you join the program, it is indeed for free but there are other plans that you can also upgrade to, to have the opportunity to make more money. But I will talk about that later on. Just know that there are other membership options.

However, you can still earn being a free member, which sounded good.

But the good stuff ends here because the rest of the program resembles a program that was shut down last year, called MOBE. If you’ve heard about the program, then you already know how Best Easy Work generally works.

I’m still gonna go over Best Easy Work a little bit though, so that you can understand why I think it’s not such a great program after all.

With Best Easy Work, Martin tells you that all you need to do is to promote a website. But guess what website it is? It is the Best Easy Work website itself! It will be hard-coded to you so that you get compensated for referrals you bring in.

They’ll see the same website you saw, the same presentations and videos and will follow the training to do EXACTLY the same thing as you. So basically, you’re doing nothing but recruiting , which sounds like a pyramid, and you’re recruiting your competitors.

This is a big concern because it means that the program will NOT work for the long-term. You see, it will become saturated because making money depends on recruiting. Once people find out more about the program, and less people are willing to buy in, you’ll lose out!

The reason I say that this is a pyramid is because of its poor excuse of a product, which is the website. That’s supposed to be the product? And it’s a website that does nothing but SELL Best Easy Work too?

It could have been categorized as an MLM, which actually HAS a useful product for the public but that’s not what’s happening here, right? I mean, nobody can use the website independently of the business opportunity, right?

You want the website, you’re basically promoting Best Easy Work, whether you want it or not.

That’s a PYRAMID!

Sure, it uses the 1-Up model, where your first sale is “given” to your sponsor (also known as your qualifying sale), but the rest is pretty similar. Sounds a lot like Easy 1 Up that I’ve reviewed some time ago.

Costs And Compensation Plan – It Gets Expensive!

Don’t get lured in by the FREE tag because you will not really make a ton of money by remaining a free member. Remember how I told you there are other levels that you could buy in order to earn more? Here they are! 11 Levels in total.

1) Free Membership – Earn $25 per referral upgrade (No overrides)

2) $88 – Earn $50 per referral upgrade (No overrides)

3) $188 – Earn $120 per referral upgrade + $30 overrides

4) $$288 – Earn $200 per referral upgrade + $30 overrides

5) $500 – Earn $350 per referral upgrade + $50 overrides

6) $1000 – Earn $750 per referral upgrade + $50 overrides

7) $1,500 – Earn $1,200 per referral upgrade + $50 overrides

8) $2,000 – Earn $1,600 per referral upgrade + $50 overrides

9) $2,500 – Earn $2,000 per referral upgrade + $50 overrides

10) $3,500 – Earn $2,900 per referral upgrade + $50 overrides

11) $5,000 – Earn $4,000 per referrals upgrade + $50 overrides

So as you can see, the amount of money that you can make really depends on the depth of your pocket. If you don’t have $5,000 to invest into this system, then you won’t have as good of a chance of making good money.

Additionally, the group of people or the niche, that will be able to pay such outrageous amounts of money is very small. So imagine the number of people that you’ll have to bring to your website in order to get sign ups and it’s not easy to convert them to actually BUYING a membership.

Sure, you can make money with this system. I’m not saying you can’t. But most people don’t have that kind of money to invest. So it will be incredibly hard for you to actually get sign ups, especially since you won’t know how to promote it.

Talking about promotion, they don’t really reach you how to promote the website to others. I mean, you can’t expect a website to make you money just floating in the internet space, right?

Except posting on social media, they have nothing else to show you. And that’s not going to work effectively, I can tell you that! That’s not how people are making the thousands of dollars per day.

And your website isn’t gonna get ranked since it’s gonna be a duplicated website. The search engines hate that.

So your only choice would be to get into PAID ads in order to drive traffic to your website. Sure, they give you FREE ads, but that’s the actual hard copy that you can PLACE for others to see. They won’t actually bring people to your website so that you can make sales.

They’ll want you to spend your money promoting the program and that’s even more money! If you want to make $1000 per month, count at least $300 – $500 per month in ADS. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might not even turn a profit at all!

Risky business, right?

Is Best Easy Work A Scam?

It really depends on what you define as a scam.

Some people, such as the members of best Easy Work, will tell you that it’s not a scam because they are actually earning from the program. But drug dealing isn’t legal, right? No matter how much money you can make doing it.

Others will try to sell you the illusion that the website is a product, the free ads is a product, the system is the product. But now that you know those are meant to promote Best Easy Work itself, it’s more like a pyramid, right?

And can you forgive them for making the sales videos so appealing and keeping the truth from you about those different membership levels? And what about having to SPEND money to get traffic to your website and your ads?

There are quite a few things that were kept hidden on purpose just to get you into the opportunity. But to be honest with you, if everybody just joined because it was free, then nobody would make any money. People have to UPGRADE for you to make anything.

And the fact that this program is similar to a program called MOBE that was recently shut down by the FTC is alarming. You want a business that will be there for the long-term, that will do nothing but grow with positive prospects for the future.

Best Easy Work has NONE of that!

So as you can see, Best Easy Work is nothing but a pyramid and I do not recommend it. There are better FREE alternatives on the internet!

Wouldn’t You Rather Follow A LEGIT Training Program, Without The Hype And Lies?

I know a lot of people must be promoting a ton of products to you so that they can make a sale but that’s not me. I promise you that everything that I will be suggesting to you today is going to be FREE unless you decide to upgrade.

But that’s your own choice.

At least you have the chance to try something out that’s actually LEGIT that will give you some good information on how you can actually build YOUR OWN business online without having to rely on other people’s “websites” and “automated systems” that just don’t work.

I’m an affiliate marketer and the way that I make money is promoting other people’s products; no recruiting required. And you’re not even selling! Just talk/write about your favourite products and people will buy if you’re genuine.

Want it works? Here’s the most recent proof that I have!

So are you on board?


In my FREE guide, I go over how I got started online and how you can also get started for completely FREE. It’s not going to be as easy as Martin claims it is to make money online because any real business takes work and time to grow.

If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done, right? Else nothing is gonna change.

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW and let it be the SOMETHING that you do today to change your life. I’m sure the information that my guide contains is going to be helpful and beneficial to you starting to earn online.

Thanks for reading my Best Easy Work review. What do you think of the program? Are you a member? How do you best like to earn online? I would love to hear from you and your experiences!

Lots of Love,


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