Best Tools for a Website – Top 10 Must-Haves

What are the best tools for a website that you can have? Are you a beginner looking for information that will catapult your online business? Or are you an experienced marketer just looking for a boost? You’ve come to the right place.

Here I have compiled the 10 best tools for a website you want to build, or have already built, in order to bring you the success that you are looking for.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

Whether you are someone just looking into starting your own online business or are someone who has been online for quite some time and looking for ways to make more money or become more seasoned, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place for you to be.

Not only will it show a newbie step-by-step about what needs to be done to lay a solid business foundation online, but it also provides ongoing education and updates in the Internet world for the more seasoned marketer.

Here are some amazing facts about Wealthy Affiliate

1) Make money as you learn or become an affiliate of the platform for money in your pocket.

2) Step-by-step instructions and training on creating your online affiliate marketing business

3) Transform ANY niche / interest into a career

4) NO UPSELLS – Lifetime Free membership available or upgrade to the premium membership for FULL access

5) Ability to make passive income

6) Jaaxy keyword research tool included with both memberships

7) Host 2 websites for free as a free member or 50 websites as a premium member

8) SSL certificate included for FREE for ALL websites

9) Live chat with the rest of the community when you need help, or help others

10) Can get in touch with the co-founders, Kyle and Carson at any time!

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2. Jaaxy

We all want better click-through, conversion and sales rates. We all want to be on the first page of the search engines and particularly, in first position.

Jaaxy is one of the best tools you can have for SEO; it will become your best friend. Not only can you perform keyword research, but you can also spy on your competitors, view the performance of your posts within SiteRank, find affiliate products and MUCH MORE!

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3. Shopify

You must have heard of Shopify before and most people online know what it is. But if you are just starting out, then let me give you some details.

Shopify is one of the leading platforms where you can build an e-commerce website, and either sell your own products or other companies’ products. It is more popular for selling others’ products though, through dropshipping, with the help of an App within the platform called Oberlo.

Dropshipping is where you sell other companies’ products at a marked-up price. When somebody buys it from you, you pay for it in turn at a lower price from your supplier and the supplier ships the item directly to your customer; no inventory needed and your profit would be the amount between what your selling is and how much you pay for it.

What’s more, you can TRY IT OUT FOR FREE for 14 days.

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4. Grammarly

If you write anything at all as part of your work, then I highly recommend that you get Grammarly. It is a tool that will help you with improving the grammar within your written article.

It corrects not only spelling but also punctuation, deletes extra spaces and repetitive words, as well as replaces weak adjectives, to make your writing really pop and appear professional.

If you are a freelance writer, a blogger, you write emails or important articles and reports, then this is a definitely must-have. You can choose between the free account and other paid accounts with superior features.

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5. Canva

Canva is a graphic design template platform, where you are given a variety of templates to create unique content in the form of documents, presentations, invitiations and ads. They also just updated their templates selection to include eBook, blogging and resume templates, so this is a good sign that they are innovative and intend to keep everything up-to-date.

Not only can you use it in your browser on your computer, but they also have an App that you can install on your iPad. So if you have a great idea, you can act on your creative instinct on-the-go!

This tool also provides you with a lot of images and fonts to use so really make your marketing material pop. The best fact about this tool is that it is free to use!

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6. LeadPages

Just as the name suggests, you are able to create lead / landing pages to sell your products and services, or to grow your email list. If you are growing out your email list, then I would highly recommend that you use Leadpages in conjunction with AWeber (see Tool #7 below), for obvious reasons.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced online person, you are able to make use of this and it works regardless of whether you have a current website or not.

What’s great about Leadpages, is that it helps you leverage the 2Billions of people who are on Facebook everyday and turn them into paying customers.

You are able to create, track and optimize campaigns right from the Leadpages platform. When you create an Ad, you link it to your lead / landing page and VOILA! The leads clicking-through will be able to take action on your offer.

Leadpages also comes with a free trial for 14 days!

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7. AWeber

If you have a landing page or want to create one, especially to create or grow a mailing list, then AWeber is one of the most important tools for you.

AWeber is an autoresponder, that will do just that; automatically respond to your subscribers when they sign up, as well as send regular, pre-dated promotional emails to them. Not only is it a good way to create trust with your subscribers, but it is also a great way to make more money.

The more the trust they will have in you, your products and your recommendations, the more they will buy.

With a high level of trackability of your number of subscribers, number of clicks, sales figures through the email and unsubscribes, you can always make sure to stay on top of things and to optimize your emails and strategies for better conversion. And what’s more, no matter what membership level you choose, you will ALWAYS be able to send unlimited marketing emails.

Concerned it may not be for you? Know that AWeber has a 30-day free trial. So try it for free today to find the amazing results it can bring to you.

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8. Kinsta

Now, if you are looking for ways to start a business online but can’t be bothered with paying for training, or you’re an experienced marketer, then you might just be better off with a hosting platform that’s reliable and still offers the greatest perks of the industry.

Come in Kinsta! A WP Engine rival.

Kinsta is powered by Google and is one of the best platforms on which you can host your website today. You get all the great features of a regular WordPress website, with the added protection of SSL at no extra cost, faster loading times and less down-time as compared to the competitor.

The customer service they provide is absolutely amazing and they offer plans that will match any budget and business need. Even if you already have an existing business, Kinsta makes it easy for you to migrate your website; they offer to do the migration for you FOR FREE when you sign up for one of their plans.

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9. Proof

Us humans are like monkeys. No, I’m not talking about our ancestry being monkeys and apes, but I’m talking about our chracteristics.

“Monkey see, monkey do”!

How and where does that apply to us? Well, you have to understand the psychology of the human brain, specially if you want to up your sales or conversation game.

The more sales and the bigger the number of positive reviews, the more trust there will be between you and a first-time buyer on your website. And this is exactly what Proof will help you do; increase the number of first-time buyers.

Proof collects data on the number of people looking at a certain product in the present, and in the past within a certain time-frame. For example, “30 singers opted-in to our free weekly give-aways in the past 24 hours”. Remember, “Monkey see, Monkey do”, right? This will cause your first-time visitors to sign up for those free weekly give-aways and you’re growing your email list.

This amazing tool can also be customized to any business need; instead of “singers” you can input “marketers”. Instead of “Opted-in to” you can replace it with “downloaded” and instead of “free weekly giveaways” you can customize it to read “free software”. Time-frame can also be customized and let’s say it’s “the last 7 days”.

Result – “30 marketers downloaded our free software in the last 7 days”.

You also get to enjoy the first 14 days FREE of charge and look at your sales increase within this time period. The average sales increase with this amazing tool is between 40% and 60%.

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10. SEMrush

This is one of the BEST tools if you not only want to become successful, but also steal the show from your competitors. Spy on them and stay a step ahead of them to better your content and advertising strategies. It is an all-in-one tool that is the dream tool of anybody who wants to make a serious living online.

Not only can SEMrush help you with your on-site SEO in regards to organic searches and backlinks, but it also gives you tons of ideas for different keywords, site-by-side keyword analysis from multiple competing websites. Find out what keywords are working and what’s not working for them to save you time and money.

Not only can you spy on existing competiting domains, but also find out about the emerging competition.

What also makes SEMrush unique, is that it also helps you with analyzing marketing and Ad reports that will help you optimize and up your game so you can improve your ROI on Ads. Additionally, spy on your competitors and analyze their Ads to see what is making THEM successful.

With plans available for the small marketer and for the bigger online corporations, there is a plan that will suit all needs. Get your money back within 7 days if you are not totally satisfied with the service.

>> I say “OUI” to staying on top of the competition with SEMrush <<

We have come to the end of my list for the best tools to have as part of your online business. Have you had any experience with any of the tools mentioned in my post? What’s the best tool in your opinion? Is there any advantage to a tool that I have missed?

Please let me and other readers know in the comment section as that would help all of us.

Also feel free to leave your questions below about any tools above or other online tools you would like to learn more about and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for visiting and whichever tool you think is the most beneficial for your online business, I wish you all the best and great successes with it!



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