Glynn Kosky’s Big Ticket Commissions Review – Worthless Product?

Big ticket Commissions review

Welcome to my honest Big Ticket Commissions review. Here you are, probably having received an email to try out this program or even through a link on social media, wondering what it is and how it works.

The real question might be, does it really work?

Because the truth is that making $1000 per sale sounds too good to be true, right? Unfortunately, what I’ve found out was that there are too many lies that Glynn and his affiliates are telling you.

You might have come across a lot of reviews that are promoting this program and telling you how good it is, but the truth is that I can see right through their lies. That’s why you need to pay attention here because I’ll reveal the truth!

Big Ticket Commissions At A Glance


Creator: Glynn Kosky

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $22

Do I Recommend It?: No, it’s so low-quality that you won’t make any money with this program. There are no built-in free traffic and if there’s no traffic, there are no eyeballs on your offers, thus making you $0.

What Is Big Ticket Commissions?

This program is supposed to be the “World’s first automated high ticket commissions system”. What I understand by this is that this system is going to be hands-off making you thousands of dollars per sale.

Okay, making thousands of dollars per sale is definitely possible. It takes no extra time to advertise a $1000 product than it does a $5, I agree. But the truth is that automated systems don’t exist!

There’s always more work to be done that these programs claim. When have you bought a program last time that worked exactly as described and that needed you to do zero work?

The truth is that the sales page is manipulative and tells you what you want to hear; that is, to make easy and fast money online, where there is no learning, no skills and no work required at all. Ask any honest online marketing and they’ll tell you that there is actually a lot of work required for any kind of business.

Moreover, if it was as easy as that to make money online, then everybody would have been doing it. The truth is that Glynn creates products. I reviewed a few of his other program called Commission Shortcut and Traffic Multiplier.

And guess what? They both didn’t work as advertised and were so low-quality that there would be no way to make money with them. How can we trust him again?

How many times were we told that we only need 15 minutes a day to make a system work? And how many times did that actually work?

There are a few catches that I found with Big Commission Tickets and I will reveal them all to you. You probably will think twice before buying this program.

What You Get Inside Big Ticket Commissions

You’re not told exactly what you’ll get and how it all works, right? That’s one thing that I really hate with these programs. They never tell you all these details but will give you a ton of information about what it is NOT, to manipulate your mind.

How else would they get people to buy a product they know nothing about?

Well, that’s why I’m here so no panic! It’s just to open your eyes to how they do their marketing and how they get your mind twisted in their favor.

Big Ticket Commissions is basically a bundle of 4 done-for-you funnels. You’ll receive the opt-in forms to collect people’s emails to build your email list. By the way, you’ll be able to connect most autoresponders to this system.

If you don’t know what an autoresponder is, let me explain. It’s a software or online service that will help you manage the emails you collect and send out emails to them on a regular basis to build trust with them.

Then, you’re also going to have a landing page for each funnel and then, the sales pages for each product.

Having this type of funnel warms up your traffic to maximize conversions by the time they get to the sales page. That’s all good. This is definitely a good way to start affiliate marketing.

Do you remember how they also said they would provide free traffic? Well, that’s from social media. You’ll be able to share all of those opt-in forms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others, to get traffic.

Though this all works in theory, it will NOT work in practice and let me explain how.

The Flaw In The Program

The biggest flaw of the program is definitely due to the fact that there isn’t a reliable source of traffic. Why is that important? Well, without traffic, you don’t get eyeballs on your offers, you don’t get people interested and you don’t make money.

It’s all connected!

Unfortunately, simply sharing your links on social media is NOT gonna get you the results you want. Remember how this program is targeted to newbies, without skills or experience necessary.

If you’re a newbie, then chances are that you don’t have any kind of business following, people that are actually interested in the type of stuff you promote. Sure, you have family members and friends on your personal account, but those don’t qualify.

You don’t have 10,000 or 100,000 followers, right? Then how can you expect people to see your post, interact with it, click your link, go through the funnel and to buy your offer?

Now do you see how misleading Glynn is with his sales page?

The front-end of this program will only work if you  have a large following, meaning, that this will only work for intermediate to advanced online marketers. This does NOT work for newbies just getting started.

In that way, there is no way for you to really make money with Big Ticket Commissions, no matter how attractive the sales pages are.

Moreover, you cannot rely on Google or the other search engines since the pages you get will be the same as everybody else who buys Big Ticket Commissions. It won’t get ranked! Google and the search engines look for unique content and these pages definitely will NOT be unique.

So how do you make it work?

Costs Of This Business Model

If you can’t get free traffic using social media or Google and the search engines, then the only way to get traffic is through paid methods. You’ll need to invest in ads, that can cost quite a lot of money.

And unfortunately, they don’t even show you how to properly set up paid traffic methods in the front-end. You have to buy the upsells.

Wait, there weren’t any mentions of upsells within the sales page, right? But that’s how exactly how misleading Glynn is. He hides important stuff like that from you and tries to suck money from you by providing upsells that you NEED.

Those were supposed to have been included in the front-end, right?

But anyways, that’s what the affiliates of the program will never tell you. That the free traffic method will NOT work and that the only way left is to buy traffic. The go-to traffic method is solo ads and if not done right, could burn right through your savings!

It could range from $40 – $90 per 100 clicks! And not everyone will buy what you promote, right? So that’s why I don’t recommend it to newbies, unless you have the budget to experiment and learn from your mistakes (which will cost you!).

One more thing that Glynn and his affiliates don’t mention is the fact that there is a monthly fee attached to the autoresponder. It could be as low as $20 a month and go up from there.

So already, you see how this is all adding up. Glynn never talks about how much money is needed on the sales page to make sure that you’re buying a program that works for you. He just wants to fill your head with dreams and get you to buy so he can make more money.


1) Unlike many other creators, at least Glynn does not hide behind his computer

2) High-converting offers chosen

3) Each sales pays hundreds of dollars

4) Works for intermediate to advanced marketers

5) 30-day money-back guarantee


1) Hyped up sales page

2) You don’t know what you’re buying until you buy it!

3) Niche is pre-selected

4) You need to get pre-approved for the products inside. If you don’t, you don’t make commissions

5) No real training

6) Upsells needed to make any money for newbies

7) Can be costly to run this kind of business, something that Glynn hides

8) Free traffic method included does not work for newbies

9) Does not work as advertised

10) You might not get your money back since most vendors don’t reply to refund requests when you contact them – personally experienced this!

Is Big Ticket Commissions A Scam?

Even if I don’t have a lot of good things to say about Big Ticket Commissions, I don’t think that it is a scam. A scam to me would be where you get nothing in return for your money.

Big Ticket Commissions would be more like a low-quality product to me, where you do get something in return for your money, but that does not really work as advertised. It looks like there are many upsells to get the results that Glynn claims.

I’m not saying that you won’t make any money with this system, but you definitely won’t be getting rich with it. Maybe you can expect a few sales here and there and you’ll be able to make your investment of $22 back in 1 month, if you follow the front-end.

You won’t experience anything life-changing though.

I have to say that I was expecting something like this unfortunately. There are too many cons for me to really recommend Big Ticket Commissions because you wouldn’t really get any results with it.

Moreover, I really hate it when they lie or keep things hidden on the sales page. Because that’s to their advantage. The truth is that if you come to know BEFORE getting the program of what’s inside, you would never get it.

Anyways, Big Ticket Commissions is a waste of time and money in my opinion. You should avoid it.

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I’m not here to lie to you or to sell you anything. I’m only here to share with you the method that has worked for me. Yes, I am an affiliate marketer but the way that I do things is a lot different than Glynn shows you in Big Ticket Commissions.

My method is a free method of getting traffic from the search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. So I don’t go out and pursue people and leads. They all come to ME! And BUY from me!

Isn’t that a much better method than what is taught within Big Ticket Commissions? My method works too! Take a look at some of the proofs below.

And here’s another one!


My free guide will show you how I got started and how YOU can get started for free as well, to bring in those weekly and monthly commissions. It’s not hard, but it does require some work and some patience.

There is no way to make quick and easy money online. The only quick and easy money solutions will be with completing surveys, but your time is worth way more than the pennies they’re willing to pay you, right?

So that’s why you need to get my free guide now to learn this method because this is what has been working, what is working now and what will be working years and years down the road.

Believe me, it’s worth it! You’ll see when you start receiving those cheques with the 3 and 4 and even 5 zeros at the end!

Thanks for reading my Big Ticket Commissions review. If you’ve bought this program, please let me know what your experience was with it in the comments section below. It will help out a lot of others looking to make an informed buying decision.

Lots of Love,


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