Blogging Guru Blueprint Review – Does Patric Chan Teach You Everything?

Welcome to this Blogging Guru Blueprint Review.

You must have seen it so many times these days; people on Facebook showing you ways that you can make money online and there are many different ways, such as Blogging, making videos, starting your own e-commerce store and so on. They appear to make a lot of money, don’t they?

And along comes Blogging Guru Blueprint, by Patric Chan, that promises you to help you make money blogging, because you just like to write and would just love a website of your own, right?

Inside this review, I’ll go through what this system will teach you and what you’ll get on the inside. Quality of training is also important, so I’ll let you know what you’ll be able to achieve after the training, is anything at all. Most importantly, I’ll also let you know if it is possible to make money with the methods taught.

At A Glance

Name: Blogging Guru Blueprint

Website: Blogging.Guru/?hop=0

Owner: Patric Chan

Purpose: Make money blogging

Price: $47 $23.50

Do I Recommend It?: Yes… Great Training and Great Value!

Get Blogging Guru Blueprint HERE for Only $23.50

Who is Patric Chan?

Patric Chan is a real person and a successful affiliate marketer. He is well-known in the affiliate marketing industry and has been around for quite a few years. He is the creator of several “make-money-online” programs that claim to help people make money online, namely CB Passive Income and WakeUp Millionaire.

Being a successful affiliate marketer and showing your face to the public however, does not guarantee that your products are a hit. I have not been a fan of his other products, and when I saw that Blogging Guru Blueprint was also by him, I decided to take a look.

What is Blogging Guru Blueprint?

Blogging Guru Blueprint is said to take you all the way back to square-one, and to teach you step-by-step on how to create your online business from scratch. I really like how Patric tells you exactly what you’re going to be learning within his system and that he does not hype up the sales page, like so many other ClickBank products.

I also like how Patric does not sugar-coat things here and tells you that it does require work for you to become successful, but that you can make money online faster by following a proven system instead of trying to figure it all out on your own. He is also very transparent when he says that you will need a website domain and you will also need webhosting.

According to Patric, making money online blogging can be broken down into three;

1) Creating a blog and sharing helpful and unique content

As an affiliate marketer myself, I can totally agree with having a website. Most marketers, and even fully-fledged businesses that are successful online, have a website and a blog. You need a website as it is the blank canvas and your working field. It also helps you rank well within the search engines, as compared to free websites and it also gives you more credibility.

2) Driving traffic to your blog

This is another important aspect; without visitors to your blog, you’re not getting any prospective buyers and thus, you’re not going to make money. Any marketer or online guru that tells you that you don’t need traffic or visitors to your website to make money, is lying to you.

This step is usually the hardest for online marketers; they either don’t have the patience to engage in SEO (search engine optimization) or they don’t have the money to invest in ads. If you are a beginner, I highly encourage to learn SEO because it is free and thus, less of a financial risk, compared to ads.

3) Monetizing your website using other people’s products

Sure, you could create your own product, but there is too much that needs to go into it, and most people don’t have the money or the resources to do that. That’s why it’s best, as a newbie, to learn about other people’s products and promote the good ones. Each sale you get from the promotion is going to pay you a commission.

This is called affiliate marketing.

So, does the training live up to Patric’s promises?

The Training

The training itself has been very well put together. You have Patric himself showing you step-by-step of how to create a website, where to get your hosting, set it up to be found by the search engines and even making it user-friendly for your visitors.

You also learn about how to promote affiliate offers on your website, Amazon products and also how to make money using Google Adsense. Not only will you be learning these strategies, but you’ll also learn how to embed videos on your website (from Youtube for example) and use them to make you money.

Another aspect that I really like about the training, is that Patric will show you how to collect emails to build your list. You’ve probably heard of “The Money Is In The List”, right? That’s exactly what he will teach you how to do.

Statistics show that most visitors will NEVER come back to your website once they leave, so isn’t it a great idea to collect their email addresses to keep in touch with them? Statistics also show that on average, a visitor will need to see, or be reminded of, a particular product 7 times before purchasing it. Keeping this connection with your visitors will give you a much better chance of catching them when they’re ready to purchase.

The Aspect That I Didn’t Like About The Training…

The actual content of the training is great. However, how to get to the training was a little difficult. You see, when it comes to actually viewing the videos, there is no option to stream them on the internet. You have download to them to your computer, in order to be able to watch them.

Now, if you have a fast internet connection, then that won’t be much of a big deal, as you will be able to download them pretty fast. But if you are not in an area where the connection to the internet is strong enough, then you might be waiting for an hour or so, to get to the content.

With training that wants to show you how to make your website user-friendly, Patric surely does not demonstrate that within his own training platform.

The Bonuses

This is actually one of many programs on ClickBank that actually offer worthwhile bonuses, especially The Blogging Guru Locker App. It is designed to help you “lock” any video and to legally use it to make you more money.

You’re able to add buttons inside the videos for your own promotion (that is, adding your own affiliate links) or even use the button to have your visitors sign up to be part of your mailing list before you give them any more detail or access to another video.

Another bonus you get, is called The Commission Miner Course, where you are able to offer your own bonuses on top of your affiliate offers and how to offer them the right way. This can definitely help boost your sign ups and your sales, because your bonuses are free add-ons that increases the value of what your visitors are buying.


When I look at a particular program that offers good training and good tools, I also always look for the quality of their support. Because as a newbie, you’ll need all the help that you can get in order to become successful online. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to have questions, you’re going to be stuck on lessons.

That’s only natural when you’re learning something new.

However, I was very disappointed with the support. All you are given, is an email address where you can communicate your concerns and your questions. It has been reported to take a few days if the support team wants to answer your question and in some cases, the support team has not answered at all.

If the support from the team is so bad, at least there should have been a forum or even a Facebook group to be able to connect with other members of this system. At least, you would have been able to ask questions, help others even, as well as see other people’s success to boost you up.

Yes, this program has been put together by Patric, but don’t expect to be making any contact with him inside the system for any help you may need.

What I Like

1) Patric Chan is a real person

2) He is a successful affiliate marketing so learning from a successful person will help you

3) Great training videos and actionable steps

4) Perfect for newbies wanting to start making money online the easiest way

5) 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

6) No hype and no lies

7) Great price for all the value you get

What I Don’t Like

1) No free trial

2) No streaming video lessons, you have to download them

3) Not going to be updated, as Patric hints on his sales page

4) Horrible support

Blogging Guru Blueprint Review – Recommended?

All in all, I do believe that Blogging Guru Blueprint is one of the most legit systems to get, in order to start a successful online blogging business. The training is valuable and is definitely worth the money and I also like how it is only a one-time payment.

However, having a one-time payment for access also comes with some concern as to how updated Patric is going to keep the content. He probably won’t bother much with keeping it updated because there isn’t an ongoing monthly fee to PAY him to do so.

On the other hand, the training is still current and there are methods taught here that have been working for over 10 years, even through the big Google updates that have happened in recent years. So in my opinion, you can rest assured that the methods are going to be relevant for quite some time.

The only other real concern to take into consideration would be the lack of a proper support system. When we’re learning something new, we always need help and somebody to go to, to get answers from. This is definitely not going to happen within Blogging Guru Blueprint.

My conclusion is that, this is a great place to start affiliate marketing to try it out and to see whether this is something that you want to pursue, but it is not the right place if you want to make it work long-term. My suggestion is to try it out to see if affiliate marketing is for you. It is risk-free and you can even get your money back if it is not as you expected.

So yes, I DO recommend that you try Blogging Guru Blueprint!

Get Blogging Guru Blueprint HERE for Only $23.50

Here’s an Alternative If You’re Looking for A Well-Rounded Training Platform

Although Blogging Guru Blueprint is legit and is probably one of the few products on ClickBank that really teaches you what you need to know about making money online, it is not the BEST and it is not the one that I have used to learn the ropes of blogging and affiliate marketing.

The 3 most important things to look for within a training platform are the following;

1) Step-by-step and easy to understand training

2) ALL necessary tools to start and grow your business

3) Proper support structure

Blogging Guru Blueprint has only the training, but does not have all the tools you need and does not have a proper support structure. In the hopes of helping as many people as possible, to start an online business, I have created a FREE Guide to making money online for beginners, that will give you a bird’s eye view of what is required.

I have also included within this guide, the training platform that has trained me to make money online online (that you can join for FREE). This platform also has ALL the tools you need to become successful, saving you money in the long-run if you do decide to do this full-time.

Get My FREE Guide To Making Money Online Now

You’ll also get me as a coach and mentor on mastering SEO. I’ll be with you every step of the way and you’ll be able to personally contact me whenever you like, about any problems you may face.

I hope to see you inside the guide and can’t wait to help you create your very first business online.

See you soon!

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