Bonus Junkies Review – Another Fake Influencer Network?

Bonus Junkies review

If you’re here right now, you must be looking for an HONEST Bonus Junkies review. Is a scam or is it legit? How does it work? Does the website really pay or not?

You probably have those questions in mind and this review will definitely answer them, and more! The truth is that there are too many scams on the internet and the best thing to so is to do your research no matter what website it is.

The deal might sound sweet, but a lot of those websites are looking to scam you and if you haven’t been in the online industry for long, you could get lured in with the manipulative stuff they say.

They take advantage of you not knowing how it works online, Lack of knowledge is often by people get scammed in the first place. So if you’re considering Bonus Junkies to earn some income online, you need to KNOW some ugly facts I discovered.

Bonus Junkies At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete offers to earn

Price: Free but could cost you big time!

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam that will not pay you, just like many of its predecessors. There are too many websites that are similar to Bonus Junkies that didn’t pay anybody. I’m afraid with the red flags exposed that Bonus Junkies won’t pay either.

What Is Bonus Junkies?

Bonus Junkies claims to be a website that can help you make money online by using your social media accounts. The amount of money you can make is insane! Imagine $500 to $1000 coming into your bank account daily.

That would really be life-changing, right? I mean, even in Canada and in the US, doctors aren’t making $500 per day and their job is quite stressful with crazy hours.

But with Bonus Junkies, you can work from anywhere and you can choose your hours, while still cashing in big. Just share your link on social media and get paid when people sign up, and also earn by completing offers and tasks.

Well, that makes me laugh! As if I’m going to fall for this BS after being in the online world for over 2 years! If I fell for this scam, then I wouldn’t have learned a thing from my make-money-online career.

Yes unfortunately, Bonus Junkies is a scam that manipulates information and targets people who know nothing about how the online world works. They take advantage of this lack of knowledge to get you to sign up.

How do I know this? Well, like I mentioned earlier, Bonus Junkies is similar to a lot of other websites that I have reviewed in the past:-

1) SurveyJunkies

2) CashInfluence

3) ShareCash

cash influence

And they all look the same, they work the same and they scam the same too! Bonus Junkies is just another one in this growing list of scams and I will prove it to you in this review.

How Bonus Junkies Works

When trying to determine whether a website is a scam or not, you need to take a look at the business model. Knowing how and from where money is coming in and how it is spent is key!

From what I see, Bonus Junkies needs to spend money paying you $30 for signing up, another $25 for each referral you bring in, another $2 per click on your referral link and $40-$60 per task that you complete.

Moreover, they also have to pay you 20% commission on the earnings of your referrals. That’s a lot of payouts, and the payouts are pretty high, right? To accommodate this, they better have a good income stream!

As per the About page, Bonus Junkies exists to be the middleman between you and advertisers. And looking around inside the member’s area, it seems to me that the only way the money comes in is through the task wall.

Although this is how most survey or GPT (get-paid-to) websites work, it doesn’t really make sense in the case of this website. Let me explain.

Usually, you would have to complete a task before Bonus Junkies gets paid by the affiliated companies. Then, when Bonus Junkies receives the payment, they share the revenue with you. The rest is put aside for the other expenses.

If the only way that Bonus Junkies makes money is through the tasks, then just imagine the amount that they are charging their partner or affiliated companies per task completed if they have so much in the way of expenses.

It might sound good to be making so much per task when other companies like Swagbucks don’t pay so much, right? But that’s exactly where the problem lies. When websites pay you more, it means they are charging more.

So how much is Bonus Junkies charging their affiliated companies? $100 per task? That’s over 100 times what Swagbucks would charge so why would anybody get affiliated with Bonus Junkies at these prices?

Food for thought, right? Swagbucks has much better reputation and has been around for way longer. Plus, they charge less!

My conclusion is that Bonus Junkies is like the other websites that I’ve reviewed before; they are luring people in with high payouts when they will never pay. They are after something else!

Why I Think They Won’t Pay – UGLY Facts!

1) Unknown Creator

One of the things that I always also verify is who is behind the program, or what company created the website. Knowing that will put your mind more at ease, because you can actually confirm the reputation of the person or company.

However, there’s no such information for Bonus Junkies. And that’s a big red flag!

The reason that I can’t trust a website with an anonymous creator is because I’ve seen many of them before and when I reviewed those websites, they turned out to be scams. These scammers know that you will catch on eventually.

By hiding themselves, they are able to get away with scamming people and create new scams. They never get caught!

That’s why always make sure you know who is behind the website before you sign up.

2) Conflicting Information

A legitimate website would always have consistent information through their websites. Conflicting information raises red flags because like I mentioned earlier, scammers create multiple scams.

That’s why you can expect conflicting information because the information on each website is different and they make mistakes when copying and pasting.

For example, at the top of the main page, they say you’ll receive $30 as a sign up bonus, but at the bottom, it changes to $25.

Another example is when we go to the About page, there are several places where SurveyJunkies is mentioned instead of Bonus Junkies. This was clearly copied and pasted.

One more conflict is the fact that one minute they say they are based in Amsterdam and the next, they are based out of Houston, TX. That’s a big red flag too. A legitimate company would actually KNOW where they are based out of.

3) Launch date is a lie!

Bonus Junkies says that they have been around since 2015. Well, there is a good way to verify whether that’s true or not. Many of the other websites that I have reviewed were actually created and launched way later than that.

I suspected it was the same thing with Bonus Junkies and I was right! I went on to the WHOIS website and it tells me that Bonus Junkies has been around only since March 31, 2020!

Again, this is a red flag because a website would care about its reputation and won’t lie to you. Why would they lie here? Well, they know that if they announce they’ve been around for longer, that people would trust them more.

The longer a website has been around, the less likely that it is a scam.

But we have figured out their lies and that brings down their reputation even more!

4) Fake Income proofs

We know when Bonus Junkies was created now, right?? So we can verify whether the income proofs are real. But what we find out is that they are not.

One of the testimonials actually says they’ve been with the website for over a year, but how can that be when the website didn’t even exist a year back? The same testimonial says they’ve earned $172K.

To be honest, I’ve never heard anybody say they earned $172K in one year completing tasks online, have you? And it’s even more impossible for somebody to make that in 1 week, since the website was created.

That makes me laugh! LOL! If we could make 6 figures doing that, then everybody would have been doing it.

So this testimonial is definitely a fake one.

On the other hand, you have them claiming to have paid out $158.6M to their members. Even if Bonus Junkies was a real website, paying out that much in as little as a week is impossible!

5) BBB Warning

You already know that the person who is behind Bonus Junkies is behind so many other websites, right? Well, since the creator is anonymous, we can say that the same person is also behind Notion Cash.

Notion Cash looks a little different from Bonus Junkies, but the truth is that the layout is the same, the promises made are the same, the layout inside the member’s area is the same, and even the payment proofs looks similar.

So we can only conclude that the person behind Bonus Junkies is behind Notion Cash.

Now, the bad news is that the BBB has written a warning about Notion Cash, and thus, this warning will also apply to Bonus Junkies. This is a snippet of what they had to say:

Snippet From The Website

You can read the whole article HERE.

But in short, the BBB is saying that these websites are after your personal information. Such websites want your name, date of birth, address, email and even your phone number. You completing surveys and tasks and offers will ask for all that informatin and what Bonus Junkies will do is save them.

They will try to use that information to hack into your online accounts, like Paypal and online banking and they might even send you scammy and spammy emails. They might even sell your information to other scammers and hackers.

Moreover, they could use that information to steal your identity, which is a BIG issue if you’re in one of the Tier 1 countries.

So as you can see, there’s a big risk with giving them your information.

Is Bonus Junkies A Scam?

You already know it; yes, Bonus Junkies is a scam and you should avoid it at all costs! There are just too many conflicting details, too many lies and too many hidden facts.

I mean, for one, we don’t even know who is behind this websitel. It could be anybody with a bad reputation and we’ve actually proven that it’s the case. There’s also the fact that they lie about when they were launched,

When we find out the truth about the date of their launch, we come to know that there is some information on the website that makes no sense, like the guy who says he’s been with the website for over a year.

Then, the same guy claims to have made $172K. Even for a year of working with a GPT website, this is bogus! I’ve never heard of anybody who got rich completing these simple tasks online.

Moreover, you have the fact that they claim to have paid $158M to members. That’s not only impossible for a year of being in business, but even more impossible to have been achieved within a week. LOL!

There’s also the fact that the business model makes no sense. Nobody would want to do business with Bonus Junkies, so if that’s the case, where are they getting money to keep afloat?

Oh and let’s not forget the message from the BBB! You need to protect your information by NOT signing up.

Again. Bonus Junkies is a complete scam!

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Thanks for reading my Bonus Junkies review. I’m sure some of you reading my review already have tried this website. Please share your experience below in the comments section because this will help so many people avoid this scam.

Lots of Love,


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