Boss Funnels Review – Legit System Or Full Of Lies?

If you’re here, you’re looking for an honest Boss Funnels review and I can totally appreciate that because there are too many reviews around that are praising the program, but that aren’t really telling the truth.

I know because I’ve been in this industry for a few years and I’ve made tons of money online, so I know a thing or two about how it all works. And that’s why I can tell that there is something wrong with those reviews.

They all claim to be giving you honest information, and yet, they fail to give you the downfalls of the program so you can make an informed decision. And that’s the aim of my review.

Get ready to know the good and the bad about Boss Funnels.

Boss Funnels At A Glance


Creator: Billy Darr

Purpose: Create high-converting funnels

Price: $25+

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s not enough to have high-converting funnels. You also need traffic, which Boss Funnels is not going to help you get. You don’t get to learn a traffic strategy. No traffic = no money.

What Is Boss Funnels?

Billy and his co-founders of Boss Funnels claim that this program is completely done-for-you, where any newbie will have no problem at all to start making money within 90 seconds.

That’s some pretty bold claims, I have to say. Because the truth is that I’ve reviewed so many of Billy’s products and they almost never work as advertised. He uses this claim as a sales tactic to make you think you can become rich quick.

That’s what everybody wants, right? To earn without much work. But the truth is that online business does not work that way. You need to work hard in order to make the kind of money that Billy portrays.

Although he says that it’s gonna be as easy as 1-2-3, there are many more steps that are gonna be required to make the program work. If it was as easy as that, then nobody would be working the traditional job, right?

I mean, working 90 seconds per day to set everything up to make $400 sounds way better than the $100 per day working for 8 hours. LOL. I would take that anyday!

The sales page really doesn’t give you a whole lot of information about the actual program, what you get as training and how it really works. But it sure is full of promises and probably a lot of lies, I would say.

That’s why you have to be careful because there are a lot of words and those words are a tactic to manipulate your mind. They want to MAKE YOU WANT Boss Funnels so bad that you will get it without thinking.

Who purchases products without knowing what it really is and how it really works? Would you buy a car without seeing it in action? Obviously not. And that’s why you need this review because I will give you the details nobody else will.

It was the same thing with some other products of his;

1) Auto Affiliate Machine

2) The Push Button Traffic

What’s Inside Boss Funnels

After you purchase Boss Funnels, but before you get to the members’ area, but be aware that you’ll be sold on some upsells. That’s a tactic to extract money from you right away. Don’t buy them now because you’ll have a chance to get them later if you really want to.

But why invest more money right now, when you don’t even know how good the main product is?

Morevoer, they don’t advertise this, but the upsells don’t form part of the money back guarantee. So all the more reason to stay away from the upsells at the beginning.

Once you get to the members’ area, the first tab will allow you to hook up your autoresponder. It’s very limited because you will only be able to hook up Aweber or GetResponse. There are many more out there!

And you’re a beginner, you’ve never heard of those, right?

Autoresponders are software that will automate the collecting of email addresses as well as the sending of emails to those addresses. Your main focus is to provide value through those emails and to promote your products.

The next tab is where yoou can create your funnels. The process of creating a funnel is pretty easy; simply select a template and you can edit the template to your liking in the drag-and-drop editor.

One cool feature is that the software keeps track of your leads so you know exactly who signed up through that form, which is especially helpful if you have addresses being added to your list from various different places.

You also do get some video training as well as a written guide on how to use the software, although I think it’s pretty easy to use. 

Then, there are also 8 products that you can get the affiliate link for from the Product Bank tab, where you get instant approval to promote them. 

So as you can see, what Boss Funnels gives you is a program that will help you collect leads, maximize conversions with products for sales and commissions. They also make it easy for you or for anybody else to share those pages on social media for traffic.

But there are some pretty big flaws that, in my opinion, will make it hard for any newbie to make anything with Boss Funnels.

The Flaws Of The Program – Why It Doesn’t Work

Although Boss Funnels sounds like it works as advertised, you have to really look closer. And if you’re a newbie, you won’t really be able to tell even if you look closely because you just don’t know how it all works online.

Well for one thing, the pages and training are very slow-loading. That means that your pages are gonna be slow loading too, which means, everybody visiting your link will BOUNCE off the page and won’t have the patience to wait for it to load.

You’re gonna lose the traffic.

Moreover, you only get 10 templates, which is pretty limited. This means that everybody buying Boss Funnels will mostly have the same funnels as you’re using and that will not be unique to you at all. People will have seen it somewhere and won’t sign up.

Then, it comes to the fact that you can only hook up 2 autoresponders to the program, Aweber and GetResponse. If you’re using anything else, like MailChimp or ConvertKit, you won’t be able to hook them up.

The biggest program comes to the shallow training that is within Boss Funnels. Beginners will find it easy to create the funnels but they’ll have a really hard time making it work. And that’s because there’s no traffic training.

The only thing that Billy wants here is for you to spam social media with your links and that does NOT work. When was the last time you clicked on a random link and actually bought the stuff that was advertised?

I never did that and most people won’t ever do that either.

Moreover, if you spam social media, your account could easily get banned! They hate spam, especially if people keep reporting you.

So what are other alternatives to getting traffic then, you might ask? Well, Billy doesn’t do any training on how to actually get people to visit your page or website. 

You can’t expect your one-page website to magically rank on the first page of Google and bring you swarms of free traffic from there. It doesn’t work that way. With no traffic, your website will be floating all lonely in the online space.

If there’s no traffic, there are no eyeballs on your offers and there are no sales and no money made. 

These are the reasons why most beginners will fail with this program. It does not work as advertised. And you were thinking of getting those upsells? How about now? If the main product is as low-quality as this, then you can’t expect the upsells to be much better.


1) Billy Darr is a well-known online marketer and product creator

2) Page-builder is newbie-friendly

3) Get instant approval to promote 8 products

4) Some autoresponder integration

5) Money back guarantee


1) Lots of hyped up claims and lies on the sales page

2) The whole system (from set up to profts) does not work as advertised

3) Beginners will not really make much by following this program alone

4) Page-builder/software is very basic

5) Pages take a lot of time to load

6) Limited number of autoresponder software to hook up with Boss Funnels

7) No traffic training. They expect you to spam social media or to have others share your posts to get more traffic

Boss Funnels: A Scam?

No, I don’t think that Boss Funnels is a scam. It’s more like a low-quality product, where Billy and his friends are trying to make money off of you. Because of their choice of words on the sales page, they can get away with lying to you indirectly.

They know how people will take their words and they take that to their advantage by telling you all that you want to hear and all that you desire and relating them somehow to the product they’re selling you. 

Like I mentioned earlier, there is a lot more work than the 1-2-3 steps that Billy claims you’ll take inside the program to make money and it will definitely take longer than 90 seconds. 

The lack of training makes it hard for beginners to start making money with Boss Funnels, because even if you are able to use the software and create a beautiful squeeze page, there’s no guarantee anybody will find it.

That’s why you won’t make any money if you’re a beginner here because you won’t know how to properly get masses of people to visit your page and your offers. Even if you do get Boss Funnels, you’ll need to buy some other traffic training.

So overall, I really do think that the amount you’re paying for Boss Funnels is definitely a waste because there are definitely better page-builders out there, as well as better make-money-online programs.

That’s why I wouldn’t recommend Boss Funnels, even if you were an intermediate to advanced marketer. I don’t really recommend it for anybody.

Real Alternative To Making Money Online – $100/Day Method

To be honest, I really only work about 40 hours every month on my online business, and yet, I was able to rake in $700 last month! I didn’t work more than I did when I first started my online business, yet my income keeps growing.

The truth is that it takes work and the right training for you to start seeing results. You won’t make money simply by creating beautiful pages. What’s the point if there isn’t anybody to see it?

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But if you are patient, are resilient about success and are prepared to take action, then this is for you.

Grab my free guide now to learn of the method that the gurus will never teach you because they are too busy selling you a dream that they won’t ever help you make a reality!

Thanks for reading my Boss Funnels review. I don’t know if you’ve come here after having bought Boss Funnels or before, but if you have had experience with the program, leave a comment below. It will really help us all make an informed decision.

Lots of Love,


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