Brendan Mace’s Shotoku System Review – More Lies Exposed?

Shotoku review

Welcome to my honest Shotoku System review. You want an honest review because everybody else is an affiliate and promoting it to you, right?

Well, not me! I’m not an affiliate and I will be telling you exactly what the system is about and what it’s not about. And that means that I will be honest and completely unbiased.

All I really want is to help you really make money online because I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed and to buy to take your time to buy a program, only to find out that it does not work. It’s painful, it’s a waste of money and a waste of time.

And that’s why you have to stick around until the end. That’s because I will be exposing what this website will really do and whether or not it will really help you make those dollars from the internet.

Shotoku System At A Glance


Creator: Brendan Mace

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $17+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a rehashed product and it’s not even high-quality. You’re not going to make money with Shotoku as claimed by Brendan.

What Is The Shotoku System?

The Shotoku System is supposed to be a program that will give you all the free traffic, the digital assets to earn online, as well as the monetization part of earning online. Brendan claims it’s 100% done-for-you.

He says that you can make some pretty good income with this system in 3 easy steps; you get the done-for-you system, you monetize in 1 click and then, you tap into the built-in traffic.

It’s so easy even a newbie could do it. There’s no need for funnels, no bots, no videos, no FB ads and no techy stuff to worry about. Sounds like a real dream come true, right?

Except that when it comes to Brendan, you’re gonna keep dreaming and nothing is ever gonna come true. Do you know why? That’s because he wants to make you daydream while he dips his hands into your wallet.

Yes, I’ve known the type of products that Brendan releases and from my experience, I can say that they are almost NEVER any good and that’s been the case lately.  You can never trust Brendan because his products have been so low-quality.

Moreover, I’ve also seen the same kind of salespage before and I realized hat I had written a review of that product called Atomic DFY. Seeing as the sales page is the same, I have a feeling that the inside is going to be the same too.

Brendan has done this before with some products, like Set & Forget, 1 Page Profits and Print Monkey. If not exactly the same, they’re all similar. And that means that Brendan doesn’t care about really teaching you how to earn online.

All he seems to want is to make money from you! That’s why he released so many products that look and work the same. He doesn’t care whether you bought it before or not. He just wants to make the products sound good to get you to buy.

Not to forget that he also lies A LOT to get what he wants!

How The Shotoku System Works

Well, I don’t even have to mention that there are going to be upsells before you get to the member’s area, after you’ve made the purchase. There are 5 of them with the Shotoku System.

Just skip past those because you will have another chance to buy them, that is, if you’ll even want to get them after reading this review. Trust me, it’s gonna turn you away from it.

So what you get inside the Shotoku System are the “digital assets” that Brendan talks about and do you know what they are? PLR products!

And if you don’t know what these are, they’re ebooks (of around 40 pages each) that are “public” and you can do whatever you want with them, without having to worry about any copyright lawsuits. And those are typically low-quality.

So you can’t even think of selling them to earn.

Others will say that you’re not supposed to sell them, but to use them as a lead magnet to get people to buy your affiliate products. Fair enough. Those can be used to get people’s email addresses, where you’ll be able to sell to them later.

However, who’s gonna wanna buy from you after seeing those low-quality PDFs?

Oh, right! The people who you are gonna spam on social media because that’s the only way Brendan shows you how to get traffic. You get a link to where people will be able to put their emails in and then, re-direct them to the download of the PDF.

While this may sound like a good idea, let me tell you that there are so many flaws in this strategy.

The Flaws In This System – Lies Exposed!

Well, now you know that the “digital assets” are those PLR, there really isn’t much use for them. And it does not help that all 50 of those PLRs are from so many different niches.

You’ll have a hard time creating trust between your audience and yourself. That’s because somebody who wants content on weight loss is not gonna be interested in how to train their dog. They might not have a dog at all!

So what you have to know is that it’s going to be an entirely different audience from PLR to PLR. Sure, you could build a few different email lists, but people want to know they can trust you before they buy anything from you.

That’s why they’ll want free content from you, so that you can reassure them that you know what you’re talking. And from experience, you’ll only feel comfortable with 2 – 3 niches because that’s all you know about.

Doesn’t that make the other PLRs useless?

Moreover, seeing as the audiences for each PLR might be different, you can’t go on simply copying and pasting your links everywhere. That doesn’t work! When have you ever purchased anything from a random link on social media?

You need to join groups, build a reputation in those groups and then slowly start sharing your link in an attempt to solve a problem for others. That’s when people will be more inclined to click on your link and buy what’s recommended.

There’s a ton of work to do, as with any business, so it does not work within 5 minutes, like Brendan wants to make you believe. Sure, it might take only 5 minutes to create the campaigns and add a link, but you won’t make money that easily.

No matter how good the PLRs, the offers or the products, the truth is that if you have difficulty getting people to visit that page, you won’t make any money.

Oh and just as a final note, it is almost the same as Atomic DFY. So if you got that, you don’t need the Shotoku System.

Is The Shotoku System A Scam?

It really depends on your definition of a scam. If you think a scam is a product that you buy and where you get nothing in return, the Shotoky System might not a scam to you.

But if you think that lies, fraud and misleading information on the sales page is a scam, then the Shotoku System definitely is a scam because that’s how Brendan rolls. He manipulates everything on the sales page to get what he wants; your money.

Moreover, the Shotoku System is rehashed from Atomic DFY so it’s nothing new and it’s not original.

You also will receive PLRs that are low-quality and that will not be of much use, other than to build an email list and if you don’t know how to get traffic to the squeeze page, well, there won’t be even a list.

There isn’t really a traffic method that is taught to you here, which means that you will barely get anybody clicking on your link to get to your squeeze page, your PLR or your affiliate link/products.

And if that doesn’t happen, you’re not gonna make money. There will be no sales.

All they tell you is to share your link on social media but that won’t work because like I said, you need to be specific to somebody’s need. You need to target people who WANT or are LOOKING FOR what you’re offering.

And for that, you’ll need to grow your own reputation on social media, which is gonna take some time. It will be hard to grow your reputation and audience because those PLRs don’t focus on one niche.

In a dog training group, sharing a PDF about learning coding won’t be effective, for example. It will be a classic example of you running after people and begging them to buy from your link. And you don’t want that!

That’s why I don’t recommend that you get the Shotoku System at all. It’s not worth the money and the time you’ll spend trying to market the PLRs.

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They’ll only make the creator and his affiliates rich, not you!

So say NO to lies and misleading products and grab my free guide now to learn the most effective method of earning online with affiliate marketing. I’m sure you won’t regret it! And even if you don’t want it, you won’t lose out because it’s FREE!

(Although I can’t imagine you walking away from this because this method is THAT good!)

Thanks for reading my Shotoku System review. If you’ve purchased this program and came to the same conclusion as me, then please, please, share it in the comments below to help others become aware of the lies!

Lots of Love,


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