Bulletproof Commissions Review – Copy & Paste To $1000 Per Day?

If you’re looking for a completely honest Bulletproof Commissions review, then you’ve found it.

There are just too many programs on the Internet nowadays that claim they are the next best thing, when really, they’re a waste of time and money. Moreover, they almost never work eactly as advertised. As the consumer, it’s your right to know what’s within the program before buying it.

So this review is going to be going over the details of Bulletproof Commissions. I am not going to sugar-coat things adn neither am I going to be pitching this up to you. Other people that write reviews might actually be affiliates of the program and will pitch just about anything to you, to make money.

Full disclosure here; I am not an affiliate of this program and even if I do recommend a program, rest assured that I have used it and have gotten results with it, or with something similar. I would never recommend a program that does not work.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the review. Is it as good as advertised, making you $1000s a day, or will you just be disappointed once you get inside the program?

Bulletproof Commissions At A Glance

Website: BulletproofCommissions.Convertri.com/live

Owner: Vick Carty

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate and email marketing

Price: $9.95+

Do I Recommend It?: No! Low-quality training!

What Is Bulletproof Commissions?

Vick says you can start making $100 – $1000 per day only copying and pasting his campaigns with Bulletproof Commissions. It’s attractive that newbies can apparently start making money as soon as today with this system and it’s also attractive that everything seems to be “done-for-you”.

Unfortunately, all this is too hyped-up for my taste and it already has made a bad first impression. That’s because I have seen these similar claims over and over again with other make-money-online programs that just didn’t work as advertised and didn’t give me the results they claimed.

They just want to show you and tell you what you want to see and hear, and not the reality of how the online world works. And when you sign in, you’re actually not getting what was promised at all and because no info is given on the program at all, you don’t know what you’re buying at all, do you?

Vick says that you can accomplish your tasks in 3 simple steps, when actualy, the amount of work that it entails is much more than what they promise. Trust me, I know what it takes to make money online and there is MUCH more than just 3 steps involved.

And if it was so easy to just start making $100 – $1000 every single day, why are people still struggling with their bills and have not fired their bosses yet? Why are YOU failing over and over again?

That’s because making money online is not as easy as Vick claims is being over-simplified to get you to buy the program. It’s also not fair that you have to BUY the program to know what’s inside. You wouldn’t buy a phone without knowing it’s features, right? Why should investing in a business be any different?

How Does BulletProof Commissions Work?

Anyways, this is why this review exists; to let you know what’s inside the program so you know exactly what you get in order to make an informed decision.

When you get to the member’s area, I was impressed by how clean it looked, and it was easy to navigate. There are a few different welcome videos, some of which will pitch you to sign up for their VIP program, which I didn’t do. I wanted to know if the main training was worth it first.

Module 4 is where you get to start the main training, and unfortunately, I was deeply disappointed. You get a brief overview of email marketing and affiliate marketing and how they work together but in my opinion, it’s not enough information. The videos are EXTREMELY short, just 2 – 6 minutes long and that’s not enough.

As a newbie, you might actually have more questions than there are answers for and you’ll have to go looking fo them outside of the program, which will take up more of your time and money.

You probably have encountered both email and affiliate marketing; email marketing is where you sign up to receive notifications and promotional emails about products every so often. Affiliate marketing is when you buy a product through a link in an email, that will earn the person pitching it up to you, a commission.

You do get the same email swipes that Vick uses in his campaigns, which is great because they are proven to have a lot of click-throughs and a lot of conversions, but what’s the use of having these tools when you don’t know how to use them?

Without people getting to your email list, there is no money to be made. Vick realises that and so, brings you FREE and PAID ways to get traffic to your offers and to your list. The free traffic method is through social media and the paid method is mostly Solo Ads.

The rest is just useless upsells.

Do The Work OR Invest?

In general and in any kind of business, you can either do the dirty work and save money or you can invest and let others do the dirty work, and Bulletproof Commissions is no different.

If you had only these as choices, which one would you pick? Well, you can go both ways with Bulletproof Commissions, which is good, but it’s also bad because this was not revealed in the sales page.

I told you earlier about the FREE and the PAID traffic methods, right? As a newbie, you’ll have to choose and most of us who don’t have money to invest, will just do with the free traffic methods, which is to work with social media.

However, this is A LOT more work than Vick discloses on his sales page. You have to be constantly pitching your affiliate offers to others on FB and other social media platforms, hoping to get people that will buy your recommendations. Who the heck is actually going to buy though? NOBODY TRUSTS YOU!

The only SURE way of getting people on your list and potentially look and invest in your offers, would be to go into Solo Ads. Solo Ads can be described as one-time “renting” of somebody else’s email list, where they will send an email on YOUR behalf to their lists, with your affiliate offers.

Each time somebody buys through the email and the link, you’ll make the money.

But in my experience, though Solo Ads can bring good results, it is incredibly risky. The risks are that you are investing and there is no guarantee that ANYBODY will buy your offerings. Thus, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make the money back.

Another risk is that, the person whose list you would be “renting”, would usually be promising you to send you a certain number of “clicks” on your links and you’re trusting them to deliver. However, many do not and it’s wasted money for you.

There are also others that will actually PAY others to click on your link for a very, very small payment. You might actually be paying $0.80 per click while the person getting paid to click on your link, would get paid $0.05. That is obviously not a quality click, because the person clicking is NOT interested in your offer.

So which would you choose?

Is Vick Completely Transparent?

It’s actually NOT news to me that Vick is not completely transparent with us. The first obvious fact is that you have to invest WAY more money than you think in order to be able to make your first dollars today, but that was never disclosed, right?

The other misleading fact is that he tells us that this program is completely newbie-friendly. Well, according to me, this is a complete lie! The training does not go in-depth enough for a newbie to understand the whole process and there are way more questions that get raised than answered.

You’ll find yourself having to take your research elsewhere. What’s the use of PAYING for this training then, when it’s not even comprehensive enough to get you earning your first dollar?

Additionally, there are upsells within this program. Upsells can be in the form of additional training, Live Webinars, Tools and Swipes. This is all good if they help you grow your business, but it’s NOT cool when you’re not aware of them because it was not disclosed on the sales page, right?

How the heck are we supposed to make an informed decision if we don’t know what we’re buying? How do we know what we’re buying suits our needs and is what we really need?

Unfortunately, they lure you in with empty promises and big returns, when in reality, NOTHING is what it seems.

Is Bulletproof Commissions A Scam?

Although this turned out to be quite a negative review, I do not think that Bullerproof Commissions is a scam. You are getting some training and some email swipes that you can use in your own campaign, but in my opinion, it’s not worth the time or money.

If you’re thinking of just paying the $9.95 and doing the free traffic generation and expecting to make your first dollars within a few hours or days, then you’re going to be deeply disappointed, because it won’t work like that.

And if you’re thinking of dishing out $300 for 400-450 clicks and expecting to make $1000 a day, then you’re going to be equally disappointed. You have to actually invest in the thousands of dollars to see a profit in the thousands. And your campaigns might not always bring in a profit.

If you’re a newbie, then Solo Ads are going to be very risky because it’s very easy to burn your money with this method, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Some others might actually call this a scam because the sales page is so misleading. They’ll also say that there are a lot of aspects of the programs that are left undisclosed and that the program does not work as advertized. I totally understand where they are coming from because Vick is absolutely a con-man.

The bottom line though, is that even though I don’t think it’s a scam, I do no recommend Bulletproof Commissions.

What You Need Is THIS Step-By-Step System!

Believe me, what you need right now especially if you’re a newbie, is a system that includes step-by-step training. You need a platform that will make it easy for you to find answers, and you need a system that actually works! What you need is the same system that I started off with.

You see, all I do everyday, is literally just type on my latop for 2 – 3 hours, and Google sends people and buyers FOR FREE to my website. And no, I’m not talking about e-commerce. I’m talking about affiliate marketing.

In my articles, I solve people’s problems by recommending products and each time somebody buys the product through a special link on my website, I make commissions. There’s no recruiting and no actual selling. People buy it if they want to, and if not, then hey! It’s up to them.

I don’t need to take care of customer service and I don’t need to invest in ads and chase people. People actually come straight to me!

Are you interested to take a closer look at how this works? I’m not going to lie and tell you that you can make $1000 within your first month doing it, but what I can promise you is that if you stick with the system and work it, then you’ll be making the $1000 per month, maybe even $10,000 per month.

What if I made it better by telling you that you can try it for completely FREE? If it changed your life for the better, is not a scam and is completely TRANSPARENT, would you take a peak?


And the best part, is that I’m not going to leave you stranded inside. I’ll actually get in touch with you on the inside and hold you by the hand, as you learn and start working towards your dreams. 🙂

In the meantime, I caution you to stay away from Vick and his program, or similar. If you have any questions or any concerns about the program, or even about making money in general, please leave them below. I love hearing from my readers.

Your Friend,



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