Bulletproof Profits Review – Will You Make $3,750 In 7 Clicks?

Welcome to my Bulletproof Profits Review.

I want to congratulate you for doing your due diligence before jumping into this program with both feet because you just never know whether this program is going to work as advertised or not. It could very well be a scam, right? And you don’t need to lose money to another one.

I understand that.

And that’s why I’m writing this review to tell you exactly what’s inside, how it works, whether you’re going to make money or not and whether you can really quit your job with the method taught. So if you’re seriously thinking of getting this program, read this review in its entirety before you purchase.

I want you to make an informed decision so you’ll find the pure truth here, along with the pros and the cons so you can weigh them equally. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Bulletproof Profits At A Glance

Website: YourBulletproofProfits.com/launch/

Owner: “Justin Tylor”

Purpose: Make money selling on Amazon and as an affiliate

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend it?: No…

What Is Bulletproof Profits?

Bulletproof Profits is being presented as a program where you can make thousands of dollars with only 7 clicks of the mouse. This method is supposedly so easy and so newbie-friendly that even those without any computer skills will be able to reap money.

Right off the bat, I can see that this is going to be another hyped up sales video. It’s very similar to the hundreds of programs that I have reviewed in the past on this very website and is probably also not going to deliver on its promises. There is always more work involved with online business than they’re willing to disclose.

Watching the sales video, you come to know that his method will show you how to make money on Amazon and that’s when I was completely convinced that the promises wouldn’t be kept. Justin is only telling you things within the video to make you WANT his lifestyle when it’s not as easy as he claims to make money on Amazon.

He claims that you don’t need big investments to make money and neither will you need a lot of time because you apparently only need to work at this for 15 minutes a day.

But in the real world, that’s not how things work because you either need money to invest into a business OR you need a lot of time to learn and to work on the business yourself to make it work. A business without a start-up cost and without any effort is not a business at all.

He says that he was able to make $850 within his first 24 hours. Can you really believe that? If it was so easy to start such a business, then why are so many people still failing at making money online successfully and quitting their day jobs? With the number of things that you need to set up, I just don’t believe him.

And starting this off with him with a bunch of lies on his part does not seem reassuring to me. But let’s take a look at the inside to see what the big deal is. I’m sure it won’t be anything that I haven’t seen before though.

What’s Inside The Training

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised because you get A LOT of training – video training – on what you need to do to become successful as a seller on Amazon, as well as an affiliate. This program teaches you both. For a newbie just starting out, this course is good.

The FBA training will go through where to outsource products from, like Alibaba and similar sites or by doing retail arbitrage. I think that’s quite a useful training but to be honest, Justin breaks his promise to you. He says in the sales video that you won’t need a big start-up cost when you will need it to invest in inventory here.

Additionally, with the FBA program, you also need to pack the item a certain way that is in line with the rules and guidelines of Amazon for them to be able to store, pick and pack them for you every time you make a sale. It’s time-consuming to pack each and every individual product yourself using private labeling and that also costs money.

I also don’t think that there is enough training on how to quickly and effectively choose a profitable product, despite the amount of training and tips and tricks available within this program. The method taught inside is time-consuming, proving the fact that you can’t make money with this program within 24 hours.

And absolutely NOT with 7 clicks.

For the part of the training involving making money online as an affiliate on Amazon, the training is more shallow and although it does touch upon important steps like creating a website, picking a niche and doing keyword research, the training just does not go into enough depth for you to really become successful with it.

And again, there are more costs associated with creating and hosting a website that Justin doesn’t disclose on his sales page or within his sales video. The $9 for the training is amazing for what you get but a little heads up on what it will actually cost would have been perfect so people can make an informed decision.

The Pros of This Program

1) Lots of detailed video training

2) Two legit ways to make money with Amazon – As a seller and an affiliate

3) $9 totally worth the amount of training inside

4) Money-back guarantee

The Cons of This Program

1) The undisclosed monthly fee for FBA program ($39.99)

2) Undisclosed domain registration and website hosting fee required to make affiliate marketing work promoting Amazon products

2) Lies about not needing money to invest. It’s needed for inventory in the FBA program.

3) Low profit margins both for the FBA and affiliate programs

4) Some training within aren’t as detailed as they should be

5) High competition as an FBA seller

6) Downright lie about being able to make money with 7 clicks

7) Not easy to get help

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam?

In my opinion, Bulletproof Profits is not a scam. At first, I thought I was going to deal with another scam though, to be honest. But seeing the training and how much value you actually get for the money, and looking beyond the hyped up sales page, I actually do recommend this program.

If you can put up with Amazon’s monthly FBA fee and invest in some inventory, then I’m sure you can be successful. I mean, there are so many other people doing this so there’s no reason why you can’t, especially since I think you’ve got pretty good training within this program.

Even the Amazon Affiliate training isn’t too bad and you can learn quite a few things about affiliate marketing and what it takes to be successful in promoting the products on Amazon. If you have the money for domain registration and web hosting, then you can make this work.

What I don’t appreciate though is that there are a lot of lies on the sales page, such as claims of being able to make money with only 7 clicks when that’s not true, as well as only needing to work 15 minutes a day to make this business work.

There’s a LOT of time to invest in creating this business, whether it be the FBA program or using the affiliate program and that’s the case with just any business. Just don’t sign up for this program expecting that money is just going to come to you without any work. You’ll be wasting your money because that doesn’t exist.

Bottom line is that I do recommend Bulletproof Profits at the $9 price point and I do think that newbies will learn quite a lot from the training available.

How I Earn A Passive Online Income

Since I have some more time today, I thought I would still share with you how I make money online. I actually do affiliate marketing; I make commissions each time I can facilitate a sale for a vendor that I am affiliated with. That’s exactly how the Amazon Affiliate program works and what Bulletproof Profits will teach you.

The reason that I prefer affiliate marketing and not the FBA program is just that I don’t want to always be investing into products because that’s a risk; I will never know which ones will sell and which ones won’t. There’s also no freedom to really travel because I would always need to re-stock and pack my items for FBA.

That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing; I can work 2 – 3 hours a day, no need to buy inventory, no need to pack anything, no need to do much research on whether something will sell or not. All I do is just choose a product and promote it!

However, I did mention that the affiliate training within Bulletproof Profits was not up to par and thus, let me introduce you to the affiliate training platform that I used as a newbie and still use to this day, to advance my affiliate marketing career. It’s free to try, unlike Bulletproof Profits.

My recommendation will go into in-depth training and will take you from a beginner to a pro in no time. You’ll also have free tools, such as 2 free websites and instant support should you need it, unlike Bulletproof Profits.


Try it for FREE before you decide whether affiliate marketing is the way that you’d like to take your business. That way, you won’t lose a dime. Additionally, you also get to learn from the best of the best and will gain direct access to me if you have any questions.

Sign up now and I’ll see you on the other side!

In the meantime, should you have any questions about Bulletproof Profits or about anything in relation to making money online in general, leave them within the comment section below. I would love to hear from you and to help you out. Please also share with us your experiences with Bulletproof Profits if you have already purchased it.

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