Business Brat Review – Weird Trick To Riches Or Will YOU Be Tricked?

Business brat review

Welcome to my honest Business Brat review.

You’ve probably seen a link around the internet posted by somebody who said they’ve made money using the system and you want to find out more about it, right? Or did you see it in an email you were sent?

No matter how you came across Business Brat, I know you’re looking for answers; is it a scam? Is it legit? Will you make hundreds of thousands of dollars? Will you be able to quit your job and become financially free using the system?

I’ll be answering them all within this review so brace yourself for some pretty shocking discoveries I made and that I’m going to share with you.

Let’s get started!

Business Brat At A Glance


Owner: Teo Vee

Purpose: Make money online doing e-commerce

Price: $47

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Business Brat?

Teo starts by saying that you should stop working from paycheck to paycheck, and that he can show you a way to vacuum bucket-loads of money from the internet. He adds that it’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen before, but I have seen these claims being made before so I’m not really impressed.

He shares how he found out about the trick – from an 8 year old girl, which would seem ridiculous even to another 8 year old, right? The parents probably helped the little girl so is it really the 8 year old that made that kind of money? It’s doubtful.

But anyways, what I appreciate is that at least he is honest to tell us that the testimonials are actor portrayals, instead of having them pass off as real testimonials like many other scams or low-quality programs on the internet nowadays.

Teo says that you can get started without any experience or skills, which again, I’ve heard of before. It’s not that it’s false but the fact is that there are many programs that say they are newbie-friendly but that actually aren’t. I actually get skeptical when they say that most of the work is “done-for-you” because that almost always turns out to be a lie.

But really, if you think about it, it’s just sounds too good to be true, right? And in most cases, that’s exactly how it is. Because if it was so easy to make that much money online, then everybody would have been doing it, right? You would have been hearing of a co-worker or family member quitting their jobs every single week.

But this isn’t what’s happening. People actually are afraid to start such a venture and as a result, just stick to their regular jobs no matter how much they hate it. That’s because there’s more at stake than Teo is willing to disclose in the video. Trust me on that!


But I’ve Seen The Same Sales Video Before

And that’s a big red flag to me. Why would the same program be promoted under different names?

Well, from experience, I can tell you that it’s because somebody, either the creator or the affiliates of the program want to mask the real program behind the video. When you sign up, you won’t even know what you signed up for. The video is created to manipulate your mind and make you WANT the kind of lifestyle described.

Come on! Don’t deny that you want that lifestyle because that’s why you’re reading this review right now! And I won’t deny it either; the lifestyle and money freedom sounds just amazing.

But let’s remain grounded right now because the reason that the program is masked is due to the negative reviews that it has had. The same has been done before and I found that out within other reviews I did for Discover The Plan and 100K Online Secrets.

They both lead to My Ecom Club and so does Business Brat. And do you know how I found out? It’s due to the same testimonials being used.

And that indicates that there aren’t new success stories being created by the people joining My Ecom Club.

The reason that this is done is due to the fact that My Ecom Club has had a lot of negative reviews and feedback, also including the fact that the program is incredibly overpriced. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a scam but the way that the program is being promoted is very shady.

And the fact that this is happening over and over again tells me that Teo is not even doing anything about the shady marketing and ads of his company. Well, that’s bringing in more money for him so why would he stop it?

This really brings a new light to Teo and how he does business.

Because if a product were disguised with a new name, then you would Google a review of the new name and not the disguised name. And at the time of your research, you may not find anything negative and sign up for the underlying program without meaning to.

Very shady tactics!

So What Is My Ecom Club Then?

My Ecom Club, like I mentioned earlier, is not a scam. It’s the way that it is advertised that really raises a lot of concern.

It is a program that will help you make money online with an ecommerce store. You will get a set of training that will show you how to choose products, how to set up your store on Shopify, how to advertise your products and how to fulfill your orders.

It’s not your typical ecommerce store either. The model they teach you is dropshipping. With dropshipping, you don’t have to buy products in bulk, figure out where to store them, nor do you have to pack them and ship them yourself.

What happens here is that you choose what you want in your online store and advertise the product. Once a sale is made, you put the order through to your supplier who will then pack and ship the product straight to your customer. The profit you make is the difference between the retail price you charge and the wholesale price you pay.

This is a very lucrative business but the fact that there is a lot of investment to put into it is the reason why most people fail at it. You see, in order to get customers to buy, you need to advertise and the way you mostly will want to advertise here is through PAID ads, mostly on social media, like Facebook.

There is a lot of learning, a lot of tweaking, a lot of experimental ads that you’ll need to run in order to see which one performs the best and that will cost money. Additionally, once you optimize the best ad, you need to go FULL IN with thousands of dollars spent in ads to make money back.

My Ecom Club does teach you all of that and if you can do it, then kudos to you! But most people don’t have the kind of money that is required to start and to maintain such a business.

At some point, the training also comes at a complete stop and that’s where you are asked by the system to upgrade so that the My Ecom Club team can take care of your store for you. It’s true that it will provide you with more freedom because you won’t be doing the petty tasks but it costs an arm and a leg: just under $2000.

Teo also mentions that he’ll give you a coach that will help you one-on-one but most programs that have had coaches had them to push people to upgrade within the system so they could make more money. They had a financial incentive and interest in having you BUY the next package.

This really does not resound well with me because the coaches wouldn’t have your best interest at heart. It has happened before with MOBE that got the whole company shut down by the FTC. The negative reviews are mostly around this aspect so be careful.

Is Business Brat A Scam?

It really depends on what you define as a scam.

Some people might call it a scam because of the misleading information that you get in the video. There is no way that you will be able to make that kind of money starting today, this week or even this month. That’s because there is nothing that’s done-for-you in the training. You need to work HARD and invest even more to make this business work.

You need time to be able to experiment and tweak your ads, experiment with your products and the layout of your store. And as with anything new, you will make mistakes and it can take money and time to rectify them.

On the other hand, some people might not call it a scam because regardless of how it is advertised, you are still being led to a legit website that teaches you a way to make money online. Whether or not it is expensive, it is still a business model that works.

Some customers even took up the offer of letting the My Ecom Club take care of their online stores for them and are continuing on their path to success. The only thing that concerns me is that the testimonials are incredibly old. They are the same testimonials that have been used in all three (Business Brat, Discover the Plan and 100K Online Secrets).

The lack of new success stories is really concerning and is one reason that I would not recommend Business Brat/ My Ecom Club. I’m also not a fan of shady tactics, whether it be from Teo himself or from his affiliates. If you buy from the link, either one of them will make money, right?

That just encourages the same type of behavior, which I don’t want to support. So, my final verdict is that I do not recommend this program. The rest is up to you.

Here’s What I’ve Been Doing To Earn A Passive Income Online

I did start online with dropshipping and I failed miserably. That’s because I was overwhelmed with the amount of things that needed to be done to run this one-woman show. Research products, create individual ads, send the orders to my suppliers, update stock and store listing, coming up with new discounts, sending promotional emails to my email list…

… and the list goes on and on!

Additionally, there was the incredible amount of investment that I was not prepared for.

So I started to look for another cheaper way to start making money online and I am thankful for finding affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, simply get to know a product and promote it. You don’t need ads, you don’t need to fulfill the orders with the supplier, no need update any store listings.

Yes, there is still work to be done and a ton of things to learn but it’s must easier in my opinion, not to mention WAY cheaper than dropshipping. This is one program that I’ve been promoting that has been making me money every single month, amongst others that I promote:

If you would like to learn more about how I got started and how YOU can get started for completely FREE, then you’re in luck. I create a FREE GUIDE that will walk you through the process. I will even include my FREE 6-Day Course that will help you avoid the pitfalls.


… and learn the right way of making money online, without any investment. If you decide to quit, then hey, I won’t have any hard feelings. That would be your decision and most importantly, you’ll be able to do so without losing any money or waiting for a refund.

If you decide to take things further because you like what you see, that will be your decision as well. There will be no pressure to buy anything because that’s not how I roll.

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW and I’ll see you on the inside. Let me help you make your first dollar online.

Thanks for reading my Business Brat review. Since I talked a lot about how much I liked affiliate marketing over dropshipping, it’s your turn to share. Do you like affiliate marketing more too? Or is your preference dropshipping? Let me know why… 🙂

Your Friend,


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