Captcha Club Review – Truth exposed!

Many typing jobs online are legit but many more are scams. There are mixed reviews about Captcha Club online and I have decided to really look into what is going on with this company. If you are not aware of what a Captcha is, it is the occasional picture that you see when you sign up to a new website, where they ask you to enter the letters and / or numbers within that picture into a blank space.

Captcha is used to prevent spamming and robot access to a website.  There are websites that pay people to get Captcha identified and in this review, we are going to find out whether Captcha club is one that pays.

At A Glance

Name: Captcha Club


Owner: Atiq Ullah ??

Training: No

Tools: No

Support: No

Success Stories: No

Recommended?: No

My First Impressions

Looking around the website, before signing up, I could already see that something was not right; why would there be different packages, with different earning levels and a cap to the number of captchas you could enter in one day? The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw these was that they probably had different earning levels due to performance and that’s a good thing.

Some other aspects that made me suspicious were the answers on the FAQ page. The ones that really jumped out at me were:

1. Captcha Club were not accepting any sign ups at the moment BUT sign ups were open for 1 – 2 hours a day. (What?)

2. Minimum earnings need to be 100$ in order to cash out. (That’s a high threshold.)

3. One time fee of 40$ in order to cash out you 100$. (I need to PAY to get my own hard-earned money?)

4. Cashing out could be made through Paypal and somehow, Paypal was not part of methods of payment for the 40$ fee. (A red flare went up in my mind.)

I decided to still create my own account for the sake of this review. And guess what? My account registration went through.

All in all…

… it was easy enough to navigate. Everything is accessible from the dashboard, except for one other thing that didn’t add up. There was no Help button for workers. I will discuss this point further under Support below.

Working with Captcha Club

It was fairly easy to get started, you click on “Enter Captcha” and it brings you to the page where you would start work. Another red flare for me; if the minimum pay out threshold is $100 and I just started out, why does it ask me to activate my withdrawal right now?

I still decided to check it out and I could not even click on the activate button. The website started to seem very disorganized to me all of a sudden; could it just be a glitch in the system though?


There was none. Nada! This could be because of the fact that it is so easy to enter Captcha. But in my opinion, if somebody has never heard about this before and don’t know the rules, there should at least have been some instructions or rules to follow in general for captcha entry, in order to avoid making mistakes on the job.


When thinking about tools, the different membership options came to mind, so I went to check them out. And what I saw baffled me.

I had to pay 100$ to upgrade to the Premium Membership or 200$ for the Premium Plus. And there were no tools listed. That was then I realized that the memberships were not based on performance at all but on your willingness to PAY. To me, it looked like Captcha Club was trying to entice me into paying those amounts, by showing me the amount that I could make in return.

Within the membership packages, there was no value that was offered in return, except making more money. In general online, if you are paying for something, you need to get something useful in return, such as training, tools, materials, e-books. SOMETHING!

But I knew better; this website started to look fishier to me by the second and if there was no way to make any payment via Paypal, then you could count me out.


As I was a new account holder and didn’t really need help with anything, so I turned to the Internet and social media. What struck me as weird was that they had 2 different Facebook pages. One of the pages had not had any involvement (from the Admin) since July 2016 and the other, from October 2016. AND, I could see the complaints just piling and piling, of no responses. So, support was non-existant. There was also no answer from the admin, to the various questions people asked on the Facebook page.


As mentioned above, Captcha Club has three membership level; the first is the standard, the second is the Premium and the third is the Premium Plus. The standard membership is free, the second will cost 100$ and the third, 200$.

Success Stories / Feedback

All you have to do, is visit their Facebook page, and all you will find on there, are payment proofs. To me, it seemed that the word of them being a scam was populating pretty quickly and they were desperate to keep up their cover. There are a few videos on there of people actually being paid for their work but in my opinion, those people were being paid to star in those videos. Else, there would be many more success stories on their page. Here are a few examples of complaints.

And to further prove that they are a scam, here are a few pictures they posted of payment proofs. There seem to be a few things that don’t add up. (Follow red lines)


For this one, the payment sent shows $78.00. Why would they bother sending out $78.00 if the minimum threshold is $100.00? FAKE PROOF!


The payment here, although crossed out, looked a little odd. The person who crossed this out was clever to let the last “0” appear under “Total amount” because the minimum threshold is $100.00 for payout. Notice how the “cents” are indicated under “Fee”. If the number under “Amount” and “Total Amount” is really $100.00 that should be indicated there, then the space crossed out looks a little too short, don’t you think? To me, it looks more like $1.00. FAKE PROOF!


The third one is the same. This proof was falsified because the amount paid here shows “$100 USD”, without the cent denominator. Also notice the excessive amount of space between the “$100” and the “USD”. One of the numbers is also missing the USD. FAKE PROOF!


Is Captcha Club a scam? YES!

Do I recommend it? Obviously not!

Everything from the glitches, no training, zero tools and useless expensive upgrades, are nothing but red flares from whatever angle you look at them. I highly recommend for you to stay away from that website and to look elsewhere for Captcha jobs.

My advice…

… would be to look for captcha companies that:

1. don’t promise a high payout within a short period of time

2. don’t ask for money upfront

3. have a gradual reputation system

4. use Paypal as both a method of receiving payment and sending payment

Now, Captcha jobs usually pay $0.50 to $1.00 for solving 1000 captchas. In my experience, it takes at least 2 hours to solve 1000 captchas. SO 1 hour = $1.00. Does that seem worthwhile to you?

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