Cash Chase Review – Seen It Before And It Isn’t Good!

Cash Chase review

Looking for an honest Cash Chase review? This is the most honest one that you will find since I’m not looking to recruit you and making money from you.

Other videos or reviews on the internet on this website will be trying to convince you, since they think they might get paid by getting you to join. So, they’ll never tell you the negatives, right?

They’ll make it sound like it’s the best thing ever and that it will be so easy for you to make money. But I know I’ve seen similar websites before and they were scams.

Is Cash Chase going to be a scam like I think it is or is it really a different website that will pay you? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Cash Chase At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to earn

Price: Free to Join

Do I Recommend It?: No! There is no payment here!

What Is Cash Chase?

Cash Chase is self-claimed to be the #1 Influencer Network, where if you work for them, you will be able to start earning $500 today. Doesn’t it just sound great to be able to make that much in a day?

I mean, even $100 per day sounds like a dream come-true, right?

They say that all you have to do is to refer others to the website and you’ll be able to earn $10 – $15 per referral. How they say you can do that is to share your affiliate link using social media.

But let’s be honest though; if that kind of money was so easily made online, don’t you think that you would hear of more people quitting their jobs to do this kind of work? But that’s not what’s happening.

Additionally, people are still struggling financially more than ever, even more so than before. So if it was so easy to make money online, then nobody would be struggling as much. There has to be a catch, right?

And the other similar websites, like Paid Leaf, Tap 2 EarnTap 2 Cash, Influencer Cash and so on, have all been exposed as scams. Could Cash Chase potentially have been created by the same anonymous creator to scam people?

I have reason to believe so.

How Cash Chase Works

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that in order to know whether a program is a scam or not, that we need to take a look at the business model. If the business model makes sense, then we can conclude that Cash Chase is not a scam.

After taking a look at the inside of the members area, I was able to understand that it is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website, meaning that you get paid to complete tasks. It is a little similar to SwagBucks.

These tasks range from getting clicks on your affiliate link to getting referrals, from testing apps to completing surveys. That’s a business model that has worked, when we compare it to other legitimate websites.

However, one thing that does not make sense is the fact that the number 1 way of earning with the website would be referring others, while the number 1 way that Cash Chase claims that it makes money is through ad-spent revenue.

It does make sense that the more clicks and referrals that you bring to the website that the more money the website can make from ads. That’s actually how I make money from ads too.

But have you seen any ads on the Cash Chase website at all? There isn’t even one. Additionally, there aren’t any ads on the inside of the members area either.

So where’s the money coming from? How’s the website making money for itself and to be able to pay you?

Another way that it “looks” like Cash Chase is making money is through those sponsorships; testing of the websites and apps. That makes sense as well. A lot of other websites works like that too.

Companies want to know what they can improve on for user-experience.

But from my experience, those only pay $5-$10 per test. How the heck is Cash Chase able to pay you $30 – $50 per test? Cash Chase would have to charge a lot more for those tasks, right?

And my question is, why would anybody want to do business with Cash Chase if they’re charging other companies 10 times what they would be paying dong business with others?

If the business is not making enough to pay you and to make money to keep itself afloat, there is no other conclusion than to say that they won’t pay anybody, because they wouldn’t want to lose money themselves.

The Red Flags – Cash Chase Does Not Pay!

To be honest with you, I always try to see the good sides of any make-money-online company. That’s because I know how hard it is to create something that really works. That’s why I give credit where it is due.

I also like letting my audience know what works and what does not work. I could even perhaps use that method to make money myself.

But when things look bad, I’m also going to be honest and let you know about it. There really are some alarming red flags when it comes to Cash Chase.

1) Unknown creator

The first thing that I noticed with Cash Chase was that there is no mention of the owner or the team that created or put their heads together for the functioning of this website. Unfortunately, a lot of the other similar websites that I exposed have the same red flag.

Take a look at Paid Leaf, Tap 2 Earn, Influencer Cash and so on. They are similar websites with unknown creators and seeing as the layouts of the websites and how they work are the same, it is safe to assume the same person is behind them all.

That proves that if the owner didn’t pay any of the members with those previous websites, that the owner will not start paying now. What makes you think that he has had a change of heart?

It has also been consistently been proved that those owners that choose to remain anonymous will be free to come up with scam after scam without getting caught and this has especially been true for the other websites as well.

2) Was NOT launched in 2015

When you’re trying to find a company to work with, you want them to be honest with you, right? Just like you need to be honest with them, but they have started by lying to you about when they actually launched.

As per the timeline, they started in 2015 but when I verify the date and time that the website was actually registered, it gives me a date of Dec 10, 2019.

So clearly, they haven’t been in business for as long as they claim to be. That way, it looks impossible that they were able to pay out over $158M to their members in such a short period of time.

3) Fake payment proofs

Now that we know the website was actually registered in Dec 2019, let’s find out whether the payment proofs posted on the website are real or fake. Let’s look at some of the dates on those proofs.

As you can see, many of them are prior to Dec 2019 and thus, I conclude that they are completely fake and made up.

How can anybody have come across Cash Chase when it didn’t even exist? How could anybody have signed up with the website then? How could anybody have gotten affiliates links and offers/tasks to complete? And how could anybody have gotten paid from a website that didn’t even exist then?

There’s nothing that makes sense, right?

4) Testimonials aren’t REAL

Then, come the video testimonials. Either they are from real people or from hired actors. Yes, scammers and low-quality program creators do hire actors mostly from freelance websites, like

Either that, or the people are really members of Cash Chase. But what looks really bad, is that there is actually a task in the members area that pays $50 to record testimonials and to post them on Youtube.

So whether it is one or the other, it’s really bad! Hired actors haven’t used the website or did any work at all. And they have not tried to cash out.

And if they are real members of the program, then they created the video to get that payout. So they are obviously not going to give you an unbiased review. Additionally, have you not noticed that they never show you any proof of cashing out?

5) BBB message for a similar website

You still don’t believe me after all those red flags? Here’s one that will blow your socks!

There is another website called Notion Cash that forms part of the group of websites similar to Cash Chase. And do you know what the BBB has to say about it?

Snippet From The Website

You can take a look at the whole article HERE.

The BBB says that this website is a mass data-harvesting scam, meaning that all the owner wants is to grab hold of your information. Once that’s done, there are various ways that he can profit.

The first way is to sell your information to other spammers and scammers. They don’t care who as long as they get their money. The other way is to use your information themselves to hack your accounts and steal from you.

The last is for possible identity hack, especially if you’re a resident of one of the tier 1 countries. You know how dangerous than can be, right?

These websites can be dangerous!

Is Cash Chase A Scam?

Of course I think that Cash Chase is a scam. There’s just NOTHING that I found that’s good about it, except maybe the look of the website. But how is that gonna help you earn?

The first red flag was definitely in the rates that they were paying people. Another red flag was definitely the resemblance to other scammy websites that I had exposed before, especially since the creator is anonymous on all of them.

You also have the fact that the business model is a big lie! We can’t find any ads on the website at all.

What about the other lie, about when they actually started the business? Additionally, we also find that the payment proofs and all the testimonials are fakes! There are no satisfactory proofs that they pay at all.

The risks are also high as per the BBB because although it is free to join Cash Chase, the information that the creator is really after is your personal information so that he can financially benefit from it himself.

I wouldn’t take the risk to sign up with Cash Chase and to waste my time when there aren’t any proofs of payment. With boasting of having over 730,000 members, where are all the REAL proofs?

Nope, I do think that Cash Chase is a scam and that you should avoid it.

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Lots of Love,


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